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This drama turns around very quick and smooth... I've been wondering why the turning point has not appeared yet and the drama answered me in this episode... I like how Michiko deals with her feelings here, no hesitation, unlike the usual damsel in distress with lots of doubts and hence dragging...

Sagi-JYANAKU rice, yokatta na Michiko?

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Oh for the fun of it. Because it's so fun watching Shunin & Michiko bickering...
Here's the thing, which person you'd rather be with, the person who you always try to impress OR the person who you could basically talk about EVERYTHING and know all your bad and good points? I guess the answer is quite obvious, well, drama makes it oh so obvious :p.

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I almost dropped this drama because episode 1 is just pissed me off. The girl is overly naive plus stupid and it seriously made me boil, especially she's on the 30s range of age. However I decided to continue watching this because *cough* Miura Shohei, and unfortunately in here he's again the pretty face who will not get the girl (when we're going to get a drama when this cutie actually gets the girl? LOL). Episode 2 is much better, the girl's character starts to change for the better still overly naive but less stupid, thanks to Shunin's nagging. Now, the Shunin here is also another peculiar character. Basically he's a nice dude with sort of foul mouth (only to Michiko though) but he cannot let anything stray (being animals or humans) alone, plus a dash of tsundere. So, I guess, that's why these 2 kind of match each other, and I like the chemistry in this drama, not awkward :).

Shunin is from Showa era too. I don't care if it's considered sexist or what shit, it's kakkoii if done right :p.

These 2 are easy to watch LOL...

Bonus, we have Shunin speaking proper English, plus Mandarin, nice! Something rare in J-dramaland LOL. Plus Shunin seems to have so many licenses out there from cooking to crane. As Michiko repeatedly said 'Shunintte nanimono nanda?' HA!

A brooding Shunin... kakkoii na...


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