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I've been delaying to do this episode because to me this one is the most difficult one. Besides having lots of words that I have to look up on the dictionary, Sho-chan's talking so fast in news caster mode is not helping at all. But since, this is the last episode of the year (Nino's and Ohno's will be next year? WHYYYY???), then better clear this one ecause there's another stack of things that I want to write as well haha...

I love Johnny's plus documentary in general, but especially Arashi's. Why? Simple, because it's fun to watch and most of the time, it's easier to understand and definitely boring is out of the window. And with Arashi, the fun doubles because you get to see them interacting with general public which they're very good at.

So here's the last episode of the year... )
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Making this just because tomorrow is HIS b'day LOL and I haven't even written anything about Mikeneko.

So, I thought Matsujun's is the first episode, guess I was wrong LOL (didn't check the date)...

Let's start!

*again, my limited Japanese will end up with me saying wrong info, do let me know haha*

This episode is quite interesting in a way, but it's a bit difficult for me to really translate in details because they use lots of specific terms, but at least, it's less difficult than Sho-chan's one.
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Happy 30th Birthday Sunshine Boy *though you don't look 30 at all*
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I seriously hope they do this type of variety cum documentary more often, not just once a year kinda thing. It's really a good feeling to see them interacting with general public, not just be in the studio with the rest of celebrities, and they are good in doing this as well. The whole documentary becomes much more interesting.

So Arashi no Ashita Kakeru Tabi series this year started with Matsujun's and it's about veggies.
*note that my Japanese is limited so I may made some mistakes in interpreting what they said*


Tons of caps just because ... )


His trip is a love story... let's see


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