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Spring has passed ans Summer will soon end, and what 2014 has given us? It's not a bad year in the drama-land, we get to see some good dramas, and some not so good ones. Again, my criteria of watching drama is off course skewed to my preference, and to hell with the ratings, though I'm quite happy if the drama that I watch gained ratings too. As always, it's gotta have the ikemen requirement fulfilled, if not, the story is better to be damn good. Ha!

So, without further a do, let's get on with the long post XD

Spring 2014
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Summer 2014

Summer has not ended yet, but I'm pretty sure I'll stick with this list and what's left will be the SPs. As usual, with the exception of 2013, summer has the least amount of drama in my watch list.
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OMG, come one! What's this! They can just continue this into Season 3. The story of this drama is so deep and detailed with too many twist and turn. Yes, you'll need to really concentrate when watching else you'll be bewildered, but that what makes this drama interesting! and the truth! THE TRUTH! Kuraki was sure didn't expect that! Ha! I couldn't imagine what went on in his mind when he found out.

Why there's no Nishijima-san look alike in my office? 何で? T__T
He has eye bags due to lack of sleeping, sign of getting older, just like the uncle in my office, BUT he looks hot! I'll be more motivated if there's even 1 like this in my office *sobs*
I cut the pics in case peeps hate spoilers... )

But really, this is a good drama!
Now, where's season 3? SP? movie? Anything?
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Ooooo, can I hope for some sparks in this drama? It's just 1 more episode to go (only watch this with sub LOL)...
Btw, that's the worst party gala getup that I've seen for J-drama standard... surely they have more budget for this... they make Akeboshi-san looks like an auntie... why? oh why?


On the other hand, despite looking haggard, Kuraki still manage to look hot and kakkoii...

... The truth starts to be revealed... so will Kuraki gets to the truth behind his wife's death?


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