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I ran through my J-movie stash since a friend of mine asked about Kuroshitsuji live action, not sure why she wants to watch this one (the movie where the only main point is HIRO IS SO DAMN KAKKOII, and that's it) while shunned Kenshin live action from the get go (I suggested it and it got shut down right away LOL). And... while running through my stash, I started clicking and I just marathon-ed 2 movies... Tenshi no Koi and Hanamizuki. Clearly these 2 movies are NOT the right movie to watch on a weekday, damn I'm still half sobbing as I'm writing this.

I think I'm going to just rewatching my old stash of movies. They just reminds me why I love J-movies and dramas in the first place, the magic! It gives you that feels, hard to describe, the closest thing that I can think of, is the depth of emotions are conveyed from the movies. Maybe it's the script or just the overall theme of the movie itself, but it's something that's lacking from the current J-movies. Seriously, they really gotta stop with all those live actions, unless they really put real effort in producing them. Else, don't, just stop, you're butchering fantastic manga stories that actually still have that magic and those magical moments that makes you squeel in manga and they just disappear the moment you see it on screen, and that's just SAD T__T.

So here I'm praying hard that Ikuta Toma's Sensei! is not butchered *crossing fingers & toes*

... the whole trailer here translated to just the first 10 chapters only... out of 80plus chapters... gee, I'm really extremely nervous now LOL...

On the seinen live action part, based on the trailers, it looks like Gintama (though I'm not the fan) and Fullmetal Alchemist will be the good ones, and I still have reservation for Ajin & Tokyo Ghoul (not from the acting part, the packaging part).
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