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As we're going into new fiscal year... seems that this year I'll be in for more work, more stress, more white hair, and TONS more travelling (I don't really like this one, though mostly I'll be using SQ and raking up those Krisflyer mileage). Enough of the bleak prospect of my 2017, we're finally blessed with the regular Arama compilation drama list.

And my wish list (if the stress level and mood allow me to consume more because right now I prefer fluffy and pretty stuffs with TONS of eye candies):
CRISIS - for the very obvious reason (Shun Oguri & Nishijima Hidetoshi).
Kizoku Tantei - I still feel that this will be more of obligatory watching, though I always have hope for Aiba-chan to be blessed with a good drama and I have a thing with Aiba-chan with black hair...
Hanzai Shokogun - I'll watch this only if it has subs. It's been a very long while since the last time I saw Tanihara on my screen.
Boku, Unmei no Hito desu - I'm waiting for Code Blue, but I take this because Yamapi looks good here (so long he doesn't have crying or emotionally exhausting scenes, he's OK hahaha). Very very skeptical on the drama itself though. And kept on thinking that Yamapi was downgraded over Kame (in Nobuta it's more of equal stand of male leads, but in here he's like the supporting)...
Haha ni Naru - seems interesting, but I think I'll cry buckets watching this one, sigh...
Frankenstein no Koi - the premise is interesting, but I dunno... I like Ayano Go, but not all his works are my cup of tea, so... again, very skeptical
Chiisana Kyojin - Hail TBS!! I think this one will be good. Well, I like this kind of drama anyway, but I'd need subs.
Anata no Koto wa Sore Hodo Not sure, but I'll just put it here first haha...
Kinkyuu Torishirabeshitsu S2 My first thought is WHY NOT BOSS S3!!! OK, nevermind, I still like the season 1, and Amami Yuki slays here too, but I want her kicks ass like BOSS, sigh, wistful thinking.
4-go Keibi will watch only if we have subs...

wow, quite long eh? but 60% is police or heavy stuff, and the rest of 20% is also potentially heavy human drama... my brain not going to process anything without subs, brain shut down literally after working hours, so we'll see... meanwhile I still have current k-drama list:

Chicago typewriter - watched first 2 episode, quite good, it has Goblin vibe, but it's not as catchy, probably will wait for more episodes
My Secret Romance - this is just pure guilty pleasure, come on, that hot scene at the end of epi 1?
Whisper - also wait for more episode because after 2 episodes, I feel SBS is going to make the guy super stupid like what happened in Romantic Doctor, ha!
Mystery Queen - watching this just because of Kwon Sang Woo (my early k-drama crush), but the ahjuma MIL is getting on my nerves, again, wait for more episodes so that I can press fast forward LOL.

Date: 2017-04-20 01:13 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] wonsraed
Owww. I'm watching/considering almost all of the ones you listed.

I'll be watching Crisis~ if there are subs. Or maybe I still will for the visuals. I doubt I'll understand much since they'll probably use police words

Kizoku is not my kind of drama but I will endure, lol, because it's Aiba. The first ep seems promising~ and mysterious.

Oh, I haven't seen Yamapi in anything except Stand Up!!! and Ppoi and they're both eons ago. Lol. Attempted to watch him in Algernon but meh~ but this new drama seems fun? Do tell if it is~ Hihi.

Haha ni Naru is intriguing!! But I'll only watch it if there are subs~

Ayano Go as an actor = his role in Kenshin. lol But I might watch because Fumi Nikadio is in that drama too.

And I'm watching Reverse! The same staff of N no Tame ni it seems~ Plus I've also enjoyed Yakou Kanransha way way back and it's also from the same author~

That's all for J Spring Drama!

For Korean~

I'm watching Chicago Typewriter for Yoo Ah In! LOL. I agree that it's not as compelling as Goblin. It also has a lot of literature references that are easy to miss~ I'm glad that there are people writing their observation about those because otherwise those things would have been ignored. The references add more to the enjoyment of the drama plus it gives more clues? and depth to the story.

What is my Secret Romance about? I only know that it has Sung Hoon?And he's an eye candy~

I've only read Whisper recaps, lol. It seems like people are having fun with the power struggle game. The people in that drama are so gray~

Hahaha. FF is truly a drama watcher's best friend!!


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