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Following up from Tsuyoshi's recipe on this Shiyagare episode, I made my own keihan. It's very easy to make, healthy and yummy. You don't have any doubt of it when Matsujun himself testified that he likes the dish. And, I still want to see what's inside Matsujun's fridge.


Hmm.. not too shabby right? LOL But seriously it taste so good!

I changed a bit the recipe because I didn't have some of the ingredients, but I don't think it'll be a major difference and the most important thing is that it's still yummy. The episode didn't tell us that we have to simmer the shitake mushroom because it'll take too long to show it on TV, hence they prepared it in advance, and so did slicing the takuan. Yes, although it's easy, it needs patience because there's a lot of slicing and shredding going on for this recipe, unless you just want to skip all those. But it won't look good on your plate though LOL.

So, here's my version of Keihan:
for 3 people
1 chicken breast, skinless
1/3 portion of takuan, thinly sliced
8 dried shitake mushroom (medium size)
3 eggs
1/2 portion of leek, thinly sliced (you can use spring onion)
Steamed rice
Seasoning: sesame oil, ponzu, tsuyu (I cheat), mirin

1. Boil the chicken (don't put too much water for 1 chicken breast, because we're going to use that water later for our soup, they call this tori gara soup). Don't overboil the chicken. Normally chicken is quite fast to boil so once you see the chicken are toughened up, turn off the heat and let it set for awhile before you take out the chicken and shred the meat.
2. Soal dried shitake on water until soft and then simmer them under low heat with the mix of tsuyu and mirin. This will take around 15 to 30 min. I waited for the liquid to reduce by half, else it won't be that tasty, unless you use soy sauce instead of tsuyu. Once cooled cut the shitake into thin slices.
3. Whisk the eggs and add little bit of ponzu and then make the egg crepes. Cut the egg into thin slices.
4. If you use spring onion then you don't need to do this. But what I have is frozen leek, hence I need to cook this. Stir fry the leek with a little bit of sesame oil (just for the fragrant) until cooked.

On a bowl, put on the rice then take a bit of takuan, eggs, leeks, shitake and lots of the chicken.
Served with a bowl or teapot of the tori gara soup on the side.

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Following up on Aiba Manabu Epi 61, we have the jerii fry...

so... I made them... because, it's easy, cheap and ... yeah...

This is the healthier version of jerii fry because I use air fryer to 'deep fry' it, HEALTHY LOL and before dipping into the worchestaire sauce.
Also, instead of the regular potatoes, I use sweet potatoes instead, and the composition between okara and potatoes is the other way around, I use more potatoes than okara, hence it tastes more to pumpkin kurokke without the breading :)

150 gr okara
250 gr sweet potato
1 carrot (bigger size) - grated
1 onion (medium size) - very thinly cubed
1 egg
Plain flour - as needed
Seasoning: salt & pepper - as needed
*I think if we add spring onion, it'll look nicer (have some color) :)
Dipping sause: worchestaire sauce

How to:
1. On a mixing bowl, mix all ingredients together. I use hand to mix because it's faster. Aiba-chan use the more 'sophisticated' way by using spatula but it'll take longer to mix and it may not mix evenly :) You have to mix until it's easy to make patties, no crumbles around. If you know how to make perkedel (Indonesian's potato fritter), it's exactly the same way.
2. Portion it into small patties.
3. Deep fry the patties
4. Dip into the worchestaire sauce

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So, we all know that Matsujun has been glowing and looking good and considerably younger from the past few years ago (even my friend who's not a fan disbelieved when she saw him on the magazine covers couple weeks ago) over the past months or to be exact since last year. From Music Station in March, he's said that he's been living a healthy lifestyle by drinking veggie juice and eating healthy and that time he shared his tofu recipe, which is yummy (I'm still making it every now and then XD). Now in Hanamaru Cafe for Hidamari no Kanojo, he's sharing his usual 'breakfast' with us.

See? Matsujun still looking good despite the huge panda eyes in this Hanamaru Cafe and you see the glow...


Matsujun's recipe to glow >__< )

And I wonder if this healthy lifestyle also means... dropping the tabako too hahaha... slim chance, but I'd like to think that he'll do that eventually...
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This time I have all the ingredients, so I can appreciate the recipe more. One Dish always motivates me to try the recipe because, they're relatively easy, not that expensive (compare to SMAPxSMAP's) and most important, yummy! Trust V6's riida to deliver this with his cute smile XD..
Let's Cooking! )
It's so easy and it tasted nice and healthy! I use yuzu ponzu so it's more refreshing. The kimchi added texture to the whole dish, without the kimchi, I think the dish will taste dull and look boring (less color).
Do try it, it may change how you feel about biter gourd (goya in Japanese).
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Another awesome SMAP bistro earlier this week and so many recipe to try too. I think they got good feedback over the pancake episode so we're having another session of individual competition and off course, the recipes!!! The general theme is easy pasta that you can make at home.

This post gonna be quite long because there're 4 recipes!!!
And while at that, have some Kimutaku LOL! His mood is totally different in SMAP bistro.

Recipe, Caps, etc all in one... It's a long post!!! )
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This time it's the Gyoza battle and the guests are the female casts from Kasuka na Kanojo (Shingo's drama)

Kimura-Goro team went with the traditional approach as in the shape is still in gyoza form.
2 types of gyoza served, steamed and pan fried. The steam one is more traditional with pork, shrimp, takenoko etc. But the pan fried one is interesting. And that's the one that I'm making for... late lunch...

So basically I'm using the leftover ingredients from last week's tomato tsukemen. Not sure if it's coincidence, but I'm happy with the thought that the tomato leftover ingredients are not wasted :).

Yeah, looks like the regular gyoza and my gyoza wrapping skill is far below Johnny's idols LOL...

Recipe if you're interested... )

Taste? Yummy! I now know why we're using tomato confit instead of just put in fresh tomato because tomato confit makes a stronger taste, and as a result your gyoza doesn't taste so porky and cheesy, but you have to eat it with balsamic vinegar, don't think it'll be that nice with Worcestershire sauce. And off course you gotta have beer at the end (wine is recommended, but I like my gyoza with biiru).
This is why I like SMAPxSMAP, they show things you don't normally find even in restaurants, unless you go to some high end fushion restaurant, which is off budget, but you know what? some things are doable in your kitchen.

Oishii corner is the most colossal oishii corner I've seen so far LOL... And off course it has to be the ghost character XD
and since now I know how to cut video, here's the clip XD, easier to show why this corner is epic :)

te$t2 from spsn on Vimeo.

Password: YuR3i

The drama itself? I like this drama because it's light, despite the ijime issue, but hey, compare to Kazoku Game? This is nothing. Still don't like the tagging system of Kisumai to SMAP, but the always pouting AKB48 girl, but other than that, I like Anne here. She's lively and adorable here, compare to her other drama roles. And there are some cute Johnny's boys (not that Morimoto kid), they really look like chibi Aiba XD.
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Well, I was too curious on how that tomato tsukemen set tasted like, so I conducted my own experiment XD



Off course, reality has its limitation. But I find this dish to be versatile and you can play a lot with it as you can see that reality is a lot different than TV LOL. The supermarket nearby my house doesn't sell rocket leaves so I changed it to butter lettuce. There's no fresh ramen noodle as well, so I changed it to Korean udon instant noodle (this is the thickest instant noodle that you can have the mochi mochi texture, but off course fresh ramen noodle is still the best). Shrimps was off limit to my grocery because of its ridiculous price tag and there's no way I'll buy the whole zucchini just to cut a small piece and grill so that it looks pretty on the plate (yeah, I'm practical and reality is harsh LOL), and I'm too lazy to make the soy sauce tamago thingy (not hard, but plain lazy) XD.

I changed the way to cook the chicken as well, still pan grilled, but I added on salt and pepper (use those sea salt, it's delicious).

If you're interested, here's my recipe XD... )

Kimutaku's inner thought: So? Dou? Oishii?

Taste? It's different, new to me. I eat it when the tomato soup is still hot, but thought of trying it with cold tomato soup. I'd think the experience will be different. The tomatoes in the salad taste sweeter when you put inside the tomato soup. Personally I like it.
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In this SMAP Bistro, we have Last Cinderella's lead, Shinohara Ryoko and Miura Haruma. Their request is Hamburger Steak. Yumm...

So, ShingoxKusanagi team came up with Juicy Hamburger Kare Doria

While KimutakuxGoro team came up with Natto Sauce Tofu Hamburger... which had much rave by the guest. The winner was so obvious in this episode LOL.
Me: Must try especially after Kimutaku explained the main ingredients, looks doable!!!

Oishii Corner ~ Off course, it's Cinderella ojii-san! LOL!!! So befitting the drama. A lady acting like an ojii-san plus Cinderella as the title suggest).

The drama? It's an entertaining drama, lots of fun, most of the time not real, but they try to touch some women issues too, so it's no too much dreamy, though it's hard not to be dreamy if you see half naked Miura Haruma on each and every single episodes XD. I find that it's a lighter version of K-drama The Woman who Still Wants to Marry with totally different story line because in Last Cinderella, Sakura doesn't really take the urgency to get married with that much care though she makes a fuss about it.

So, how Kimutaku's hamburger tastes like?


Reality --> my lunch:

Ingredients (for 4 hamburger patties about 135gr each):
200gr minced meat
200gr pressed tofu (again, don't use silken tofu, your hamburger mix will be too watery)
1/2 onion, finely minced
1/2 cup bread crumbs (if you don't have bread crumbs, just toast ur bread (about 2.5 slices and blender them)
pepper, salt as needed

1 pack of natto (if your natto is frozen, heat it up in microwave for about 20-30 sec)
1 cup of dashi (I use home-made bonito stock --> easy, boil the bonito flakes according to the instruction on the pack and you'll be fine)
4 tbsp mayonnaise
2 tbsp soy sauce

Your favorite pasta
Pieces of bacon

How to:
1. In a bowl, mix all hamburger ingredients until well mix and form patties
2. Grill patties under low fire (high fire will burn your patties and leave the middle part not cooked) and maintain heat by placing it in the oven.
3. For sauce, whisk dashi & mayonnaise until well mixed. Then mix the rest and stir till well mixed. Transfer the sauce mix to sauce pan and bring it to boil and set aside. If you don't mix dashi and mayonnaise first, you won't get a smooth sauce, which is my mistake this time , but it still tastes good, just not a really nice looking sauce.
3. For pasta, boil pasta and cabbage together until pasta is al dente and then strain. On a pan, saute bacon till fragrant and add on pasta & cabbage. This time, I add on Tabasco for some kick (because my home made chili oil went bad).
4. Assembly: if you have a hot plate, you don't need to heat up the sauce again, but if you're like me, you need to heat up the sauce. Kimutaku added on something green in the sauce, but I have no idea what's that, suspect it's cilantro, but I forget to add it on, so that remains a question. So, on a plate, place hamburger and pasta side by side, add on sauce, done.

I now officially like natto! I used to hate natto because of the smell and the taste, but I think that'e because I don't know how to really eat it. However, Kimutaku and Matsujun motivates me to give natto a second chance and me like!!!
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OK, I just have to try Matsujun's original recipe LOL...
I think Matsujun just whipped up something from what's available in his fridge and I'd love to see what's inside his fridge...

So the ingredients are:
1 block of tofu (don't use silken tofu, the texture is too soft, use a good pressed tofu, preferably those fresh ones)
1/8 pc of onion, thinly sliced
1 box of natto (if your natto is frozen, heat it up in microwave for about 20 sec, then stir it well)
Few pieces of kimchi (I cut it to bite size)
Sprinkles of bonito flakes (I bought those cheap bonito flakes in packets and didn't even use the whole packet)
2 splashes of soy sauce (I use yuzu ponzu, it gets rid the natto and kimchi smell)
Topping: sesame seeds (I didn't bother to use this because, I don't use sesame seeds in my other dishes)

How to: all raw, stack the ingredients according to the order and... done!


Reality --> my dinner:

Taste? Surprisingly good LOL!!! And thanks to Matsujun, natto actually tastes quite good (at least the brand that I bought now). I bought Azuma natto (this brand). I think the soybeans used for this one is bigger than the regular natto.
So, surprisingly the raw onion gives out sweetness when eaten together with natto. The kimchi is just something extra to me, to add texture and a bit of sour taste, that's all. You can omit the kimchi and replace it with other pickles if you don't like kimchi.

From this recipe, I get the impression that Matsujun is really an oshare person in real life, and definitely the food he eats are delicate, careful and... definitely not cheap, and the result shows (he's getting more and more handsome this days, don't you think so?)

So, if I eat this like for 2 weeks, will I also lose 3kg? Nah... I don't think I'll survive with just raw cold tofu LOL!!!
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Porridge is a very simple dish that everybody can make, including our beloved miracle boy and this episode shows how it's done well. The only problem in porridge is that sometimes we're not sure the proportion between the rice and water, which is why this episode is really helpful.
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We went back to the very first episode of One Dish, and the reason why I love this cooking show. Simple dish! And Riidaa Sakamoto is the one cooking! The first time I saw Riidaa Sakamoto cooking was during the Maguro show and I was very very impressed! He cooked like a pro! And I love ikemen with aprons LOL...

And let the show begin... )

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This is the long overdue dish that I'd like to try out. In the segment, they don't really show the recipe so I have to do my own calculation :). But the result doesn't disappoint and now my tummy is calmed and happy. Minestrone is a tomato based soup and when the segment didn't show any tomatoes around on the pantry, my mind when '????.' And the soup color come out red and I was even more confused, so I just google out some minestrone soup recipe out there and see that they use. I also take the liberty of taking part of the Gyoza recipe from Shiyagare :).
VIP Limousine are mostly boring, but there are times that it's informative or interesting and I quite like this one because it involves food. I don't care much about ELT, but I like to see the boys in aprons hahahaha...  

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As we all know, Riidaa Sakamoto has started his own short cooking show One Dish. It's been running for about 1 month plus now and I love every single episode of it. Not just because it's Sakamoto (yeah, eye candy is always welcome, but hey, I don't like Mokomichi's cooking show, though it's quite famous that he published his own cooking book). The show focus on making a dish out of the main ingredient, and what it means to me is that less washing and less thing to buy if I want to whip up the dish in my kitchen, so yeah I'm in! But that doesn't mean the main ingredient is cheap, though.

For the Spare Rib Marmalade recipe, I ended up substituting it with a pork chop because I can't find the nice huge spare rib (even if I have to splurge for them) in my regular groceries, but that didn't change how easy and delicious the dish is, and I'm not kidding, it's really good, Sakamoto is the man!

Let's get started! )

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I'm feeling for a French Toast, and what kind of French Toast I should whip up for none other than the version that dear Aiba-chan did on the Unknown Encounter segment, LOL... It's simple, cheap to make (especially if you already have jam in your fridge), and the most important, it's rich, filling and melt in your mouth! And wouldn't it excite you especially seeing this sunshine boy hyped up over a French Toast?

For those who like pic spam, you can continue on, don't say that I didn't warn you because I make this upon request as well LOL

Pic spam time... )
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Who's not salivating when watching Matsujun's segment of the Unknown Encounter from last week's Arashi ni Shiyagare episode? That shiny Egg Benedict just lingers in my head until I decided that I just had to try to make it. It's not cheap to make it, especially when you're in a country where anything 'Western' seems to have an extra mark up on them. But I did it, and it's like what Matsujun said: 'Oishii! Oishiiyo! Chou Umai!' and wouldn't you just want to try when you see cute happy face like that? LOL

So, I managed to whip up one, try my best with the expectation image carved in my mind.

Read more... )
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Remember Sakuraiba date in Himitsu no Arashi-chan Ep 144? In this episode, dear Aiba-chan cooked the Shirasu pasta for Sho-chan, and me: drooling at the pasta. Granted Aiba-chan screwed up his cooking, but it doesn't make the pasta less mouth watering, and since then, I've been wanting to cook this pasta at least once. Tried Shirasu pasta in a restaurant as soon as I saw the episode but get slightly pissed off because it was an oily pasta and shirasu (not cooked, raw) on the top. Taste OK, but it doesn't look appetizing as the one I saw in HnA. So, this time, I just made my own. There are some difference in presentation because I didn't buy nori, I put fresh chili because I like color, and lastly Aiba-chan put relatively lots amount of shirasu in the pasta which I can't really afford. Shirasu may be cheap in Japan, but it's definitely not cheap when you find it in Japanese supermarket here.

*for 1 person
100 gr pasta - boiled until al dente - put in 2 pinch of salt in the water (the part that Aiba-chan forgot to do in his :p)
1/2 red chili - sliced thinly and seeds removed
3 cloves garlic - chopped coarsely
35 gr shirasu
2 tbsp olive oil for stir fry

How to:
1. in the frying pan, add in oil, garlic and chili and saute until fragrant (don't let the garlic burned)
2. add in Shirasu, stir fry for about 1 minute
3. add in pasta, stir the pasta until the shirasu is well mixed

1. add sunny side up egg, it'll taste better (there's no egg in the pic because I had too much eggs lately :()
2. if your budget is accommodating, add more Shirasu, the the more the merrier
3. Shirasu by itself is already salty, so don't add too much salt when you cook the pasta. I roughly only add about 2 small pinch of salt and it tastes just nice, not overwhelmingly salty
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Totally non drama related, but it's food and it's Arashi related LOL...

I think I know Vermont Curry from House brand for quite some times already and I know I like this brand because it's sweet, BUT little did I know that even this curry brand cannot escape from Arashi's claw. Yeah, I just realized Aiba-chan is endorsing Vermont curry when I flip on TV channels during my stay in Fukuoka. For the fun of it, this is what I saw back then *just learned how to use the embed feature in LJ, so embarassing LOL*

Dou? So so so mouthwatering right? )


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