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It's Aiba month!!! And tomorrow is his day and off course X'mas Eve!
I've been skipping lots of episodes (I'll make an effort to backtrack and do the caps for the older episodes, especially the gardening ones), but until then, this episode will do. The Manabu members are giving Aiba-chan a 'surprise' birthday and x'mas party, but, off course in the end the birthday boy is the one doing most of the work LOL. It's a fun episode as always. I like Mori-san and you'll understand why from this episode XD.

What did birthday boy doing here?
Happy Merry X'mas!! (in Engrish LOL)... )
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This episode is quite fun and reminded me of Mago Mago Arashi's 'Totsugeki Bangohan' segment. The only difference from MMA is that this totsugeki segment is done in the luxury restaurant, not at somebody's household. Off course before that we have our home garden recipe. This time it's a very simple recipe but honestly I've never thought that it'll go well together :).


Attack!!! )
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For this episode, I'll just run through the home garden recipe, the rest of the segment is about what you can see using remote control heli and it doesn't interest me at all. If you feel like seeing the boys being hyper over the sceneries plus Aiba-chan and Sawabe getting hyper riding jet coaster then you can continue watching. What we get from this segment is that remote control heli can be used to capture similar sceneries as if you're riding the real life helicopter.

Apparently there's a boom in home gardening...
Read more... )

Don't forget, next episode will be full of Aiba-chan cooking! Aiba-chan even mentioned that the episode is the hardest so far XD
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Finally, the vinyl house episode is here! I learned a lot from this episode and building one of this is not as difficult as it looks. Now I wish I have a bigger house that can fit all these gardening stuff. Imagine just pluck your veggie and go straight to kitchen to process, that's freshness!

At the rate this project going, which turned out they started this quite sometime ago, we'll have tons of this garden episode or snipets of it for quite some time XD


Let's build a vinyl house! )
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This episode is very interesting. It's a simple gardening, but inside your house. It's latching on the idea that we just need to pick our veggies and walk back to the kitchen to cook. Freshness guaranteed!
I like this idea A LOT! Especially with the worries of this and that pestiside, genetically engineered etc etc stuff out there, if we can do our own veggie (well slightly limited due to the space, but still, better than nothing), why not? Especially if it's not that hard. This episode also somewhat answer my question about the excess water aka... potential dengue nest!

Our house won't be this empty but we can 1 rack of veggie XD
Home garden! )
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Today is Arashi's 5x15!!! Omedetougozaimasu!!!
Read so many wonderful write up on our wonderful rainbow boys, it warmed up my heart <3

Back on Manabu, I wish Ohno would guest on this segment, he'd be very thrilled and awake. It's not equal to the deep ocean fishing but still, it's fishing XD. The whole segment is really pure entertainment.

Even the background is fishes!
Tsuri away!!! )
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Same as last week, but with more Engrish!!! This time the gaijin guests are not as proficient in Japanese as last week's. Hence, more awkward effort to explain etc, for our entertaiment sake. I like last week's topic better than this week's but we still learn new (or not so new) stuff this week as well :).

Subarashii Japan!! )
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It's been awhile since the last time I did Aiba Manabu cap. This is much much better compare to reading 80plus page of contract :( (I still need to do it tomorrow, during office hour LOL). Enough of RL rant. What do we have in this episode? Lots of laughter and fun episode, PLUS Aiba-chan's engrish is back! But in here, we get to see Aiba-chan's MC skill, which I appreciate a lot. He puts in the excitement into anything that he talk about that any ordinary information becomes interesting. From the way he phrases his explanations to how he pokes the guests curiosity, they're so easy to understand and digest. And that, requires skills and experience. Not anybody can work with this kind of style, I think it's more like Aiba-chan's style. Overall, very entertaining episode plus it's informative and we have a sequel next week, yey!!!

Let's learn on what's great about Japan XD )
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Firstly, Selamat Hari Raya for those who celebrate! XD It's a joy celebration after the whole month of fasting and off course the moments of foregiveness :)

For this episode, the topic is to make tennen unadon from scratch, meaning, they have to catch the eel aka outdoor location shooting. This time the guest is the daisenpai, Higashiyama-san. I'd expect that the interaction will be more interesting than last week's when the guest is the kouhai, HSJ's Chinen. Sadly... it's not. You'll see Aiba-chan was so goodie in this episode and held back A LOT. Luckily he had Watabe and Sawabe (my 2 fave members) in this episode so it's not so awkward. I'd blame Higashiyama on this because he's throwing in the 'oohh I'm the huge senpai, bow to me kouhai!' vibe... it's fun at the beginning aka dated years ago on AniShi, but dude, you cannot pull the same trick all the time, I've watched your multiple appearance and it's getting boring! I kinda want to pet Aiba-chan for trying so hard to make it less awkward and enjoyable to watch. Next episode will be fun, I think.

I'm capping only the parts which is funny or don't require too much brain translation, but hopefully you still get the whole idea. XD
PS: you've been warned, don't scroll if your tummy is empty...

Unadon on the way... )

Have some cute Aiba-chan from last week's AniShi... Shala Shala Pon!
I took it from Tumblr, can't remember whose, but would thank the maker of this precious moment of cuteness...

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Following up on Aiba Manabu Epi 61, we have the jerii fry...

so... I made them... because, it's easy, cheap and ... yeah...

This is the healthier version of jerii fry because I use air fryer to 'deep fry' it, HEALTHY LOL and before dipping into the worchestaire sauce.
Also, instead of the regular potatoes, I use sweet potatoes instead, and the composition between okara and potatoes is the other way around, I use more potatoes than okara, hence it tastes more to pumpkin kurokke without the breading :)

150 gr okara
250 gr sweet potato
1 carrot (bigger size) - grated
1 onion (medium size) - very thinly cubed
1 egg
Plain flour - as needed
Seasoning: salt & pepper - as needed
*I think if we add spring onion, it'll look nicer (have some color) :)
Dipping sause: worchestaire sauce

How to:
1. On a mixing bowl, mix all ingredients together. I use hand to mix because it's faster. Aiba-chan use the more 'sophisticated' way by using spatula but it'll take longer to mix and it may not mix evenly :) You have to mix until it's easy to make patties, no crumbles around. If you know how to make perkedel (Indonesian's potato fritter), it's exactly the same way.
2. Portion it into small patties.
3. Deep fry the patties
4. Dip into the worchestaire sauce

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I can't resist because... Aiba-chan + farm + soft ice cream  <3<3<3<3<3<3
As usual, his tension is very high, he really enjoy shooting these te-tsukuri stuff... happy for him XD

How to make your own soft ice cream? )
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Hyaaa.... It's been a long time ne...

I know I haven't been doing Aiba Manabu for the longest time because... I'm lazy plus being sick for the longest time didn't really help either, and plus I was flying around trying to do my job well, so less time to do Aiba Manabu because I want to watch lots of stuff and do lots of stuff too. BUT, this episode contains my favorite food item,TOFU! Plus, with Aiba-chan making it... hmm.. it's rather hard to resist. PLUS, they finally completed the shoyu project! I've been wondering about that shoyu for awhile as they didn't really show Aiba-chan shaking that shoyu bottle anymore, so I was happy to see that it's finally done and we can see what homemade shoyu looks like!

Let's learn how to make tofu... )

For the simpler homemade tofu, I found this blog that I think worth to try:
I guess it's time to further utilize my soya milk maker, hohoho...
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This episode is rather interesting and not so difficult to watch... It's part and parcel of wonder if you're not living in Japan, but I sometimes wonder how different Osaka people to Tokyo people. Well besides the Osakaben, what else is different? So, this episode is rather random showing you what can cause confusion when Tokyo people working at a kombini in Osaka huehehe... Lots of laughter and cuteness from Aiba-chan and this may be one of the few last episode of Aiba-chan with those adorable long bangs... looking forward for his short black hair (he looks fresher in it and another case where Aiba-chan rocks any kind of hairstyle)

Kansai? Kantou? Dochi? )

I'm going home for Chinese New Year, anybody celebrating? If Yes, HAPPY HORSE YEAR!!!
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It's been a little bit more than a week from New Year and... it's shitty... not much good things come across me these few days and I think things will get more shitty as we're coming to a year end. And as usual I go back to my oasis to drown my sorrows (along with sake, ramen, and anything not suitable for a diet)...

So, the first episode of Manabu for 2014 is gotta be very close to the big day itself, so we're having Aiba-chan making MOCHI!!! The gooey sticky mochi (ok, it's mochi mochi, cute right? LOL). I really love this threesome pairings together in a show (I won't be surprise there's a fanfic on these 3 out there). Their chemistry and teamwork in producing an interesting and entertaining episode is just... LOVE!

I won't be using my dictionary because this is my quick therapy session, but the gist of it should be about there XD if you feel something amiss, do let me know )

Traditional mochi making and what cause Aiba-chan's expression?
Mochi Mochi!!!! )
ahhh... I feel better LOL...
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Because I had karaage for x'mas eve, and it's very extremely yummy. But I've never made karaage before so it's just a perfect timing that Aiba-chan has the karaage episode... for X'mas. Yey! In this episode, Aiba-chan is not super hyper but nevertheless his smiles are so wide and big, maybe since this episode is done close to his b'day and karaage being his fave food add up to his cheerfulness. Lots of giggles and laughter in this episode too and for the first time, he's not 100% doing all the dirty job! Sawabe & Watabe got to get down dirty too LOL!


So... let's cooking! )

Merry X'mas!!!!
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as expected, tamagoyaki episode is just full of cuteness, AND informative, as usual. I like how they feed in the information in this episode coz I learned a lot haha... and in this episode, Aiba-chan basically did all the dirty work and Watabe and Sawabe were just being noisy as moral support and making Aiba-chan stress at times LOL... I really like Watabe and Sawabe, they really know when to not be so loud and when to poke on Aiba-chan and as a result we have series of laughter while learning XD.

a bit on RL, today i got an award (something equal to the top employee of the year thingy) to recognize all my hard work for my less than 1 year tenure while 90% of the people in the company probably don't even know what I'm doing huehehe, and with that expectation is higher, target is higher, stress level is higher... hence the quick post of this episode, Aiba-chan's smile is therapeutic LOL...

Shall we start the egg lesson? )
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... aka Aiba-chan playing house episode XD... Show, this is the reason why I like to watch Aiba Manabu, it's informative, funny, lots of cuteness, not so loud and ... LOTS OF CUTENESS. Aiba-chan-Watabe-Sawabe combi is the best combi so far and this episode affirms this, and I seriously hope the staff realizes it and not to use 4 boys format except for segments with competition in it (and to ban Takeyama from this show), I'm mean but that's how I feel as audience LOL. Aiba-chan laughed and giggled a lot here, I'd think he's more at ease when it's only 3 members and each of them have enough air time to speak.

Lots of cuteness ahead... )
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When they're talking about mugi miso... and what do you know, there's a Kyuzu fair at Isetan and they're selling fresh MUGI MISO! What a coincidence! I bought about 400gr, but come to think of it... it may be gone in a jiffy considering that now I have to fight with my dad for the share of miso paste... -__-"

So, how does it taste? Well, definitely OISHII! I tried the sampling and it's damn good! ... what does it mean by good? In a nut shell, the impression given by Aiba-chan and the members are true. It has mugi smell, but it's not as strong as what they said, at least for me, and it's not so salty, in fact it has some amount of sweetness in it. I love tasting the paste itself because it's very different compare to the regular box miso paste. The texture without the barley bits is very smooth and clean and I'd think Aiba-chan will describe it as creamy.

The good thing is that this fresh miso paste can last 6 months on the fridge and 1 year on the freezer, which is GOOD because I don't think I'll cook miso shiru every week.

Judging from the taste, apart from miso shiru, I'd think yakiniku is another gem to try. How to do? just cook the meat on the pan and put a bit of miso on top of it and roll the meat, i think it'll work, I'll try it if I have time XD.

See? Aiba Manabu is educative!

and since mugi miso is not as salty, my dad love it (though never really say it), so I'm foreseeing him taking the miso for his noodle soup...
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Finally! A good episode and off course, informative! Show, by now you should realize that Aiba-chan tension is totally different when it comes to things that he likes. He mentions so often that he eats miso shiru for breakfast (I wish I have that luxury LOL), and he makes miso shiru too, so this episode topic is quite close to him and the difference is so obvious. This is just like the takenoko episode. And, finally, no Takeyama! I don't really like him and especially when they line him up with Aiba-chan, it'll make Aiba-chan looks so tiny and fragile.

Let's learn about miso! )

So, Aiba-chan seems to be back to his normal cheery and hyper, I guess?, but I think it has to do with the topic too.
I can't wait to watch last week Shiyagare where he has 1 short segment.
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I want to do Epi 19 too but it'll take too much time, same reason as the mamachari episode. They throw in lots of superstitions in that episode. You'll recognize some of them if you've watched anime like XXXholic XD. Okay, enough about the previous episode, let's talk about Epi 21. Wait, what about Epi 20 then? Hmm... oh yeah, it's basically just to show that Japan does survey on literally everything by perfecture. Not that it's informative, but it's literally just information overflow. Whoever did the structure of that episode choose a really bad topic, no, it's a good topic but presentation is very bad, that's all. Epi 21? We're back with everybody's favorite, Epi 18 part 2! This time they try to squeeze in more, they have 7 techniques to make your live easier... I don't get the tendency to make the episode to be information overload, I'd think they should just stick with 4 or 5 and make the scenarios or experiment longer, or better still, MAKE AIBA-CHAN TALK LONGER! Seriously, it used to be 2 members for this kinds of segment but now they have 3? In a small room, 30 min length show, it's too many! You'll notice that Aiba-chan speaks lesser and lesser in the last 3 episodes and those comedians speaks louder and louder. I'm already worried over Aiba-chan getting quieter in VSA and Anishi and now this? For goodness sake, it's Aiba-chan's show, he needs to be in the center and speaks more, like what he does on the first few episodes. Seeing Aiba-chan talk less and only smile politely alarms me. At the very least, he LOL-ed quite a lot in this episode so it doesn't look so bad, but if you notice, he does talk lesser.


Pretties... though he speaks lesser :(... )

But if you watch Tensai Shimura Doubutsuen 7th Sep episode, Aiba-chan looked so genki and hyper on his own segment. He talked A LOT and laughed A LOT as well... and he looked so relax there. Perhaps he's been in TSD for almost to (?) or more than (?) 10 years that it's like being at home, whereas in other shows... he can rely on Sho-chan & Matsujun to cover him on VS and Anishi and Manabu is quite new for him... I don't know... perhaps this will change, it's just a phase... we'll see... 頑張れ相葉ちゃん! 


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