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Well, we again have abundance of live action, which thankfully not only shoujo manga, this year. Lots of them still have Yamaken as lead, which I refuse to watch because I don't like this kind of overexposed aspect, though it's mostly good for him, and I don't really know how to appreciate this kid. This time I just want to talk about 2 of the live action, Tokyo Ghoul and Ajin, these 2 movies are going to be released only 2 months apart from each other, Tokyo Ghoul in July and Ajin in September. What interests me is that these 2 are very similar. Hence, let's talk about them ;).

Let's start with the theme. Both are dwelling on the alternative world whereby there're people who are different living among us. Tokyo Ghoul takes on the different people that have to eat other humans to survive, and Ajin takes on the different people that cannot die. Both also depicts on how the regular humans react to these types of anomaly in human species. They're human yet they're not, and both leaves us with the question, should they be treated the same as other humans or not? And what about the story from those 'different' people. Both are depicting that these different people have feelings, emotions and they FEEL pain, so does that mean they're less human than us? This brings us to very core question of how we treat different people from ourselves, only it's being stretched to the very extreme and brutal.

With this kind of settings, it's no wonder that they'll have lots of blood and gore. I can take the blood and gore in Tokyo Ghoul, but I can't stomach the amount of gore and cruelty in Ajin (manga version, heck I couldn't even finish the first chapter and not sure if I want to pick it up again). Why is that? It's because Ajin's gore and cruelty feels so real, as in it really shows you how cruel humans can be, for example, how they do the experiment to Ajin's body eg. cutting their body parts etc, while Tokyo Ghoul implied those scenes, even in the scene of Jason torturing Kaneki in anime, it doesn't literally show Jason cutting Kaneki's toes (am I being too specific here? LOL). And this brings to my question, how much blood and gore are they going to show in the movie? Are they going to pull GANTZ that cater to minimum gore or go all out? Because, let's face it, I'm very sure that these 2 series have cult followers and they'll riot if the live action if not being faithful to the anime or manga. I don't see any casting for Jason in Tokyo Ghoul so I'm not sure how they're going to plot the movie because to be honest, if we don't have the scene of Kaneki kicked Jason's ass (this one), I'm not sure if I'm watching Tokyo Ghoul.

Then we have the lead character. Both are depicting a high school kid who just have the worst of luck of being turned into half ghoul (Tokyo Ghoul) or discovering that he's an ajin through a traffic accident. So what would this mean to casting? Tokyo Ghoul casted Kubota while Ajin casted Sato Takeru, which interestingly are of the same age (I have to wiki them LOL)... and so many people wailing that they're too old to be playing a high school kid. To be honest, rather than looks, I'd rather to see good acting depicting these complicated characters because both Kaneki and Kei are damn complicated, butchered, scarred and tragic characters. You want some teens carrying this role and head spearing the whole movie? Are you freaking kidding me? It takes experience actors to bring these types of heavily emotional baggage characters to live. Have you seen the seiyu age for both characters? They're definitely no teenagers' age. And those wailing for Yamaken or Fukushi Sota or even Sakaguchi Kentaro for these kinds of role, try again, they're not there yet, period. Just because they're everywhere, doesn't mean that they can carry the characters. Not so much on Tokyo Ghoul, Ajin has so many ikemen on the main casts (another complaints that I saw on the Japanese comments)... maybe people just expect sky and moon for a live action? The production need to make money and those ikemen bring in the dough and thankfully they pick those ikemen who can actually act, at the very least. So, I'd just sit back and wait until I actually watch these 2 movies to comment instead of whining non sense (well, after all without these whiners we don't have hype on the movies, so even negative publicity is publicity).

My only worry for these 2 movies is the CG. I just sincerely hope they don't pull cheap CG *cough* Attack on Titans *cough*.

And here're the trailers, the short ones, I'm still waiting for the longer trailers.

Now, when are we going to have Psychopass live action? Is Cybil system too hard to create by CG? The cosplay folks can even do it well (here), surely the real production can do this?

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Just passing by~ Might come back for a better response.
Lol. I just wanted to say, Kubotaaaaa~ lols


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