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Finally get to watch this movie, after all the wait. After watching it, I seriously can imagine how fangirls can go kyaa kyaa watching this, heck, even I went kya on some scenes too (thank God, I watch this at home). I find that the movie is very text book in delivering what are required of Shoujo manga live action, which are ikemen lead, kawai girl lead, munekyun scene, kabedon scene, and lastly beautiful kisu scene.

Thank goodness, this is the only kabedon scene in the movie.

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This is NOT real! Have you ever seen a teacher this good looking???? Gah, only in drama LOL.
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Spring has passed ans Summer will soon end, and what 2014 has given us? It's not a bad year in the drama-land, we get to see some good dramas, and some not so good ones. Again, my criteria of watching drama is off course skewed to my preference, and to hell with the ratings, though I'm quite happy if the drama that I watch gained ratings too. As always, it's gotta have the ikemen requirement fulfilled, if not, the story is better to be damn good. Ha!

So, without further a do, let's get on with the long post XD

Spring 2014
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Summer 2014

Summer has not ended yet, but I'm pretty sure I'll stick with this list and what's left will be the SPs. As usual, with the exception of 2013, summer has the least amount of drama in my watch list.
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Season Zero is actually part of the promotional gimmicks for Yamapi's movie 'Kinkyori Renai' based on the manga with the same title. I love the manga. The plot is compact and the characters have lots of layers, which means... I'm quite concerned on how Yamapi going to pull off Haruka's layered emotions for the movie. Haruka is just a freaking complicated dude. So, here, in this drama, we have a glimpse on how Yamapi look like as Haruka...

Kakkoii, Yes, Eye candy, Yes, English? (he's supposed to be an English teacher here), OK quite good.

Closed up?

Hmmm... Why oh why, sigh... at this rate I'm concerned that the Juniors in the drama going to outshine the main star on the movie because...

Look at the gaze, the glare (as if looks can kill!) of these kids... these juniors can act *throw confetti*
I like the kid with the short hair aka the poor boy who hopefully the drama is good enough to give him a match <3

So, I gather that Haruka is yeah, complicated... love his step sister in his teens, love his student in his adulthood, no wonder he's complicated... only in shojo manga!

And as a bonus, have some Arai's fan service!

*gosh, I feel like a pedobear LOL*


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