Mar. 5th, 2017

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When you read enough loads of shoujo manga or watch a high school drama, what are the chance that you have the following situation: there's this some random stranger/classmate/may even your own best friend suddenly appearing in front of the main girl together with some other random friend (mind you, not alone) asks the main character for a favor to pass a love confession letter to the dude (can be the male dude in the story OR second dude or whatever), and then the main character is in dilemma on how to pass the letter. This is the main situation, some other stories will have the continuation to the situation whereby if that so-called love confession letter ended up not being delivered, then so-called random stranger or whatever cries or not happy with the main girl and then that friend started to hold grudges and creating conflict. And worse, in the end of the conflict, most of the time the main girl have to apologize first for not realizing the other girl's feeling, and then a new friendship blossoms.

This plot device has been re-used and re-cycled for so many decades but with no incline to disappear, at all. I hate this plot from the bottom of my heart, but not really realizing the core reason why I hate this plot. From a glance through, it'll just look like the main girl will be in dilemma and start realizing her own feelings bla bla bla, but that's beside the point, that's trivial, and can be instigated through so many other plot device. But a lot of times, why oh why, the writers again and again using this asking for favor to pass on something. It can be a letter, a valentine choco, so many other items too.

The reason is simple, this is pure coercion and bullying act from a selfish coward person. She wants something, but she doesn't have the guts to get it. So what does she do? She makes other girl to do her bidding, but she's scared that the other girl not going to do what she wants, so she brings in WITNESS and coerce the girl in the name of FAVOR, and left the poor girl on her own to figure out how to carry on the so-called favor. You know one thing about favor is that you don't have the obligation to do it. It's a favor for other people, it's something that's good if you do it, but if you can't do it, then the other person can't even press or hold grudges on the other person.

Again, this story line has been reused so much that it makes me wonder, does this also happen in the real life? Not always the exact situation, but similar, asking another person for a favor and bringing along witnesses and corner/almost gang up the person being asked to do the favor, and got mad especially if that so-called person not be able to do. I can think so many similar situation in office setting and it could involve your supervisor or bosses abusing their power in similar manner. It's worrying if it's rooted from school environment and if this is a common practice because regardless, fundamentaly, putting a person involuntarily into uncomfortable situation and to do something that she's not comfortable with is bullying (I even look up the dictionary for the definition to make sure I use the term correctly).

I always believe that while manga or drama are full with elements of fantasy or exaggeration, however, there's always some amount of truth and reality in it, because otherwise we won't be able to relate to the story at all.

So, have you come across whereby in the given situation the main girl told off the other girl to fu*k off and give the shit herself to the dude? Or tell that other girl to get her shit together and not rely on people? I'll be glad to read that story.


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