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Another fun episode to watch especially the later. Seriously I couldn't stop LOL and kya-ing at absurdness and hilarity. I don't cap much on the SMAP Bistro portion because... despite it's quite interesting but it's more informative. Suzuki Ryohei has been appearing with this informative travel recommendation on beautiful landscape. What I'm not sure is if he actually went to those places he recommended. If not, then it's a little bit of a let down as it'll be just for information purposes.

Anyhoo, enjoy the caps... )
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I almost skip the episode but, Ueto Aya on SMAP Bistro is always... <3 because SMAP always treats Ueto Aya like their cute beloved little sister, especially Nakai in this episode.

Ueto Aya is guesting this week because she's promoting her drama, Hirugao. In a nutshell, it's the drama about 2 unhappy (sexually frustrated) housewives. They fill up the void in their lives by having affair in the afternoon. And when they're playing with fire, eventually they'll be eaten up by the fire itself.
I love the drama, it's interesting on how the drama evolve and I'm really interested on how they'll end the drama as this is a touchy subject and they cast Ueto Aya in this. If the couples end up with divorce, it'll look like the drama is endorsing marital affairs and divorces as the way out. If the couples reconcile? It'll be a boring drama, safe approach. So how will this drama end? Hohoho...
Oishii soba... )
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My head hurts due to all craps at work, how can there be so many craps in 1 day? Well, such day does exist, hence we have more caping therapy to do.

Finally!!! We have the rest of the directing assignment! You just have to see them for yourselves and let me know which clip is your favorite!
This week's bistro guests is the type that either you hate/despise them or adore them. I personally like Mori Izumi, she's bubbly but not to the point of annoying, and she can catch up on Shingo's antics from the Ojamap episodes that I happened to watch. Here, she's with her sister, who is 10 years younger, and I can't believe that Izumi's actually in the early 30s already.

This should give you more motivation to watch LOL
Caps away... )
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Where is the continuation of the directing assignment??? I thought it should be next week from the 16th Aug episode? T__T

Oh well, so what do this week's about?
On Bistro SMAP, we have the seiyuu-san from Japan's Frozen and May J who sang the Let It Go OST.
Second segment is the One Piece quize... as usual it's the venue for Kimutaku fanboying over One Piece (does ohtaku apply for Kimutaku? LOL)
Then the performance was N'tsushugawa boys and the song was quite nice :)

Highlights... )
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There are number of reasons for why I always try to watch SMAPxSMAP when I have time. While not every week is a gold worthy episode, but I do look forward to it for:
1. Shingo's Oishi corner - regardless whether I know the guest or not, it's just have some hilariousness to it and don't forget Shingo's major trolling tendency too :)
2. Number of segments being shuffled around, so rather each week we have different corner besides SMAP Bistro. This reduce the boringness out of watching the show every single freaking week. Imagine if you've tuned in for SMAPxSMAP from the beginning... that's like... 20 years plus? wow...
3. SMAP performance... the reasons vary widely in here, though there are some occasional miss here, but... I like this segment, the stage always look awesome, Kimutaku looks like he enjoys performing any other songs than SMAP songs too...
and another set of reasons...

This week's episode off course not one of their best, but there're always things to check out, especially the 2nd segment, which I find it quite cool...

Cut cut cut XD... )
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Another episode where I don't need to work my brain so much because most of it is in English LOL... and the best thing is that this episode is so much fun! I respect Hugh Jackman even more after this episode. He's really respectful of SMAP and engaged all members into the topics and conversation and you can just see that all of them were enjoying the segment and just had fun. He even engaged the audience, which is quite rare for Western guest. No wonder he always appear in SxS (well, apart from him being famous himself).

More fun ahead... )
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Ataru is FujiTV dorama and they would appear in SmaSma and Oishii corner will have the parody...
Now... from which date's episode will this be?

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Another awesome SMAP bistro earlier this week and so many recipe to try too. I think they got good feedback over the pancake episode so we're having another session of individual competition and off course, the recipes!!! The general theme is easy pasta that you can make at home.

This post gonna be quite long because there're 4 recipes!!!
And while at that, have some Kimutaku LOL! His mood is totally different in SMAP bistro.

Recipe, Caps, etc all in one... It's a long post!!! )
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This time it's the Gyoza battle and the guests are the female casts from Kasuka na Kanojo (Shingo's drama)

Kimura-Goro team went with the traditional approach as in the shape is still in gyoza form.
2 types of gyoza served, steamed and pan fried. The steam one is more traditional with pork, shrimp, takenoko etc. But the pan fried one is interesting. And that's the one that I'm making for... late lunch...

So basically I'm using the leftover ingredients from last week's tomato tsukemen. Not sure if it's coincidence, but I'm happy with the thought that the tomato leftover ingredients are not wasted :).

Yeah, looks like the regular gyoza and my gyoza wrapping skill is far below Johnny's idols LOL...

Recipe if you're interested... )

Taste? Yummy! I now know why we're using tomato confit instead of just put in fresh tomato because tomato confit makes a stronger taste, and as a result your gyoza doesn't taste so porky and cheesy, but you have to eat it with balsamic vinegar, don't think it'll be that nice with Worcestershire sauce. And off course you gotta have beer at the end (wine is recommended, but I like my gyoza with biiru).
This is why I like SMAPxSMAP, they show things you don't normally find even in restaurants, unless you go to some high end fushion restaurant, which is off budget, but you know what? some things are doable in your kitchen.

Oishii corner is the most colossal oishii corner I've seen so far LOL... And off course it has to be the ghost character XD
and since now I know how to cut video, here's the clip XD, easier to show why this corner is epic :)

te$t2 from spsn on Vimeo.

Password: YuR3i

The drama itself? I like this drama because it's light, despite the ijime issue, but hey, compare to Kazoku Game? This is nothing. Still don't like the tagging system of Kisumai to SMAP, but the always pouting AKB48 girl, but other than that, I like Anne here. She's lively and adorable here, compare to her other drama roles. And there are some cute Johnny's boys (not that Morimoto kid), they really look like chibi Aiba XD.
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SMAP Bistro went back to what they're good at... whipping things I couldn't comprehend... never thought that I'd miss not be able to imagine how to whip those up in my own kitchen XD

Yeah, it's unagi, miso soup and rice, still not so bad, then we hop over to Shingo-Tsuyoppon's team and.... what the heck was that... only can see the gazpacho, that's it... too fushion, won't even bother to try LOL...

Oishii corner, sokkuri!!! Shingo is fantastic!
Not to forget to promo their latest single, which is playing in my head with the image of SMAP in yellow outfit, yeah, national idol don't need to wear something dark to look cool!

The skit segment is back with GOROREO (after 5 years), I sort of hope I can see the real Yukawa sensei making appearance... too bad though XD
Yeah Gororeo must be played by GORO hahaha... and Shingo! OMG

This side face here reminds me that Goro was my ichiban looooooooooooonggg time ago XD

OMG, Shingo... this scene is parody from epi 1 and 3 combined... I can't never watch Yoshitaka Yuriko's character in the same light anymore haha...
Major trolling!

Galileo pose and major trolling part 2

How I supposed to know what those formula means... that's the main point of Gororeo's argument when asked about the conclusion LOL... trolling hard!

I like this season of Galileo better than the first one, mostly because of Yoshitaka Yuriko's character, loud and obnoxious but at the end always lose out to the almighty professor LOL, the rest is the same, weird case, weird professor, the loud assistant, yeah, same old hehe...

One of SMAP songs that I like and forgotten... until they do this. This can be done when the national idol has that many singles (it's their 50th!) that they can do a dictionary segment (Am waiting for Arashi to do this too, it'll be fun). This is fun and I never thought SMAP has lots of good songs until recently XD.

And have some hot Kimutaku, yeah! As song, I like Joy better, but the shot of Kimutaku here make me doki doki at spot! Haha...
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Well, I was too curious on how that tomato tsukemen set tasted like, so I conducted my own experiment XD



Off course, reality has its limitation. But I find this dish to be versatile and you can play a lot with it as you can see that reality is a lot different than TV LOL. The supermarket nearby my house doesn't sell rocket leaves so I changed it to butter lettuce. There's no fresh ramen noodle as well, so I changed it to Korean udon instant noodle (this is the thickest instant noodle that you can have the mochi mochi texture, but off course fresh ramen noodle is still the best). Shrimps was off limit to my grocery because of its ridiculous price tag and there's no way I'll buy the whole zucchini just to cut a small piece and grill so that it looks pretty on the plate (yeah, I'm practical and reality is harsh LOL), and I'm too lazy to make the soy sauce tamago thingy (not hard, but plain lazy) XD.

I changed the way to cook the chicken as well, still pan grilled, but I added on salt and pepper (use those sea salt, it's delicious).

If you're interested, here's my recipe XD... )

Kimutaku's inner thought: So? Dou? Oishii?

Taste? It's different, new to me. I eat it when the tomato soup is still hot, but thought of trying it with cold tomato soup. I'd think the experience will be different. The tomatoes in the salad taste sweeter when you put inside the tomato soup. Personally I like it.
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This time they made a fushion ramen, the idea is interesting. Competition between Italian vs Chinese influenced ramen.
it's Chahan Tonkotsu Ramen vs Italian Rsukemen set
I'm particularly interested in the tomato soup tsukemen ramen, maybe I'll try making it... next week (need to travel again to Media-ya). Chahan Tonkotsu Ramen looks delicious but, it's costly! See the tonkotsu soup? That's a very thick stock, which means, hours of simmering (your electricity bill... yikes) and requires lots of bones (not so yikes, but still!), not to mention the charsiu, gyoza, mendokusai, might as well go to ramen stall nearby XD.

But in this episode we get to see how Kimutaku hates to lose! and DoS kawaii...
Full concentration, MUST NOT LOSE!
Pat his rival (kawaii!!!), back to full concentration! He made so many different expression along the way... hehehe...

vlcsnap-02632His reaction when he won... gold!!

And quickly shoved Shingo!

vlcsnap-02636His reaction when SMAP won! He really hates to lose LOL! but that's part of his charm XD

His happy face when doing the batsu game, priceless!

Our DoS is really kawaii ne...

Shingo's Oishii corner, imitating the old gag... and the real person joined in LOL!
vlcsnap-02653The aftermath, Shingo was too excited LOL!!!

... and... I WAN the Smastation episode with Mokomichi in it!!! Anybody knows where to get? *puppy face* XD
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In this SMAP Bistro, we have Last Cinderella's lead, Shinohara Ryoko and Miura Haruma. Their request is Hamburger Steak. Yumm...

So, ShingoxKusanagi team came up with Juicy Hamburger Kare Doria

While KimutakuxGoro team came up with Natto Sauce Tofu Hamburger... which had much rave by the guest. The winner was so obvious in this episode LOL.
Me: Must try especially after Kimutaku explained the main ingredients, looks doable!!!

Oishii Corner ~ Off course, it's Cinderella ojii-san! LOL!!! So befitting the drama. A lady acting like an ojii-san plus Cinderella as the title suggest).

The drama? It's an entertaining drama, lots of fun, most of the time not real, but they try to touch some women issues too, so it's no too much dreamy, though it's hard not to be dreamy if you see half naked Miura Haruma on each and every single episodes XD. I find that it's a lighter version of K-drama The Woman who Still Wants to Marry with totally different story line because in Last Cinderella, Sakura doesn't really take the urgency to get married with that much care though she makes a fuss about it.

So, how Kimutaku's hamburger tastes like?


Reality --> my lunch:

Ingredients (for 4 hamburger patties about 135gr each):
200gr minced meat
200gr pressed tofu (again, don't use silken tofu, your hamburger mix will be too watery)
1/2 onion, finely minced
1/2 cup bread crumbs (if you don't have bread crumbs, just toast ur bread (about 2.5 slices and blender them)
pepper, salt as needed

1 pack of natto (if your natto is frozen, heat it up in microwave for about 20-30 sec)
1 cup of dashi (I use home-made bonito stock --> easy, boil the bonito flakes according to the instruction on the pack and you'll be fine)
4 tbsp mayonnaise
2 tbsp soy sauce

Your favorite pasta
Pieces of bacon

How to:
1. In a bowl, mix all hamburger ingredients until well mix and form patties
2. Grill patties under low fire (high fire will burn your patties and leave the middle part not cooked) and maintain heat by placing it in the oven.
3. For sauce, whisk dashi & mayonnaise until well mixed. Then mix the rest and stir till well mixed. Transfer the sauce mix to sauce pan and bring it to boil and set aside. If you don't mix dashi and mayonnaise first, you won't get a smooth sauce, which is my mistake this time , but it still tastes good, just not a really nice looking sauce.
3. For pasta, boil pasta and cabbage together until pasta is al dente and then strain. On a pan, saute bacon till fragrant and add on pasta & cabbage. This time, I add on Tabasco for some kick (because my home made chili oil went bad).
4. Assembly: if you have a hot plate, you don't need to heat up the sauce again, but if you're like me, you need to heat up the sauce. Kimutaku added on something green in the sauce, but I have no idea what's that, suspect it's cilantro, but I forget to add it on, so that remains a question. So, on a plate, place hamburger and pasta side by side, add on sauce, done.

I now officially like natto! I used to hate natto because of the smell and the taste, but I think that'e because I don't know how to really eat it. However, Kimutaku and Matsujun motivates me to give natto a second chance and me like!!!
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Well, the good thing about SMAP Bistro if the guest is somebody who speaks English... I don't need to think so much LOL...
This is another hilarious simple episode without lots of talking over quizzes before the food judging...

Today's guest is The Terminator, Arnold Schwarzenegger. Man, he looks very old now, well, for a 65 years old grandpa, he's still looking good though! And! Only in SmaSma you get to call Arnold Shuwa-chan!
Shuwa-chan is in Japan to promote his movie The Last Stand.
And for today, Shuwa-chan orders Sushi (what a typical westerner!).

Team Kimura-Katori makes the Tofu custard with uni topping and cooked sushi set (using grilled beef, maguro and tempura ebi)... looks delish!
Personally, I'm very interested with the tofu. It looks easy to do as well, here's the recipe:
Soy milk
Nigari (bittern) --> anybody knows what this actually is? If I google, I get an endangered species... doesn't make sense!
The dashi to be mixed together and mix it with the soy milk (like what you do for chawan mushi):
Maguro dashi
Light soy sauce
Arrowoot flour (mix with water)
Cooking: Steam on high fire for 1 min, then low fire for 7 min. Once done, top it with uni! There you go, easy right?
Actually the sushi also easy to do, but the ingredients are the killer!

And Shuwa-chan requests for HOT sake!

Team Inagaki-Kusanagi did the seafood sushi... the raw type...
I'm impressed with the idea of slipping rice into maguro (off course they're using ootoro) and shape it into inari sushi and top it with unagi... ouwww the luxury! Only in SmaSma...

vlcsnap-02088Kimutaku shocked face when he's told that Shuwa-chan is 65 years old...
Who are we kidding, for all we know when Kimutaku is 65, he'll be still freaking hot XD...

Oishii corner! It's suspected that Shingo showed up as Terminator, but what he brings with him? Maguro sushi!
And he challanges Shuwa-chan with Japanese wasabi game, who's the man as he's the man in SMAP but then he shoves the wasabi sushi (LOTS OF WASABI) to TSUYOPPON!

vlcsnap-02092Look at how happy Kimutaku at Tsuyoppon's expense... DoS!
Tsuyoppon literally gamanshite not to cry over the wasabi LOL...

vlcsnap-02093Lukewarm reaction because Shuwa-chan announce softly that Kimutaku-Shingo team is slightly better than Goro-Tsuyoppon team...

So, they re-do the announcement with take 2 LOL...
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les miserables

So, yesterday I managed to watch this more than 2.5 hours musical movie (well, I didn't think that it'd be that long, so.. I was famished by the time it's finished). The movie? Well, it's a great movie! If you never read the book or go to the play or watch the older movie, then you should check this out. Les Misérables is one of the classics, so you won't lose anything by watching it. I normally can't stay awake fully throughout the whole musical episodes (it's the me who yawned over when watching Phantom of the Opera movie), but Les Misérables kept me awake the whole movie duration. Why? First, it's touching. How could you sleep when you watch how heartbreaking Anne Hathaway's 'I dreamed a dream'. If I watch this at home, I'd be weeping my heart out during that scene, really heartbreaking! Next, the team managed to compress that thick book into a movie that's actually moving, no merry go round, so for a non fan like me, I didn't feel any gap at all when I watch this. The setting and backgrounds are all done beautifully even though they're not pretty (French Revolution is never pretty).

But the real reason why I want to watch this movie? It's Hugh Jackman! What else? LOL, and off course I have to watch the movie after I saw him on SMAPxSMAP's 10.12.2012 episode. Honestly, I like seeing him promote his movies in Japan because he doesn't come across as snobbish/stuck up or annoying (I can name a few that I think act like they're higher than the beloved national idols when they appear on those idols' variety show and that miffed me actually), and here's the caps, in the honor of the gentleman (but more caps are on Amanda though coz she's just so pretty LOL).

Not that many caps though LOL... )

I have 1 request for Hugh, can you promote your future movie on Arashi ni Shiyagare? I wanna see Matsujun fanboying over you LOL...


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