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It's been awhile since the last time I did the caps and I get really rusty LOL. I couldn't resist doing this one because:
1. Nino in dress
2. Nino in dress
3. Nino in wedges
The topic itself is to introduce dudes that you don't know, whatever that is. The dudes for this episode are the Vine dude, the kid model, the re-enactment actor (this one is interesting for me) and Lady Beard (I watch of this episode because I'm curious of this one). Overall is a so-so episode, BUT who can resist Nino in dress?

You have trolling from the get go for this episode!
Nino-san start! )

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The show starts with this:

Nino's good with the trolling eyes telling you 'wtf, i'm doing this for you guys, you better be grateful'

Not as epic as last week's but well, on the second half they're discussing the 'Kabe Don' - the shoujo manga act when the guy corner the girl to the wall and say something kakkoii --> how's that look like in real life (live action doesn't count LOL).

But before that they did some purikura shoots with the latest machine to date.

Seriously, people like to do this? )

and the Kabe-don segment... Nino's really good in acting like a josei LOL

Kabe-Don! )
Nino, your kouhai is ganbare his best to promote his drama and you snark at him LOL... well, it's Nino, the bitch :)
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I don't follow Ninosan because, I don't feel like watching variety with too many VTRs, but this episode is an exception, and I think the next week's as well. I find that Nino's is more freely expressing his bitch face in this show (well, Arashi's show are now rated G, so it's restrained).
Just let the pics tell you why a need to watch...
I skip the reasons for guy to cry segment...

Pics away... )


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