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It's 2013 and what's the first drama popped up on my TV? Off course none other than the beloved Matsujun's SP, Lucky Seven. This franchise is on its way to the silver screen, hence the SP. I don't really fond of the drama because it's messy, but I enjoyed the SP a lot, the plot is cleaner, still packed with the cat fight between Shuntaro and Nitta, cool action fighting scene and Jun's hair here is much better LOL. For those who love Junpei character, he doesn't have lots of scenes this time because he's in ... jail *ehem, his own fault actually LOL* but whenever he's on, the hilarity entrails because he's always caught at the wrong time by Yuki, the female detective that Junpei likes. There're more hilarious scenes in this drama that and with cleaner story line, it's definitely a good fun home entertainment!

I can't really nail on the detail of the story yet because there's not sub for this SP as of now, but in summary, the agency is taking another yet difficult case from a client who's quite surprising to me. They're investigating a consulting firm which is suspected has been scheming eager entrepreneurs out of their money. Shuntaro then starts approaching the secretary with his charms on ladies (finally we see Shuntaro's talent again, which was buried after the drama's 1st episode). But will he lose sight of his job as he's finding himself attracted to the secretary (who's not? She's the cute Ishihara Satomi).

One of the good thing about this SP is by story line, Jun is supposed to be everywhere, unlike in drama when there are times where the producer team just shoving Jun to our throat for the sake of rating. And no missing Nitta episodes here because, well, it's just 1 SP right? hehe...

The reason why you should watch this drama:

Pic spam! Because Matsujun is so cappable and pretty here... )

Off course, don't forget that this is FujiTV, they need full force promotion and here it is:

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I decided to make a QUARTERLY review of 2012 drama and be warned that this is going to be a very LONG post to read. Rare, huh? Well, that’s because suddenly there’re just so many things to watch this year and I find it’s getting more and more difficult to remember what I’ve watched and what I’ve haven’t watched. I see the 2009 pattern is repeating again because OMG there’re just so many detective themed dramas this season and more will keep on coming. Not that I’m complaining because I like detective themed drama especially when they’re offering different type of story line, and definitely not just a certain elite is ‘dumped’ to some ‘special unit’ and solving certain unsolved, weird whatever cases. Thankfully so far I don’t see this type of plot, but regardless, I still see some color in this season too. Spring  season is already starting, so I better clear my inventory list (yeah, 2012 list is getting longer, especially on the movie part, they’re just keep coming and it’s getting hard to keep up).

So, let’s start :) :) )
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Beginning 2012 is a busy year for Arashi, and we have Lucky Seven to start our 2012. It’s another overhyped, overpromote, overrated drama just because FujiTV thinks that casting Arashi brings in ratings, particularly when it’s Matsujun. Well, they’re right this time because at the end of the season, Lucky Seven beats Strawberry Night *what!?!!!?* in the rating department. So, what’s the hype about Lucky Seven is all about? Fans must have seen the fighting scene in episode 1 before the drama even started, well, it’s everywhere from news, magazine, VS Arashi, and I believe wherever FujiTV could think of. Yes, it’s because the director (or production team?) is the same one who made Gantz, but does it work the same way as Gantz?

Lucky Seven is about a detective agency Lucky. It initially has only 6 members and it has 1 more member thanks to Shuntaro, a neet who’s having affair with a married woman (this is the very first scene in Epi 1, latest gimmicks to get fangirls’ hearts aka ratings) and alas, he got caught by the detectives who later become his colleagues. As a newbie detective, Shuntaro tends to stick his nose more than necessary in cases, and Nitta, his senior in the agency, often disagrees with his way, but in the end Shuntaro has his way because he’s the lead in this drama. So, what are the cases that this drama will present to us?

I have problems with this drama that resulted me watching the whole series first before I can write an objective review. Why? Because if I just base my review on the first episode, it’ll be a very brutal review and I feel it’s unfair to dear Matsujun. The boy worked so hard for this drama, I mean, look at his toned body in episode 1, he must have worked hard to build it for our eyes’ pleasure :p. The thing about Gantz is that it has solid story telling and there’s no break in it, and I can’t even call Gantz as action packed movie because there’re more stories than the action itself. But with Lucky Seven, after episode 1, I was left with, so, what is this drama about again? Detective agency? They got a case, OK. Then they went out to investigate it, OK. Then when the agency decides to consider the case is done aka close, Shuntaro will go above and beyond to close it for the client in a more humane way. Extra perks? Fighthing scenes, OK. Matsujun kicks ass in every single episode? OK. Other than that? I don’t see anything else. That’s a problem for detective theme drama because it doesn’t make me to want to know more. This drama doesn’t focus on how the agency solve the case like normal detective drama. They’re more focus on funnies eg. The team ganging up on Junpei in nitpicking his comments (well, he’s asking for it) and the fighting scenes. I have to make myself watch this drama because I feel bad for Matsujun and don’t have the heart to abandon his drama, though I’ve dropped some of his in the past. I’d say the drama just become more interesting on the last 3 episodes, which when I look back, the rest of the episodes look like fillers. Off course, the last scene with the 5 colored Tokyo Tower will be the highlight of the final episode, so this is another way for FujiTV to get the ratings again, well it works, but it doesn’t mean the drama gets a plus point though.

When we talk about the characters in this drama, we’re looking at characters that are not well build. If you take out one of the characters in this drama, I don’t think the story will change a lot because the characters are there just for the sake of being there. Yes, I’m especially talking about the girl with the glasses and windbreaker. I totally have no idea on her character except that she’s just being there. Even when you look at the main character, Shuntaro is just there making noise but by the end of the series I don’t really get what kind of person this Shuntaro is. Yes, he did get more motivated in doing his work and got confidence that he’s actually good at being a detective, but so what? Instead of more venture in Shuntaro’s character eg. What makes him a womanizer (any trigger?), we get Shuntaro to be around in almost every single scene and he must kick ass in every single fighting scene except when he had his ass kicked by Nitta. Why? Because FujiTV need to remind the audience that Matsujun is the main cast here, not Nitta. This pattern will go around couple episodes until they cut Nitta off. Why the cut off? Probably it’s because Eita has other work, this part I’m not really sure, I just happen to come across some comments in some forum and don’t intend to do more research, so I’ll just leave it at that. And, Shuntaro spending time with his family doesn’t mean a character building. What about other characters? Compare to the main character, I’d think Junpei got more presence and though he’s a goofy character and relatively loud and exaggerated in almost every scenes, at least we know that it’s just his personality, and he can be serious at times. I don’t think this setback is the actors’ fault. They actually have a great casting, but it’s the script and plotting that have problem.

The only consolation for me on this drama is the OST, Wild at Heart by Arashi (go figure). It’s another pick me up type of song, typical Arashi song, but it comes with full blast of sparkles, glitters and rainbows that they just spark in your head every time you listen to the song. And yeah, from the PV to the performances, they all come with the shiny glitters and sparkles until you have to cover your eyes *mabushii*.

So, I’d think you’ll only pick up this drama if you’re a fan of Matsujun or Arashi fan in general that feels obligated to watch it. Other than that, if you’re into the fighting scene in the drama, you can just fast forward to the scene because I have to be honest, they’re done quite crafty and neat especially when we’re talking about drama here.

But fear not, this drama is just the beginning of Arashi invasion to your TV in 2012. Next? We have Mikeneko Holmes and Kagi no Kakatta Heya.


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