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Seriously, it's been years since the last time we had good JCD! And finally Johnny's has redeemed its glorious glitters & feathers from 2015-2016 JCD. They literally went all out, well, 95% all out because V6 & HSJ were not in Tokyo Dome, but still, they pull lots of good stuffs! This time they really indulged the fans and giving fans what they wanted, including all those cross groups OTP! I don't really get the top 2 best OTP, but it's fun anyway.

For al the glitters & feathers to welcome the new year... )

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Less than 2 hours to go on passing of the 1st day of the year 2014!

Clearly I have nothing to do on new year for the past few years, so the time spent by being a couch potato watching Music shows and this year is the whole 2 season of 'Kakumeiki no Valvrave' after seeing TM Revolution x Mizuki Nana performed the OST at Kouhaku. And yeah, I watched Kouhaku on streaming for Linked Horizon, not for Arashi LOL.

Then, it's JCD time and yesterday's JCD was so lackluster for me because... no V6, no Arashi, and should we be greatful that they still have Kinki and T&T on the show? T__T and most definitely... no Anda Lucia Akogarete!

So, I turn back the time to the old JCD... and 2003-2004's performance is still the best, but today is the first time I see the one from 2005-2006 and it's a totally different side of Anda Lucia Akogarete XD.

Password: AndaLucia

and off course, thankfully Youtube still has the gold 2003 performance XD

May we have a blissful 2014!!!
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Still digging of old files... and stop at Johnny's Countdowns...

What's Johnny's Countdown to you? To me:

It's where you see recycled concert costumes that most likely you'd like to forget, but alas, it appears again, for example:
It gets better over the years, but you'll be reminded at times that such costumes exists...

It's where you get multiple fandoms collide and flood of fan services, and trolling...

It's where you get to see old songs revived in Johnny's melody, Johnny's hit melody, and whatever melody mashed up and everybody seemed to know everybody's songs & choreography

It's where you will always be reminded that there is a group called Shounentai and all your ichiban whatever know how to dance to their songs, especially Kamen Butoukai XD

It's where you get to see who's still underage according to Japanese labor law because they'll be sitting there, not on the stage...

and lastly, you get to see Johnny's boys that you less likely want to see because this is the best way for Johnny's to market the boys to a wider audience, make other fans recognize the presence of those that you don't really pay attention to otherwise...

What's you favorite Countdown performance? )


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