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Finally! After the long wait, we came to conclusion to this Gantz saga, unless the production still wants to milk in more money from the franchise, which they definitely could judging from the ending. So, yeah, I get to watch Gantz exactly on the first day of SG release, and what do we have in the audience? 70% are ladies, go figure *roll the eyes* and this time under-aged fangirls learn their lesson, don't try to push your luck because it's NC16, just like the first one. And, a huge no to the claims just because lots of girls are watching this movie, it'll be a yawn for the guys because this is what Gantz production is good at. They know how to play their audience population. Granted they need fangirls to pull in the money, but they still need fanboys to make it box office in and if possible, outside Japan. So having said that, does it worth your ticket money then?

**WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD, WHY? BECAUSE MY FAVE SCENES ARE THERE (but you can also see them in the trailer, but how you connect them together can be considered as spoiler ne), and I just have to say it**

First thing first, this is the first sequel movie that I've watched so far that actually gives you a summary on what's going on in the first movie before it starts. And they summarize it very clearly at that and it flows right to the beginning of the 2nd movie. I can almost see bullet points in the meeting minutes as the summary being narrated along with some cut scenes from first movie. You may laugh at their attempt, but I think that's a very good strategy to catch curious people's attention aka those people who never read the manga nor watch the first movie, and get them to appreciate this sequel.

Gantz Perfect Answer begins with 5 months after the 1000 hands goddess fighting scene and off course Tae's confession. Apparently, Kurono and Tae is now babysitting Kato's brother, Ayumu (that includes paying the rent and tutoring Ayumu, Kato has a very nice buddy with a very nice girlfriend). Yes, Kurono is still with Gantz and wait, now we have a mini Gantz ball, and what's that thing doing with the model Eriko? And now we have a new enemy, vampires, a whole herd at that, and it's very difficult to kill them. Slaying, beating and shooting are not enough. To make things more complicated, there's another Kato keeping on appearing and dissapearing, and who exactly this Kato is. Lots of question marks and lots of wonders, but one by one getting resolved as the plot reveals more point throughout the whole movie, and the ending definitely is the least expected (at least for me), and yes, it's totally different from the manga. There're worries that this sequel will dissapoint as it can be considered as original story as it deviates from the manga, but I don't think that's a problem anymore.

So, now we get to the fun part, the action sequence. It takes quite awhile until we reach to the first action sequence. Kurono has been pranching around in Gantz suit but no action yet, until another 30-45 minutes of the movie. But once it starts, then the fun begins and it keep flowing in until almost the end with the fast moving plot as well. If the first one we have Kurono and the gang fighting aliens in CG, now we have tons of hand-on-hand combat with the vampire clan. I particularly like the subway fighting scene because they have lots of cool fighting moves and lots of slaying, not to mention the guns and the blood splatters. One particular move that I like is when Kurono was thrown out of the train during the fight but he saw Tae was inside the train too so he desperately tried to get back into the train and he does that in a cool turning move (I just call it as I please, but you know what I mean when you see it). They also throw in one on one combat which are shown in very fast movements and it takes an effort to follow every single move that they did because it's just... fast. My favorite take in this one is Kurono fighting the Ichi vampire after sliding the door behind him with Tae watching. He just look so kakkoii there and the fighting sequence is good. The next action sequence is all about running. Kurono's running around Tokyo with Tae on his back. Running in here includes climbing buildings vertically and jumping from 1 building to another, with the speed faster than Spiderman. Spiderman still needs his web to move from 1 building to another, Gantz suit doesn't need that, just hoping from one to another. The third sequence, we have Kurono and Kato fighting the 'other' Kato. This is quite cool but my favorite take from this scene is the drama. The ending action sequence is quite dissapointing though because can't even call it action if both parties just stand against each other pointing guns and start shooting at each other until the last man stands. Considering the 2 male leads is not action movie material, for me these action sequence are great, but for general public, these are good enough not to generate complains and bashings.

Next is the drama! This movie is the first action movie that almost makes me want to cry. I think I'll be bawling already if I watch this at home. If the action is good, the drama part for this movie is better because drama is the 2 male leads' department. The main focus for drama in this movie is Kurono and Tae's relationship, which I find it adorable and cute, and sad at the same time. Tae wanted Kurono to call her by first name, but Kurono didn't want to do it 'now' and instead he gave Tae the ticket to the amuzement park and promise her to go together. Then fast forward, we reached to the almost the end of the movie where Tae did go to the amuzement park, alone, and wondering who gave her the tickets. As Tae sat down on the bench, there's a scribble on her sketchbook to start drawing the ferris wheel, and lo and behold, on the ferris wheel announcement screen, it's written 'To Tae-chan, Sukidesu. From Kurono Kei.' Such a romantic gesture from Kurono, but wait, where's the guy himself?!?!?! I seriously feel like crying watching this scene. Back track to couple scenes before, another favorite Kurono-Tae moment, as Kurono held the dying Tae on his arms, comforting Tae who keep pleading 'Please don't die' while she herself is dying, Kurono said 'Let's go home' complete with the loving voice and stare just before Tae closed her eyes. And me... NOOOOOOOOOOOOO, that's all I can say. But wait, did I just say earlier that Tae went to the amuzement park, but before that she's dying? That's when you have to watch the movie. I'm not into Kato and Ayumu brotherly love but my heart sank a bit when we have Ayumu already slashed in his bedroom only for Kato to find. So if everybody is dying what's left with the story? Good question, watch the movie. See, I feel like helping Nino to promote his movie LOL. There are some good arguments towards the end between aliens (those vampires) and humans, in terms of why humans like to fight and for what purpose, it's rather poke into our mind a bit after all the sorrow and angst, but I don't feel this as the main message of Gantz as like any other drama/movie fighting teams, humans fighting because they have things to protect and they're fighting for their loved ones, etc. So, yeah, not going to through to that direction.

I feel that the best part of this movie is the plot itself, which I find very compact and packaged just nice for a 2 hours movie. Gotta give props to the production team for this as they fuse the manga and original story to create this sequel. Oh, by the time I watched this movie, I already successfully read the whole manga to its latest chapter, despite all the gory and disgusting graphics, but hey, I endured and survived. So, which part is from the manga? The vampire, Tae as the target and Kurono desperately trying to safe her, Kato being revived, Nishi being revived (gasp! not him! but Kanata Hongo need more screen time! so there he is). But all these points are blended into another different story line for the movie because we have the small Gantz ball, which is the 'key' to the apartment, the 'other' Kato and the previous generation of Gantz. In a way, they need to have orginal story else they cannot just have 2 movies for Gantz. But they're doing the ending in a smart way as the Gantz ball is still there in the apartment with a new battery (what?!?!?!), so they can make Gantz 3 if they wanted to, but I think it will be another new whole cast and no more Kurono/Kato.

So now, the acting. I already say that I like the drama part of this movie so this portion is sort of a soft spot for my fangirling. Let me say this first, Nino and Matsuken can act, and even I like Yoshitaka Yuriko as Tae in here, her acting is believable and it matches the Tae character in the manga. You get see more Kurono's soft spot and more of his true character (just like how the character progress in the manga) in this movie compare to the first Gantz because Tae is involve here. And boy, Nino can be pranching around in that tight black latex suit but still have that smoldering see through eyes that when during the angst scenes, it really pearce your heart (at least mine LOL). Both Nino and Matsuken has 1 crying scene each, well you can call it crying plus screaming like mad people, and they both did a good job. But I still feel Kanata Hongo's screen time it too short, he's revived, yes, but only to smirk couple of times then died, I need him to display more wicked and twisted behaviors to irritate Kurono and the gang. Oh well, the movie ends already.

So, does it worth your ticket money? I'd say, damn yes, every single penny because seeing Nino in despair on a big screen with surround sound is different from my 42' TV at home. If you're into CG and action, the first movie has more glam to it because of the alien CG. But do appreciate Gantz Perfect Answer for the drama.
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Since I already wrote about Gantz, might as well do the whole sequence. To my knowledge, this Another Gantz only came out in DVD, not sure if it's on TV at one time. Basically this is the in between episode between Gantz and Gantz Perfect Answer. They released this just moments away from Gantz Perfect Answer premier. You can call it a guide for people who missed Gantz but are curious about the hype and want to watch the sequel, or to remind people what they're left off. I call it a smart way to milk in the franchise without being too obvious because they put in more stuff that's neither in first and second movie.

Another Gantz is basically a side story of a reporter who stumbled upon a website which basically reporting in chronological his journey after him being taken into Gantz and this reporter started his research on Gantz. The side story is actually part of the manga, so its not totally out of place but they left out the scene of Nishi went havoc in his school (or maybe I just don't really care about the manga's chronological stories). This actually is good for people who never watch Gantz before because they include lots of scenes from Gantz that looks like a good summary BUT without all the fun action sequence, so what it does is to entice you to buy Gantz DVD if you never see it, smart eh? Then, it adds more Kanata Hongo's scenes since that website is about him anyway. And it ends with the vampire which will have lots of screen time in Gantz Perfect Answer appear in front of the reporter, so what'll happen to the reporter? Guess everybody knows the answer already hehe...

Should you buy the DVD? Yes, if you a Gantz fan and you intend to collect the whole Gantz series. Yes, if you're a Kanata Hongo fan. Nope, if you watch Gantz just because Nino is in it because there's no extra scene of Nino that's not in the movie. So like I've said, this is a smart way to milk in the franchise :).
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Finally managed to watch Gantz after saw the trailer ages ago and the mass amount of promotion in whatever variety shows and even news that I came upon. Gantz is a movie adaptation based on the manga by the same title. and they have the anime version of this too. Considering that I can't even finish reading the first book since it's too graphic for me, the movie is very much toned down, by landslide. So, for those fans of the manga, I can imagine their dissapointment for not seeing more blood splatters, body parts flying all over the place and off course, the hentai stuff. That being said, it's still ranked as PG12 for Japan, and I must say, Japan have a very low threshold for violant content because when it reaches Singapore, the ratings is up to N-16, and poor fangirls will have to wait for the DVD instead. So, what we get from this movie? Is it worth the money after all those promotions they've done (not in Singapore definitely since I didn't even see the trailer up at the MRT, unlike Space Battleship Yamato)?

So, I came to see Gantz without any clue of what to expect. Yes, yes, I already know it's about folks suit up in black latex getup (as Kei pointing out: Cosplay?!?) fighting alliens and lots of blood spills, splatters, whatever, but that's about it. With this in mind, I find the movie has done quite a good job with considerable fast phase plot but not leaving gaps by introducing the characters and each of their circumstances, given the limited screen time that they have. But having to say this, it means that it's less screentime for the action parts which is what Gantz should be all about. Granted that they've given quite a handful of action scenes to satisfy this requirement, but that's about it, they don't exceed expectation in this department. Action scene is not what I have complains on for this movie considering both lead actors are not action movie stars. In fact because of these 2 leads, Gantz has transformed into a human drama, which is totally non existance in the original work. As for the CGs, they managed to throw in some cool ones during the action scenes. I like particularly the scene where they fight the 1000 arms God statue. It has enough blood but not too gory for general public and it's thrilling enough with adequite suspense to entertain. I'm not saying that the CG techniques are spectacular, nothing new has shown in this movie, but all is enough to satisfy or not to make the manga/anime fans condemn this movie. Some may say the Negi human scene is good, but that's because it's disgusting and gory, which looks more like what the original manga has.

I actually like the drama parts. It's not a lot, which is good, but it feels needed to keep the story moving. I like how they portray how each of the characters struggles with Gantz and return to their normal life. Kei with the pressure of getting a job while reminiscing of being a hero during his childhood. Kato with his past and vow to protect his brother. The rest of the supporting characters also get a glimpse of their life shown. I like the part where Kei almost ready to give up his life after losing Kato but was pulled by Tae (Yoshitaka Yuriko's character which will have more screen time on the 2nd part). It just to shows the realization for Kei on the need to keep on living, and fight on Gantz to get 100 points.

My only complain is, why Kanata Hongo has so little screen time??? His character is quite cool with the antagonist personality, a very oposite from Kato's and somewhat Kei has mimick his personality right after he knows how to use the Gantz suit. So, I was kind of pissed that he dies so early, just during the earlier part of 2nd alien killing.

So, overall, did it worth your money? Yes, because it'll be a whole total different experience if you watch it at home, unless, you have a very good home theater system. No, if you're the hardcore fan of Gantz. What good about Gantz is that they throw in enough action, gore and CGs to make it at least acceptable in ohtaku realm (I do think they only try to satisfy the minimum standard of passable for it), and they throw in enough ikemen (at least 4 in part 1 and more in part 2) to lure in those fangirls with spending power. Just look at who's going to see Gantz in Japan? 80% of it are the ladies, not the guys, and we're talking about shounen manga here. Other than Japan, there're more guys watching as I can see there are more guys in the theater than fangirls today and most people outside Japan don't know who Nino or Arashi is.


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