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Loving this drama for all the cliche, chessiness, kyaaa moments, and so many prettiness...

Daddy is in shock that the daughter has a boyfriend LOL...

Daughter is in distress as daddy asks her to bring her 'boyfriend'/boytoy home

and Mamoru the dog is the witness of everything...
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Am back from Melbourne aka fridge and now back in SG (sauna... damn it's hot here!!! T__T). So, before I start to complain about the heat again, I better get back to the reason why I write this in the first place... Yes, I used to dread the long haul flights... until I took Emirates... Why? Simple, because it has J-movies... so, me being greedy sacrifice my sleep just to watch those that I've been itching to watch. Hence, while there're tons of spam out there on Endless Game (me catching up on 1 week of Arashi), allow me to add on something different LOL:

Strawberry Night MovieStrawberry Night Movie ~ I totally sacrificed my sleep for this movie LOL. How to resist when you see it with subs LOL... and I even repeat watching it on the flight back... The story? Off course it's Strawberry Night drama quality with more action aka violence and graphics scenes but this movie adds on some seasoning for us... Kikuta has competition! As much as I love Kikuta.... if the rival is Makita (from drama Jin), whom I totally didn't recognize until I wiki because he's wearing a freaking suit as oppose to yukata and he looks so hot that I couldn't care less if he's a yakuza and just wish him to sweep Himekawa off her feet, I'm on Makita's team (sorry Kikuta). So, with Himekawa's attraction to Makita and Kikuta having his chance slips within his fingers and the face off between Kikuta and Makita (I love this scene btw, Kikuta barged in with confident into Makita's office but unfortunately Makita's confidence is higher, bigger, and much darker and you just have to watch it), yeah, finally, a drama! in a drama!

kyou koi wo hajimemasuKyou, Koi wo Hajimemasu ~ I love the manga, and I still love the manga better after watching this movie. Why? Because manga is longer, more detail and more drama, in which always the case when a manga is converted into a 2 hours movie. But the good thing is that I don't find Takei Emi's voice annoying here. So, the movie is more like the express way of the manga of 15 volume! Plot is compressed, fast, not much details as long as audiences get the point. Acting? I don't see anybody particularly outstanding, and I'd think the main target audience is the manga fans, and suckers for a high school romance movies. Do watch this movie for its light theme and all the cute high school fashions.

PS: I think the guy is too old to be a high shool kid but I like him in Take FIVE as the flirty hate to lose thief!

Ooku EienOoku ~ Eien ~ And I thought this movie is straight continuation of the drama because Sakai Masato is also staring the movie. But I was way wrong. He's depicting different character for the movie as Emonnosuke, not Arikoto. It's true in the manga that Emonnosuke looks like Arikoto, hence the casting, so I don't have any complaints there. Out of all the Ooku franchise so far, I still love the drama better, just because the drama has the part of the manga that I love the most. This movie has the part of the manga that I dread to read the most because I feel so terribly sorry for the shogun, Tsunayoshi. The way Ooku and even his father perceive her as the tool to conceive an heir is just so sad. A proud shogun is reduced to feel like a whore everyday bedding men just so that she can conceive an heir, is just sad and beyond me. I'd need to re-read the manga to check whether the ending is the same as the manga though, but from memory there're some changes in this movie compared to manga. Acting? I love Arikoto's depiction the best, but Sakai's depiction of Emonnosuke is also quite spot on. Both have the same face but as in manga, both character have totally different personality. What I see being omitted in this movie is how Tsunayoshi swooned over Arikoto hence me being confused at the beginning of the movie. Kanno Miho's Tsunayoshi is quite endearing to me. To see the sad character of shogun Tsunayoshi live is heartbreaking yet there's still strength in her, somehow.

tenchi meisatsuTenchi Meisatsu ~ Who would skip Okada's movie? Definitely not me and especially you really need to have subs for this one XD. The story may be boring for people who don't like history drama, samurai drama and especially drama about astronomy and historical calendering system. But if you're suckers for Okada like me, you'll watch this movie. In this movie you'll root for Okada's character (if you don't know the history), as in for him to perfect the calendaring system and overcome aka shut up those imperial court's bastards (they're really bastards in this movie, except one).
Off course for Kanjani8 fans, you'll watch this movie too, though Yoko only have his scenes by minutes duration only.
Overall, it's quite a heavy movie actually, lots of angst, lots of brain work too, so if you're looking for something light, definitely not this movie XD.

And tomorrow... Platina Data, YEAH!


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