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Normally the 100 Yen bus segment is not as super LOL out of so many Ojamap segments for me. But you seriously have to watch this episode! Too many LOL partly because the guest, Ichimura Masachika, started from not knowing the consequences of guesting on 100Yen segment to being extra supportive to the point negotiating and buying stuff for the team. I also like the other guest, the model, Mori Izumi. I think she has only guested on Ojamap's 'eat until you die' segments, but not the 100 Yen, so her reactions are funny to watch XD.

Basically the whole highlight in this episode is Shingo bullying Zakiyama to the point that Zakiyama had to run errands, getting the tiniest piece of food to no share at all, Shingo barging on to random house and make the grandma company him to buy jagaimo and eat the tempura in the house, the whole team trying out to narrate traditional folklore (which was fantastic and one of the lady in the studio apparently was Ichimura-san's fan, she teared up after the performance).


Some caps & spoilers... )

I started to watch Ojamap regularly and honestly it's far more interesting than the current Arashi show... no offence but staff team there need to do something about it.
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Whoa, after Geneten, now Ojamap is also doing ramen. The scary part of Ojamap is that the participants have to keep on eating until you hit the target, which in this case to spend 10,000Yen for ramen, and THAT'S A LOT as ramen is quite a cheap food from where it come from. This time, Shingo, Zakiyama and the guests will explore Koshu Kaido, the latest ramen street between Shinjuku and Hachioji.


How much ramen Shingo can eat???? )
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Another fun episode from Ojamap... here they have another 4 guests to help them eat the huge bucket of rice till finish, it's freaking huge. Correct me if I'm wrong, I think the location shooting for this was the food street on the way to Ise Jingu on Mie perfecture.

Agan, this episode again shows... SHINGO CAN EAT... A LOT LOL...
Lots of pics... coz Shingo eating is cute... )

Last note, what's great about this show is that you get to see a national idol interacting with general public, making aunties & grandmas happy, while giving you entertainment. You can see the way Shingo interact with public different from the rest. That's what making it heartwarming and get SMAP more general public recognition.

I think this is what Arashi should do something like this too if people keep on complaining Arashi doesn't get enough general public recognition. Just send Aiba-chan or Matsujun on weekly gourmet trip or something and have them interact w/ ojii-chan & obaa-chan, not just confine them in a studio with models and comedians and getting location shooting where ALL other shops are closed doesn't count... it's getting boring (look at the Shiyagare backlog... sigh...)


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