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In this episode we have Nino doing PPAP (which I just can't unsee, I wish I could rewind the time I spent watching this, ugh), Kyary Pamyu Pamyu (only the shiritori segment actually caught my attention), and... This is MJ! First female guest and... she slayed MJ LOL!!! MJ was actually hyper and cute in this segment <3. Anyhoo, enjoy the segment, tried to cut short the caps, but alas...

you cannot unsee this, right?
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I still have 1 Manabu post to be posted in this 2016, cross finger I can finish it on time.
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It's been... almost ONE year since the last time I did this kind of recaps LOL...

I have mixed feeling about this segment, it's funny, I mean GACKT with Arashi is always adorbs and entertaining, but particularly with the medicine ball segment, I can't help but worry. If you saw GACKT IG acount, you'll know the medicine ball exercise because he posted some clips on it and it's damn hard, even for those who have that rigorous training regime regularly. So imagine if you're not so-called trained with that kind of spartan training menu, and people drop that medicine ball on your tummy, especially Aiba-chan's part, I can't help but worry about the potential injurIES that may happen, ranging from muscle inflamation to slipped disk (you use your back, which you're not supposed to, instead of your core muscle, to hold that ball). And you can even see Matsujun, the so-called most fit in Arashi, struggled, so you can imagine the rest. Enough of the rant and back to the whole segment itself, basically there're 3 parts of it, first is the random (literally random) quetions thrown at GACKT, then it's that training segment, and lastly it's the crane game.

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Happy New Year! While we're still in the festive mood, which soon to be over, let's star 2016 with Arashi ni Shiyagare SP. I find that only Matsujun & Ohno's segments are interesting, and the rest is mediocore if not boring (unless off course, you're a fan of Japanese baseball or Miranda Kerr. And this segment deserves caps because V6 Mama is one of the guests and he cooked! As on the surprise announcement done in this segment, well, I'm not sure, really. I don't feel lots of traction on the last few Arashi drama, not the kind that I'll wait expectantly for the next episode. So, anyway, enjoy the first few days of 2016!

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This is MJ is probably one of those segments where Matsujun can be so cool yet so dorky at the same time, and that includes sulking, whining and just being a diva. This time, he got a rival, the equally dorky Ikuta Toma, which is why I can't resis doing this cap.

Well, you can say that this is the reason why the episode is gold LOL.
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I managed to get rid of I FOR YOU from my brain, but instead my brain decided to latch on to another song, FLOWER by GACKT. This song is so addicting and there're so many versions and arrangements, which makes it interesting to listen to. Well, to top it up, GACKT is an amazing performance artist, and hail Youtube for having so many clips on GACKT's concerts, wish it's the same for Johnny's stuff, but we all know Johnny's is ... Johnny's. But the interesting part is that he also can be funny in his variety show persona. His variety show image change slightly throughout the years (yeah, I've consumed enough clips from 2000 to 2015), but he knows what he's doing and I find that he smartly calculates whatever he says on TV. With that, to me GACKT is very mainstream LOL.

So, what GACKT gotta do with Arashi? If you've been following Arashi long enough, you'll definitely know those golden VS Arashi and the Shiyagare episodes. I still remember how much I laughed when I watched it the first time and the laughter didn't die down when I rewatch it again. And since I'm quite stressed out in the past few days, this post is kind of my therapy and there're tons of caps (I try to reduce them down though).
It's always interesting from these 4 episodes how Arashi turns into cute puppies (even Matsujun with his DoS persona) and flogging around the aniki. And GACKT seems to have some favorites among Arashi, and it's changing throughout the years too LOL.

It's gonna be a long post... 4 episodes compilation! )VS Arashi ~ 2009.07.04 )
VS Arashi 2009.11.26 )
Arashi Shiyagare 2011.07.16 )
VS Arashi 2012.01.03 )

I hope GACKT could appear again on Arashi show XD
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This episode may not be one of those gold episodes but I had fun watching it, plus it's the 200th episode (!), plus I like the hot uncle Osawa Takao. Though he's burnt and skinny in this episode, partly due to his movie, good looking guys are easily forgiven LOL. Obviously Sho-chan & Matsujun had too much fun in this segment as well as Osawa-san himself. He practically tried so hard not to LOL throughout the segment. The Aiba 'Dandy' Masaki segment with Yoshida Kotaro was half amuzing, but I'm not particularly fond of it. The last part is the Shiyagare making Nino WORKed again on his day off. They might as well just make a gaming segment for Nino (him playing games, talk about cheats & strategies), rather than making him do all those weird & awkward thing. I think that'll be more fun & amuzing to watch. I'd think that'd be fair as the rest of the boys get to do what they wanted to do.

vlcsnap-2015-03-15-16h44m27s64 (Custom)vlcsnap-2015-03-15-16h44m43s222 (Custom)
Since it's 200th Episode (Omedetou!) we have these 2 guests.

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It's been awhile ne. Last week was a Juntoshi LA & LV trip. It's glorious, and fun (sleepy Ohno is a must see). But what about this week? For the caps, I'm going to skip the Gundam segment, though I like the guest, but I'm not familiar with the 1st generation Gundam so I cannot really related to what they're talking about. This episode also shows how good is the editing skill of Shiyagare staff. I've been noticing this since their Hawaii trip segment. What makes the segment funny is the narration and the caps. This is very apparent on Matsujun's segment (the 'feeling' and J's choise placement were damn epic). Having Arashi being dorky is a bonus, and I'd think it's quite low budget as well because they just send a few staff plus 1 or 2 Arashi members out there and have fun with it.

1 (Custom)3 (Custom)
What disaster vacation actually awaits these 2 LOL...
Yuki, rakkasei... )
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Following up from Tsuyoshi's recipe on this Shiyagare episode, I made my own keihan. It's very easy to make, healthy and yummy. You don't have any doubt of it when Matsujun himself testified that he likes the dish. And, I still want to see what's inside Matsujun's fridge.


Hmm.. not too shabby right? LOL But seriously it taste so good!

I changed a bit the recipe because I didn't have some of the ingredients, but I don't think it'll be a major difference and the most important thing is that it's still yummy. The episode didn't tell us that we have to simmer the shitake mushroom because it'll take too long to show it on TV, hence they prepared it in advance, and so did slicing the takuan. Yes, although it's easy, it needs patience because there's a lot of slicing and shredding going on for this recipe, unless you just want to skip all those. But it won't look good on your plate though LOL.

So, here's my version of Keihan:
for 3 people
1 chicken breast, skinless
1/3 portion of takuan, thinly sliced
8 dried shitake mushroom (medium size)
3 eggs
1/2 portion of leek, thinly sliced (you can use spring onion)
Steamed rice
Seasoning: sesame oil, ponzu, tsuyu (I cheat), mirin

1. Boil the chicken (don't put too much water for 1 chicken breast, because we're going to use that water later for our soup, they call this tori gara soup). Don't overboil the chicken. Normally chicken is quite fast to boil so once you see the chicken are toughened up, turn off the heat and let it set for awhile before you take out the chicken and shred the meat.
2. Soal dried shitake on water until soft and then simmer them under low heat with the mix of tsuyu and mirin. This will take around 15 to 30 min. I waited for the liquid to reduce by half, else it won't be that tasty, unless you use soy sauce instead of tsuyu. Once cooled cut the shitake into thin slices.
3. Whisk the eggs and add little bit of ponzu and then make the egg crepes. Cut the egg into thin slices.
4. If you use spring onion then you don't need to do this. But what I have is frozen leek, hence I need to cook this. Stir fry the leek with a little bit of sesame oil (just for the fragrant) until cooked.

On a bowl, put on the rice then take a bit of takuan, eggs, leeks, shitake and lots of the chicken.
Served with a bowl or teapot of the tori gara soup on the side.

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I do the caps for this episode because of the keihan (chicken rice). It looks so healthy and yummy, plus Matsujun loves it (if we follow Matsujun's kinda food, I think we can loose weight well LOL). I'm skipping the rest of Tsuyoshi's segment and the MC MJ corner though Matsujun has some funny fail moments there.

Are, today's sensei is in bad mood?
Keihan... )
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Have you guys heard Digitalian? <3 While having the feels of the PV (shake it shake your body!), the making (FINALLY, after all these years), and off course the album, we still have the boys' regular shows, and this Shiyagare is half half fun and not as fun (well, it's not super mundane but oh well, let's just say that last week's better, and probably the guests play a part too). The second segment, the fashion show with 100K JPY budget, is just full of trolling and LOL.
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I think this can be considered one of those episode that you should watch. Ayase Haruka + Arashi is always a delight to watch. Lots of trolling, lots of fails, lots of Arashi playing onee, yes yes, it's a very fun episode. Just caps only may not convey how funny some parts are, so you have have have to watch it yourself, especially the second half.

2 very fun segments for our entertainment!!!
TONS of caps away... )
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So, this Arashi vs Kanjani8 game on Shiyagare for 24Hr TV is going to be an annual thingy? Well, not that I'm complaining because Arashi becomes fiercely competitive when they're up against Kanjani8. Yoko provoking them with Kanjani Shiyagara and the new one, Yoko-san to replace Nino-san is just some spices.

So many things going on in this episode with random games picked and battles between Arashi vs Kanjani by members. But this episode highlights is Matsujun, the birthday boy.

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The first half is about shinsengumi quick history and tidbits and 2nd half is a fake iron chef on harapeko kids' bentou with Anne as guest for the whole show. Both are funny, but I hope somebody will sub this episode because I have no idea what they're talking about on Shinsengumi history and all, and I'm too lazy to go look up on every single kanji (the names!!! OMG, might as well wiki the whole shinsengumi history thingy). If you don't feel like being spoonfed with speed course of shinsengumi (but you'll be missing small hilariousness of what makes our boys Arashi that we love, well it's your choice, just saying LOL), then you can watch the hilarious bentou competition (tons of hilarity induced here).

Shinsengumi segment... )
Fake Iron Chef segment... )
Overall, a good episode, AniShi is doing quite good lately for me :) If last week's highlight is Sho-chan, this week is about Aiba-chan XD
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Not a superb episode, I'm not really sure what the producer's thinking when they do the first segment. The topic is around the 'girly force of dudes' *I don't know what's the exact translation as I couldn't find it in the dictionary. It's something to justify the dudes to act girly without being labeled as Onee aka gay. Maybe this is a generation gap thingy because I don't find it interesting, in fact, even Arashi themselves are not really into the topic and they just went a long with it just like any other job (they're are pro after all).

First segment... )

On the other hand, the 2nd segment is more interesting to me, and this is thanks to Sho-chan. It's a simple segment of basically Sho-chan and the guest Suzuki Ryota presented their recommendation on where to go for your summer vacation.
Sho-chan clearly showcase places where he actually went before (as we all know it): Ankor wat (Cambodia); St Petersburg (Rusia) and Istanbul (Turkey), while the guest never go to any of the places that he recommended LOL. I think the result is rather staged but nevertheless, it's quite fun to watch.

Second Segment... )

So, this episode is totally saved by Sho-chan! He's the highlight :)
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The whole episode has 4 segments:
1. Fashion contest with budget of 100K yen aka around 1000USD with Kyary Paymyu Pamyu as guest
2. Matsuko Deluxe waitin room talk session (lots of talking, I only follow some LOL)
3. Ora ora fashion with HSJ's Ryosuke & Daiki (promo for Kindaichi new drama)
4. Arashi messing around Tokio's Joshima marathon training (though K8 is hosting, I think for the sake of rating, they need to throw in LOTS of Arashi participation clips)

You can choose to watch which segment, I think overall this episode is funny and if you don't follow AniShi at all, you wanna check it out for simple reasons:

Somebody apparently has a thicker waistline than Aiba-chan and Ohno, and he's lucky that he still can put in that skinny little piece of leather pants in, though clearly he can't button it LOL...

I think the luckiest person in this whole episode is Matsuko Deluxe. He gets to molest Sho and Jun at the same time.
When Sho sat next to him, he keep on touching his arm haha...

And last but not least... I put bigger cap just because... it's pretty RARE that we get to see Aiba-chan being so... hot and rather manly LOL... and... is he building some muscles there?

bonus cap, Arashi in pompadour wigs messing around with Joshima
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I was totally loose it today in the office, and even now is still shaking out of anger so I need Aiba-chan's kind nature human being to warm my dark heart. I wish I have that big of heart and the professionalism spirit like Aiba-chan's...

So, most probably everybody watch this episode already, and translations has probably been made available somewhere on the net, hence, this is just for my therapy sake...

In short, AniShi New Year SP is about the boys given a challenge or task, and Aiba-chan had the dokkiri done on him. It's not just a normal dokkiri, in total there're 30 pranks done on him, and he just brisked through it obligingly, cutely, incredibly accommodating and probably didn't even realize that it's a dokkiri.

Lots of caps even though it's just a 20 min segment, but... u know... Aiba-chan is just a super kind with big heart human being. <3

Why NTV using Hatano sensei pic in this? Can't they get the more recent one?

30 ドッキリスタート! ) See, AIba-chan has healing effect, I'm no longer angry and less agitated now... and now, I can sleep to prepare for tomorrow's battle...
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Porridge is a very simple dish that everybody can make, including our beloved miracle boy and this episode shows how it's done well. The only problem in porridge is that sometimes we're not sure the proportion between the rice and water, which is why this episode is really helpful.
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I'm feeling for a French Toast, and what kind of French Toast I should whip up for none other than the version that dear Aiba-chan did on the Unknown Encounter segment, LOL... It's simple, cheap to make (especially if you already have jam in your fridge), and the most important, it's rich, filling and melt in your mouth! And wouldn't it excite you especially seeing this sunshine boy hyped up over a French Toast?

For those who like pic spam, you can continue on, don't say that I didn't warn you because I make this upon request as well LOL

Pic spam time... )
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Who's not salivating when watching Matsujun's segment of the Unknown Encounter from last week's Arashi ni Shiyagare episode? That shiny Egg Benedict just lingers in my head until I decided that I just had to try to make it. It's not cheap to make it, especially when you're in a country where anything 'Western' seems to have an extra mark up on them. But I did it, and it's like what Matsujun said: 'Oishii! Oishiiyo! Chou Umai!' and wouldn't you just want to try when you see cute happy face like that? LOL

So, I managed to whip up one, try my best with the expectation image carved in my mind.

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