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With the intention of not going to ever watch the whole thing again because it's so painful and emotionally draining, BUT every now and then there'll be tendency to peek over the OTP story, I'm extracting SoxSoo's scenes. Not all of them are rosy for sure, because they just need to make this OTP so tragic and probably rejoicing over when our hearts bleed.
I have zero skills of video editting, which is why you'll see the transition is so jagged and rough, but I'm okay with the result since the intention is to compile everything together. This is the 1st cut from episode 1 to 4, which means, all the cute stuffs (well, some of them are the angsty So, but still OK).


choose this as the main frame for obvious reason :p

I realized when I started extracting the clips, there're couple of arcs for this OTP, which is good for cutting aka the end file won't be so huge to upload. SoxSoo scenes would probably only make up 20%-30% out of the whole 20 hours --> there's only a mere 20 minutes out of the whole first 5 episodes (OMG, this is ridiculous, yes, we should ask SBS why there're so little screentime for our main couple in the whole series)
The arcs are:
1. The beginning
2. The friendship
3. The chasing aka So will do literally anything for Soo
4. The happiest moment before dooms day aka the only around 10 minutes of joy before all hell break loose (or in other words, finally So's getting some)
5. The downhill (semi angsty out of circumstances but still bearable) aka nothing goes right after So ascended to the throne
6. The breakup and regret (all the angst and illogical turn of event) aka the last 3 episode
Most likely I'll only watch up till part 4 and just make the last 2 parts for the sake of complition or when I'm in the mood for stabbing my own heart with LJK's crying scenes.

So, after finishing the 1st arc, I learned how to use the video editting software and realize that most of the time spent is not on the consolidating the video. It's on the timing all the right clips, and I don't know whether I want to master the skill or just leave it as is because it's very time consuming!
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The series is finally ended, and I thought I could sleep better… not really. It took me 2 more times of rewatch and the whole ordeal of experiencing emotional pain and pang in the chest (thankfully not to the point of Soo's style of chest pain) to actually have the ending sunk into my brain and said, 'yeah, it's over, it's okay and I'm not bitter about it.' Not really. There's still 1 tiny bit of darkness in my what's left of my so-called soul (LJK shredded my soul in this episode, honestly) saying 'how dare you bloody writers, do you even understand what your consumers aka fans want, after you make the characters so compelling, pitiful, and went through so much shits and we spent 17 hours watching (excluding the wait, the rewatch, the discussions, the stalking on anything, and the list goes on), and only then you realize that you have some sort of obligation to follow the Chinese version and lumped all those angsts of resentment, jealousy and regret in the last 3 episodes, and you still have a cheek to think that giving us a cliffhanger super wide open ending in hope for 2nd season - which I don't think will ever happen, and you writers, having to work in the industry should have known better!!!' Phew, OK, I already let all out. No wait, there's more, 'Writers, if you want to follow Chinese version, then do it right! Don't just do it half-heartedly and left both of our main characters without closure at the end of the show. At least in Chinese version they met again like how destiny/fate is supposed to be portrayed, for goodness sake!!! If deep regret and sorrow is what you mean by closure, then I'll be wary the next time I watch a drama and see your name(s) as script writer, even those who write fanfics did a much better job with the ending with their creative mindsets, and so much of 'creative license' that you've been pasting on the beginning of every episode'. *exhale... ah better*

Hey drama, throwing in this kind of cute Gwanjong doesn't mean that you can get away with everything, no?

Cut cut, since this is quite long and also SPOILERS... )

And now what should I do? I don't even have the motivation to watch other drama, yet. The only healing that I think works is watching Eric cooks, damn he can cook! His Japchae looks freaking good. Another one is listening to Arashi's new album Are You Happy? Like this one better than Japonism, this one is LOVE 2.0 with some major upgrades.

Plus anybody can link me to a good tutorial on how to put together a clip, basically a tutorial for editing that is quite user friendly and not mind boggling with freeware coz I wanna cut all my favorite Wang So scenes into 1 file so that I don't need to watch the whole painful 20 hours episode just go see the scenes that I like.

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I thought I'd lump this with the final episode today, but after I watched this one with the sub... nah, it'll be too much. As we're going to the last episode, there's so much literal shit crammed into this 1 episode, worse than epi 18, and it's going to the direction of C-version ending. I hope it goes a different way considering how different the characterization between the K and C-version, but since it's already done this way, then let's see how it goes with the final episode.

Cut it in case it looks super long on dashboard :) )
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OMG, I honestly felt so drained after watching this episode. It's so stressful and I felt so sorry for precious pup. He went through so much, did his best to keep the throne and ensuring everybody's safety. He basically multitasking his way through all the shits that come his way, from his throne eligibility, the government matters to catching the bad guys aka revenge time and even his own marriage is questioned by people. His decisions for punishment maybe cruel, but which leader in the history is not cruel or to put it more politically correct, makes tough decisions? Depending on which POV we look at, every leader, especially when the person leads & governs a country, will have to deal with shits and it's not pretty at all. We as audience can see all sides of POV in this drama and as I kept on repeating myself, this is one k-drama where everything is gray (except for the evil Queen), there's no real good and bad guys. Everybody has both sides of the coin. So when Soo pushed away So especially after Chae Ryeong's execution, I just felt like smacking her head. Yes, she went through so much and I felt sorry for her, but she needs to see from the other side as well, which was highlighted by dearest Baek Ah (blessed his soul, he's the only purest sweety in this whole drama, too good for this era). One lesson to be had from this episode is in any relationship, communication is the key! Setting up expectation and notifying in advance is one way to avoid miscommunication in the future because in this drama, the outcome is so costly and tragic. I dread for next week, when they throw in the Wook card into the equation. It'll be one huge bloody mess and poor pup won't be able to handle it nicely (he's already so stressed out and felt hopeless and alone, plus his Soo was not on his side and pushing him away, OMG, I'll be damn if he's not gone insane yet). There's only so much shit a human can take.

Oh, and LJK performance in this episode was superb! The angst, pain, desperation, sadness are so real that it'll pull you into So's heart. LJK always has this ability to pull you into his world, especially in his saeguk drama, but this one is another different level. This series really raises the bar for his next project, and my expectation. LOL

I hope there'll be more and more fluff fanfic circulating because I really need them to patch back the pieces of my heart until next week when it'll be broken again. Thank goodness last week is the last!

PS: there's Doctor X season 4!!! yess!!
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Fantastic Epi 16

Well, that's another good balance drama. I skipped a lot for this drama especially the superbly evil family scene, and I cheered when Baek Seol finally yelled at the a$$hole husband over the phone, and yey for Attorney Kim to get his happy end. I feel content watching this ending alone. And against all odds, our main cancer patient survived the ordeal, I'm a bit contemplated on this, yes, I'm happy with the happy end and it gives hope and all the good stuffs, but at the same time, not all cancer patients survive and thrive against all odds. However, that might be, the journey is fun and delightful to watch. They put all emotions in all together in every episodes and deliver it with a much lighter way (well, if you compare it with the harem drama.... so... yeah). I'm a bit worried about JiSoo though, yes, it's good that he's everywhere now, but I kind of feel that his roles are about the same, from angry mom, harem drama, and now this. Only a slight difference, but at the end of the day the delivery is about the same, the awkwardness, the charging ahead, well, the look and feel is the same. Is it maybe because they're all side characters that there's not much room to really grow the character or it's just the roles personalities that he took in are about the same in a way. I look forward for something different, the kid is eye candy with potential <3.

Career Epi 2

As we move on to episode 2, I kind of warm up to Tamaki's character, sort of let go the annoyance of 'try too hard to be friendly and lowkey' vibes on his character, and I surely hope they put a stop of the shining light effect everytime Chief Toyama flashed out his police badge, the aweing plus LOL effect kind of fast turned into annoyance. I guess, we'll keep having the situation whereby there're multiple (maybe more than 2) completely unrelated minor case which will end up linked together and Chief Toyama has the eye of details to connect all those things together. In this episode, it's quite interesting and I'd hope the quality of the case will go up as we progress further. I like what the subordinate said about Chief Toyama and Minami combi, 'the perfect combination of great insight and intimidation', what a perfect description! I hope Minami will soon lighten up towards Chief Toyama because clearly Chief Toyama has a lot of cards under his sleeves, but if by Epi 4 he's still the same, I'll be majorly sighteyeing the writers!

Nigeru wa Hajida ga Yaku ni Tatsu Epi 1

Damn, the title sure is long! I watched this to get away from that harem drama withdrawal syndrome, and this is sure a great relief. Light and non-damaging at all. Well, at least this is the life action from a josei manga, not some shoujo manga (we have too many of those already). The story is about exploring the idea of marriage as an employment contract, meaning the husband employs the wife as a housewife, and gives her the salary she's entitled from all the housework done. I like the approach of this drama, they make it look like Jonetsu Tairiku style to introduce the characters' background. While it's all fun and all that, I do wonder what's the message from this drama. The main character, Mikuri, though a university graduate, couldn't find a proper full time job and ended up with a temp job and just got laid off. Having nowhere to go, she accepted the part time job as a cleaner for Tsuzaki, our main dude. The proposal for the marriage contract looks like the runaway ticket for Mikuri against reality. So what this drama is trying to tell the audience, get married if cannot find a job? I haven't read the manga yet, kind of tired if I have to read the manga for all the live action drama. But, I do hope that they're going to have Mikuri's character grow to have more backbone and face the tough job hunting field.

That harem drama Epi 16-17

Ah, the drama which has consumed me for the past few weeks, and I'll have a major withdrawal syndrome once this drama ends next week. Gosh, it's only left with 3 more episodes and there's only angst, angst, and angst, well, with carrot dressed in diamonds for epi 16, if I should say. The drama is telling us that we, audience, should be greatful for any hint of cuteness of our main OTP SoxSoo while butcher our hearts by eg. killing off the most innocent characters of them all and to make it worse made the precious pup did the dirty job. To add to our list of angst, we have the break out, the wait, and rejection coming our way before the carrot dressed in diamonds is presented in like... 6 minutes screen time, and yes, we, audience, will still eat it up and crave for somemore angst. Epi 17 is just brewing more angst for Epi 18 (kind of dread of what's coming, esp with the preview of precious pup crying, he's been through A LOT, apparently not enough for the sadist writers to torture this character). Well, in the meantime, I'll just fill myself with lots of fluff fanfic of SoxSoo, if they don't get the happy end, there're tons of fanfic ready to be unleashed to satisfy the thirst for the happy end LOL. And after all these, by now all the snakes in the palace are still alive and well and are out to eat up our precious OTP, noooo!!! I'm still clinging on the 'the journey will be painful but it'll have a happy end', but Gwanjong with eyeliner kinds of make me waver, damn!

Oh the implied meaning... LOL...
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Well, another episode of carrot dangling before the slaughter begins, and worse, it'll spill over to the next episode where they put in another carrot on the preview. What's more infuriating is how they make Hae Soo's lack of trust in So, but kept on the trust in Wook that he won't do bad things (even the evil king already blatantly hinting that Wook is the shitty bad guy, come on, surely Hae Soo can use her brain, right?). Sigh, hasn't So done enough for Hae Soo to earn her trust? He's literally sacrificed his own life drinking the poisoned tea for her. What's wrong with this girl? I get the flashes affect her in the earlier episodes, but not now, that's just plain bullshit altogether. That's just seeds of the ugly foreshadowing for future episodes. Must the Korean version follow the C-version towards the shitty sad ending? I seriously don't want to see precious pup So turns evil with more eyeliner.

I need more happy fanfic of SoxSoo to heal my soul and sustain my frustration until next week. Or watch the cute BTS again... Also lots of hugs for [livejournal.com profile] i_am_zan for sending me the super fluff LavixLenaLee fic, that's just cuteness overload considering where the anime left us LOL.

In the meantime,enjoy the pretty cinematography of the date scene from Epi 14. Those rare happy moments... argh... So needs all the happiness that he deserves...

That beautiful lake is so lovely that it'll soothe your angry soul from watching Epi 15... grrr...

And lastly have some smiley pup (enjoy it while it lasts)...
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I feel like the drama just baited us with some juicy carrots aka that less than 10minutes moments combined alltogether after waiting for 14 episodes!
all the way to the slaughter house, and soon all hell breaks loose. I'd still like to know where Jung stands. It's still unclear and the evil queen still has influence over him.

Having said that this drama is one of those rare drama where good and bad guys are blurred out due to their reasonings and point of view. Sure the 3rd prInce is evil, especially 8th prince (he's getting worse by episode), but they have their backgoubd and reasonIng explained, not just shown as plain evil.

I lost hope of having a happy end for this drama, esp looking at ep15 trailer, at the very least I hope the ending won't be that painful and the ship doesn't sink like the Chinese version.

My very last hope is that So doesn't lose the warmth after he becomes Gwanjeong. Please stay precious, and don't be like the Chinese version. But the seeds for this scenario were there.. sobs, sobs, the foreshadowing... sobs....

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While we're waiting for the continuation of the horrid ending that we're left of this week (I still couldn't let go of it until I watch the next episode), let's talk about the character that everybody hates, that evil Queen Yoo. She's the mother of 3th (Wang Yo), 4th (Wang So) and 14th (Wang Jung) prince with the very clear one objective in this drama, to rise up to be the King's mother. And for her to reach that position, she won't hesitate to use her children as tools. To make the story short, basically so far she scarred little Wang So's face when protested the King for not taking more concubines, then threw away Wang So to be 'adopted' since she saw him as the damaged good, then literally made Wang Yo to do all the dirty jobs, while mercilessly insulting, assaulting the other ladies beneath her who she deemed had crossed her. Wow, we're not even halfway through the whole series yet and we'll see more scheming & insults from her, for sure.

Yes, she's so full of hate especially towards our angsty tsundere, Wang So, but that's what fascinating about her.

Who don't feel like throwing something at her?

Read more... )

OK, let's get off this heavy topic with the new OTP, Wang So x any trees. I mean, he made friends with them, gave them names, and even gave them away as gifts <3

Have a good weekend guys! And I can't wait for Monday (only until October! LOL)
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Yes, this 2016 harem drama finally graced us all with not just 2 but 3 episodes for the first week, and so far? It looks amazingly beautiful. Bigger budget makes a difference. And off course, with the eye candies overload, the visual effect is just multiplied by a lot.

The cinematography is breathtaking and impactful! The prettiness!

Plot wise it moves quite fast for a saeguk drama, a good effort to cram in the over 30 episodes of Chinese version. However, I'd strongly suggest not to compare this with the Chinese version because it's different from the get go. I'd say this drama is inspired by the Chinese version or the Korean take of the novel rather than a re-make. The concept is the same, the girl time travelled and landed in another girl's body in the past, and the past is the kingdom with lots of handsome princes. But from here, comes all the differences. The most apparent is the princes' cliques. In Chinese version the 4th and 13th were like BFF, not in here, and 8th prince didn't hang out with 3rd prince in Chinese version. The queen's favoritism is the same though, but the 14th prince character is different. He's more gullible and well loved here, which is interesting on how this will go later (I have high hope in Ji Soo's portrayal of 14th prince in the future episodes). Heck, even the 4th prince has a completely different take in here. The 4th prince that I know from the Chinese version is a rather stoic with the calm outer appearance but we all know that he's scheming inside his head. Completely different from here whereby we're blessed with a broken wounded misunderstood awkward tsundere who could actually looks cool in modern time, but ended up being feared and loathed (by his own brothers and even mother to booth!) in this ancient period. The king in here is also very different from the Chinese version, he's more humane, as in the drama gave the audience his inner thought of slight guilt/regret towards how he treated the 4th prince, while the Chinese version focused more on how the king was feared and a literal tyrant (how many people being executed for silly or valid reasons, regardless, in that drama? Countless). All these differences may merged later in the future episodes, but so far, these are the gaps in my book.

Sorry, I just have to make this one bigger, any complaints?
So, what's this drama is in for me? After episode 3, this drama is literally a homefield game for Lee Jun Ki, and the drama team knows it, hence so many (literally) close up face shots of him. And the person himself seemed to have too much fun playing the 4th prince, and he never fails to impress me with his acting. His facial expressions here, the eyes (his eyes speak a million words, and in here with the mask and only clearly showing 1 eye, it's even more impressive), the gazes, the movements, are very smooth and natural. You'll feel for 4th prince (plus pet & hug him and telling him it's all right) even though he just killed 10 people at one sitting and for those scenes his half of his face is covered with blood (and the other half is with the mask LOL). Look forward for more prettiness, angst, and more angst from 4th prince.

4th prince close up shots appreciation since he's so bloody damn pretty here... )


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