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Am not going to go through the whole episode as the whole episode is basically a tribute recap of Banana generation. I like the concept of this episode, as last episode it's to give a recap for the newer generation to appreciate what your grandpa and grandma experienced. But at the same time, it's rather an anticlimax of the whole series because I sort of expected some 'smashing' theme to close of the series. So let's just skip through to the cute parts (according to yours truly)

Generation Tengoku ended... HEEEEEEEEEE????

Sobs sobs... It really ends.... )

To end the show, all of them ate banana as a tribute and Yamapi just realize 1 thing 'Is it really OK to end like this?'
Oh Yamapi, I'm sure gonna miss you and Geneten...

Ostukaresamadeshita Geneten! It's a really interesting show and made me laugh at night for the past 1 year. Yamapi is improving in variety show, he has no natural talent but he's willing to work so hint to Johnny's, MAKE HIM WORK MORE. Hope he's given more chance to improve and I think he learnt a lot from this show.

On a side note, I want to watch Kento's new movie 'Silver Spoon'. Looks interesting...
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I love this show! It's funny (partly because of Imada-san and the Kiwi & Banana sedai guests) and it's informative & definitely entertaining. Plus point, Yamapi is getting better at hosting. He's still nowhere, decades away from Imada-san level off course, but compare to the first few episodes? Definitely way better XD. And particularly about this episode, it's my fave subject, sweets! Deserts! And we all know that Japan is a desert heaven hehe...

You can easily mistaken if the huge caption there is not about eating... XD
You must have eaten your dinner to watch this, else... )

pheww... and not I need to get some food... blueberries smooties?
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I was busy lately... and my brain stop working by the time I get home so I most likely only can absorb things that don't require me to think so much aka with subtitle or just pure cuteness and simple nihongo. I have 2 episodes of AM that I want to do proper capping because both episodes are cute and informative (and WITHOUT TAKEYAMA). But when we have something like 3 generation of ramen evolution, I just can't resist XD.

I'll use loose translation here and only the parts that I find interesting, not going to open my dictionary because... I need to sleep in the next 3 hours to rest my back (i hate back pain, anybody can suggest good cure other than chiropractic, physiotherapy, medicated plaster, magnet plaster?)

To show how much Japanese love their ramen, we have the survey below:

Ramen is :
#3 of the list of dish Japanese like to eat (duh?, number one is sushi probably)
#1 of the list of menu that people don't get tired of no matter how often they eat
#1 of the list of where people go out for their lunch... hmmm... this one I totally agree because I'm one of this type too LOL
Opening gag by Yamapi: Ramen Tsukemen Boku Ikemen!
me: LOL!!! this one is so glittery (the background, the caps) haha...
Ramen Tengoku!!! )

Do correct me if I get things wrongly okie ;) Well then, off to bed!!!
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Just thought of sharing this because I find it so interesting. So, what's IN in Japan for this summer? Let's check what's in Top 10 NOW aka for Mango generation ;)

Mango sedai  )


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