Feb. 13th, 2017

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and by episode 3, I still haven't seen Nanami said 'You're find whatever you're now'. Wait, why am I still watching this after ranting so much in episode 1? Oh right, because I got nothing else to watch and I'm stressed and I need to blah my stress through something writable, and this drama gives the perfect condition for ranting, LMAO.

They finally throw in Ono x Rio line, but in a very unsignificant and nonchalant way, which is quite disappointing to me. Instead they up the scenes of Asuka and Kamiya, which is OK, understandable because second lead must have a bit more screentime, yeah? But why Kamiya is not that good looking? Or is it just my perception of good looking is the likes of shoujo manga, nevermind, still thinks not good looking enough.

I don't really understand that up till episode 3, there's still that awkwardness lingers when Asuka has that alone time with Nanami or in the regular dialogues as well. Intentional? Or just because the dialogue flow are choppy (which some part are choppy) because it's definitely not the chemistry. I like the way Nanami looks at Asuka, it's similar to the manga, and it gives you feels (try my best not to bloody compare with the way So looks at Soo, I'm just killing myself over this la). But I just can't let go the fact that they spent a night together and there's no pillow talk or whatever. I thought the government is encouraging young couples to make babies (hence those marriage propaganda), and there's a reason for Getsu9 being Getsu9 because of the rabu rabu theme, but the lack of bed scenes kind of contradict everything? WTH is wrong with you J-dorama, is this part of the passive agressive culture thing? If you don't want to show the whole bed scene but at least the afterwards scene will do, and have that bloody pillow talk. Take PRIDE for example, the bet scene is just the morning after, and have Haru kissed Aki, and that already gives so many FEELS. And there're ain't any Johnny's in this drama, so what's the apprehension? Wait until so later episode? How later? I'd expect this to happen in epi 6, if they decided to have that Nanami suddenly had to go to Hokkaido for a shoot plot, or are they going to change the whole setting? They've changed a lot so far, so won't be surprised anymore.

And to think that the next season is Aiba-chan's drama.... another weird tantei drama, Aiba-chan need some major romcom, I think he can pull it off but I dunno if Johnny's try to market his 'innocent and cute' image forever, which is no longer appropriate anymore tbh, come on, he's a man now and he looks freaking smexy sometimes (if he's not too thin).

Ahhh, I feel better now, going to have a work call soon.. time to ommmmm...


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