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K the end of 2012 is near, 1 more day to go based on SG time and instead of writing about drama, I've doing screencaping documentaries and concert DVD (well, they're more fun actually but off course more time consuming. But again, it doesn't mean that I don't watch lots of drama. On the contrary, I think I watch more compare to last year. It's just that it doesn't get translated into words because I have to wait for subs for almost most of it. 2012 is full of medical, mystery, historical, detective drama. So, how on earth I can watch those without subs and enjoy the drama to their full potential? So, yeah, and by the time I finish the drama, months has passed and the new drama have lined up saying 'watch me, watch me.'

So, this time I'm just going to say what I like about those drama and what keep me watching them or why I dump them. I notice as well that I watch the least amount of drama on Summer season, and double or triple the dose for Fall season. Have anybody experienced this as well? I hope I'm not the only one because I feel like an acute drama junkie every fall season.

So, let's get started and it's gonna be LONG.... )
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Internal Affairs

And I thought I won't be writing anything anymore until I finish the whole series until I watch this part 1 of Double Face. I can't just keep quiet and wait until all the subs are released. For those drama lovers especially those who love police drama, you definitely have to check this one out. It's a 2 series SP, so it's short enough to enjoy and finish it.

Based on Hong Kong movie Internal Affairs, Double Face follow almost all the story line, So if you're impatient with the subs, you can just read the synopsis of Internal Affairs here at Wiki and you get the gist out of it. I'd think the movie has bigger budget but at the very least Double Face doesn't disappoint you in terms of explosions and sorts. Also, for a drama series, it has quite enough violence as it's portraying the gruesome yakuza group who deals with cocaine. It has enough thrills and excitement to keep you over the edge and sort of wish that the drama is slightly different from the movie because you already know who will die in which part. The only difference from the movies (I'm trying to recall what I've watched 10 years ago here) is that the movies shows again and again the police's failure in catching the bad guys which I think that's because the movie has enough time to package the whole plot into 1 movie whereas, in the drama, this 1 movie has to broken down into 2 parts so you won't be as frustrated as when you watch the movie. But this may change in the second part of the drama. 

Nothing can beat the original. This still stands especially when Internal Affairs is one of those classic movies. It's one of those movies that you'll still remember years after you've watched it. But what I like from this remake is that it's different from the regular J-drama in terms of the mood and flow. Rather it's more like you're watching a movie instead of a drama (off course, it's originally from a movie, but you know, you have a mindset of a drama when you're watching a drama, right?). In terms of cast, you can't beat Andy Lau and Tony Leung combi (they're uncles now but they're freaking hot back in those days, okay LOL). But you'll definitely won't condemned Nishijima Hidetoshi and Kagawa Teruyuki combi. Coming from a Strawberry Night's Kikuta fan, this may sound very bias but I like what I see in Moriya Jun's character. The sense of frustration from waiting to get out from the under cover mission and the sense of losing his identity, you can see it from his eyes. Off course, you can't leave out Takayama's instant killing stare. It gave me chills seeing his eyes. Maybe because I know he's one of the bad guys, his facial expression mimics a beast who are waiting for its prey to make the first move. And it's definitely scarier than Andy Lau's cynical smile.

Below is my favorite scene. Moriya was visiting Nishida's office with a bottle of champagne. He told her to have a celebration tomorrow if his friend successfully coming back to the police force tomorrow. Maybe it's coincidence as this scene was shot when it's raining (either it's a man made rain or the real stuff), but the blurry view of Moriya reminds me that he's still at the dark side and he has the gap to overcome to get to his 'freedom.' And the way Moriya saying his lines with the longing voice but filled with hope... it's quite heart breaking.


As the end note, I seriously hope that Moriya Jun lives at the end of this series, though chances are slim. But a fangirl can always hope ne...


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