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Doing this because it's Matsujun and somehow they've been doing Tsukiji roke... is it because Tsukiji is going to move in November this year? Anyway, am so happy that Matsujun again shows us the cute side of him, and it reminds me again, how much he has changed, for the better. I guess age does has relationship with confidence level, at least for Matsujun :).
Considering the last time I watched Abunai Yakai was quite some times ago... they've changed the segments again. Now they have guests put out requests, then the staff work it out... somehow, no more of that small pop up door. I'm quite indifferent about this, but anyway, Yakai is highly dependant on who's the guest, so as long as the segment is fun to watch, it's not a problem for me.

I only cap segments related to Matsujun. Kuroki Hitomi's segment is on the cafe whereby you're paired with a guy (the guy pay higher fee and with time limit). It's an interesting way to meet people provided that people are quite honest and with no ulterior motive. I think Sho-chan's quite intrigued with the last dude that he imitated his way of speaking LOL.

Very long caps ahead... I always take more than I should have... )
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We have V6 members appearing on Abunai Yakai again and again! We're left with Inocchi & Morita, and I hope Morita would appear next year to promote his movie *cross fingers*. Not sure if Inocchi will get to appear here to promote Kouhaku (well, it's different TV station, but, we can always hope :)). This episode we have V6's papa and mama, Sakamoto & Nagano. Both of them are foodies, so this show is all about food, food & food. Hence we'll also see lots of Sho-chan's 1001 face expression and chipmunk munching face too! I'm skipping Sato Shiori's segment because I have tons of caps, really, I ended up with more caps than before.

This is quite a compromising position, isn't it? What did Sho-chan do?

Let's find out... )

Why did both of them appear on Abunai? Ohhh, it's for Gakkou e Ikou! 2015 --> watched it, loved it, felt nostalgic over it, LOL over it, all the feels!!! That one show is V6 at its best!

I love how they got to celebrate their 20th anniversary with lots of activities and with a bang too!!!
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Doing this for the obvious reason, and you'll be able to tell what it is when you see the caps. For that very obvious reason, I'm only going to do Miyake Ken's part, though you don't see Tanaka Kei reacted like the way he did here in his drama/movies. For those who don't know who's Tanaka Kei, he's the dude that everybody hates (at least, me) in Gunshi Kanbee, and the sidekick that everybody loves in Library Wars, and the 2 titles mentioned are lead by Okada, ha! Back to the show, Miyake's segment is divided into 2 parts, the first one where he went to Shinjuku nichoume for a survey, who's the one that gay people prefer, Miyake or Sho-chan. Yeah, this is Japan, period. But I got to give it to Ken to handle the topic well and not turn it into a stereotyped disaster. The second one is all about Ken's fetishes, off course, these are all things that he's been broadcasting in other show as well (basically all Matsuko Deluxe's shows that he appeared on...), but for the consideration that this is not midnight show, it's a little bit toned down.

Another round of long caps... )

Ken was in Abunai Yakai to promote the album Super Very best and today exactly V6's anniversary day!!! Again, Happy 20th Anniversary!!! May we have more V6 in 30th, 40th, forever (we don't have 1995-Forever for nothing).
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I only cap Sho-chan's segment because invasion of privacy to Sho-chan's hotel room & personal belongings is always precious. No matter how cool Sho-chan is during concert or on TV, he's still a human being, complete with the cuteness and dorkiness (not a lot of humans come with the package, but Sho-chan is one of them). Again, we get to see too many funny Sho-chan's faces (he really can make lots of faces, and it's probably just his normal reactions) The appearance of half drunk Aiba-chan and extremely sober Nino is a huge bonus. What's not to love about these dorks, especially when both of them were defending Sho-chan's taste of clothing (that camouflage pants). The rest of episode, well, we have Abe Hiroshi, but I didn't watch it XD.

very blunt Sho-chan looks very human and normal to me XD
Another long caps.. )
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It's been a long time since the last caps, but I just feel the need to do this one. Again, as I mentioned before in the previous Abunai Yakai review, the guests really make the difference for the whole episode (for the better or worse). In this episode we have the casts of Library Wars, Okada Junichi, Fukushi Sota, Eikura Nana, and Kuriyama Chiaki. The focus is on Okada and Fukushi. Each has 2 segments. Okada has the 'riajuu' segment, that obviously he didn't really enjoy segment but tried his best to be a good sport and ended up being adorable, instead of annoying. It'll probably make a whole lot of difference if the person who showing him the way of 'riajuu' around is for example, Miyake Ken LOL. The next Okada's segment is what he enjoys the most, self defence and the art of making a nice body. You can really see the difference of enthusiasm level here. Then, we have Fukushi's segment, his hobby of day dreaming (I skip capping this one because it's just... weird but Fukushi is cute anyway), and him going to Tsutaya for the first time *gasp*. A must watch if you're an Okada's fan or Fukushi Sota's fan, OR if you like to see Sho-chan experienced some Okada's attack moves LOL.

'Aannn <3' baited enough? They should have this scene for the LoveCen game!

TONS of caps here... )
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In a way, I start to appreciate this show, not all aspects of it, but some. I'm still only going to watch the episodes whereby the guests are either Johnny's or those that I like because this show somewhat makes those Johnny's idols that we know somewhat more human and though lots of aspects are still made for TV, we get to see a glimpse of the different side, not so glamorous and flashy side of them, and I really appreciate this.

So, for this time, it's Ouroboros combi aka Hanakimi reunion time! If you haven't watched the episode 1, you should watch it, seriously. And if you don't find me convincing at all (afterall I'm very bias LOL), maybe after you watch this episode, you really feel like watching it because they really do a good job with the promotion, mostly Toma's doing the work while Oguri is just laughing on the side, ha!

What's with Oguri Shun and lemon sour?

Abunai Yakai スタート )

Well, I'm definitely watching this drama, especially after Epi 1..
Some caps from Epi 1

Ouroboros Epi 1... )
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Am so glad it's weekend now and I need a major stress relief, and any Arashi episodes in Hawaii will do, like this one! Sakurai + Hawaii + invasion of privacy, what a perfect combination. Johnny's seriously made full use of Arashi while they're in Hawaii. The boys were practically worked non stop there even up till late night (well, guess they're used to this... am not though LOL).

A little peek of what Sho-chan looks like outside TV... )


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