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This time I have all the ingredients, so I can appreciate the recipe more. One Dish always motivates me to try the recipe because, they're relatively easy, not that expensive (compare to SMAPxSMAP's) and most important, yummy! Trust V6's riida to deliver this with his cute smile XD..
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It's so easy and it tasted nice and healthy! I use yuzu ponzu so it's more refreshing. The kimchi added texture to the whole dish, without the kimchi, I think the dish will taste dull and look boring (less color).
Do try it, it may change how you feel about biter gourd (goya in Japanese).
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I think by now I'm obsessed with the Riidaa Sakamoto's One Dish show, thanks to [livejournal.com profile] imiris. If you like cooking, you should watch this show. Really, I mean it. Even if you're not a V6 fan, you should watch this show because at the end of the day the most important aspect about a cooking show is the food!

Off course, there are gazillions cooking shows out there. What I like from Japanese morning 'news,' they offer this short cooking show in the middle of the whole morning news, normally around 10 to 11 am plus, which is obviously catered for the housewives out there. What interesting about One Dish is that the format takes more into a variety style rather than a standard cooking show. It means that rather than taking the format of just 1 person standing on the kitchen and start cooking and talking for the duration of the show, One Dish sort of shows you where you get the main ingredients. But, what I find interesting is the market itself. I don't live in Japan, maybe that's why I'm very interested to see what wet market in Japan looks like and what are the goodies sold out there. And true enough, so far I've seen many things, particularly veggies, that I've never seen before. Yeah, that's most probably because those veggies are native Japan, and you may encounter them, if you're lucky, in the Japanese supermarket in your country, at ridiculously marked up price.

Then, you see the recipes. To me, the winning aspects from One Dish are:1. They're DOABLE! AND, most of the time, 2. The ingredients are AFFORDABLE! AND, 3. The dish is quite HEALTHY! These are the most important things you'd consider when you cook your own food. Be it for daily bentou or for your dinner etc. Off course, there are times when I'm a bit cringed when I saw Sakamoto use capers and anchovies, which are not cheap in here and especially when you don't normally use them. But other than that, most the items are affordable OR if not available in your country are easily replaceable. On the healthy side, you may think some of the dishes are not that healthy. That maybe true, BUT, I notice that the recipes always include meat and veggie combination in the dish. The proportion can vary depends on which dish, but there's no such thing as no veggie dish, so far... Then, since the dish is doable, it makes me want to try things...

So, with that, you'll see more Sakamoto screencaps from me and it won't go away soon in near future, yeah!

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We went back to the very first episode of One Dish, and the reason why I love this cooking show. Simple dish! And Riidaa Sakamoto is the one cooking! The first time I saw Riidaa Sakamoto cooking was during the Maguro show and I was very very impressed! He cooked like a pro! And I love ikemen with aprons LOL...

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As we all know, Riidaa Sakamoto has started his own short cooking show One Dish. It's been running for about 1 month plus now and I love every single episode of it. Not just because it's Sakamoto (yeah, eye candy is always welcome, but hey, I don't like Mokomichi's cooking show, though it's quite famous that he published his own cooking book). The show focus on making a dish out of the main ingredient, and what it means to me is that less washing and less thing to buy if I want to whip up the dish in my kitchen, so yeah I'm in! But that doesn't mean the main ingredient is cheap, though.

For the Spare Rib Marmalade recipe, I ended up substituting it with a pork chop because I can't find the nice huge spare rib (even if I have to splurge for them) in my regular groceries, but that didn't change how easy and delicious the dish is, and I'm not kidding, it's really good, Sakamoto is the man!

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