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I watched Burnt because, well, everybody was raving on the food porn, which was really a food porn. Maybe it's just me, but the way Western portrays food looks flat to me. It's like you're looking at the glossy magazine pictures, only it's moving, because it's a movie. The food, though beautiful, it looks cold to me, and that saddens me. Maybe I'm just so used to watching SMAPxSMAP or other Japanese varieties whereby they shoot food when they're still puffing hot and with the soft lighting that it doesn't look 'cold,' and I'm always left feeling hungry (if I watch the show empty stomach) afterwards. So, really, maybe it's just me. And to heal myself, I'm digging back my food themed drama stash because Japan has tons of them, and I'm sure I only watched a fraction of it as I always keep my other requirement for my drama watching, everything must look pretty, not just the food.

It's puffing hot and appetizing... yum!
And here's the fraction of those drama... )

I think it's just the matter of preference what kind of presentation style that you like, for me, it just happens that I find the way J-drama presents the food and the story is more compelling :).

PS: I didn't include Kodoku no Gurume because I've never watched it and it's on season 5 already!
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Time flies so fast and we're in the middle of 2013 now. My review gets more condense as times goes by too. From long detail review, to seasonal, quarterly and now semi annually. Well, we can always blame it to the work, stress level and too many things to watch. So, now, I've done my Arafes selection, caught up on some episodes, watched some old drama, lamented why NEWS didn't open their concert to international fans (again), I'm finally ready to list down what I've been watching for the past 6 months (excluding those old ones and varieties). So, we first will classify the drama by season as always, and then by which ones I love, managed to watch the whole thing, and off course, dumping bin.

Another EXTRAAAA LONG post... )
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Hmm... this drama doesn't look as light as I thought it would be, there are lots of background story, which makes it a drama in the first place! Interesting! Today's episode is not about school bullying, but it's about potentially child abuse. They didn't really show the abuse in action, it's more of implication, but from the screaming and crying, you can tell. More things yet to be revealed and more and more complex story and relationship to come.


I feel very tired after over 14 hours working for the past 2 days, and it'll be longer hours as well... and the thought that I have to work over the weekend as well... T__T
More prettiness to come... )
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This is to commemorate Tackey's new drama after so many years. Yes, it's be that many years since his last drama (Orthros no Inu in 2009). He did 1 SP drama late of last year, but SP doesn't really count if you haven't done any drama in years. Well, he's too busy with management and his butai, I guess, but me still want Tackey drama, and at least he gives what I want to watch. Light drama with food XD. Am not going to elaborate too much on explanations which explains why so little pretties because Epi 1 story is actually... just another bullying story that I feel a bit tired of it by now because all the school drama touch this topic. Perhaps it's the TV response to so many bullying cases surfacing in Japan lately. Can't help it, but at least this drama shows a lighter version of bullying case and in here at least the bullied fight back and the case close in 1 episode.

Mayonaka no Panya-san

It's all begin in a bakery )

PS: I love the OST, it's 'Hug' by Chara, I hope somebody upload the full song over Youtube XD


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