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Well, well, we've come to the end of 2013! What drama have you watched so far? For me, I've watched... a lot. Thanks to the sudden good drama influx in summer (a brutal anomaly! Is the world coming to an end?). To top that, there're also lots of varieties to watch, and I've been randomly watching things nowadays, if I want to sleep more XD. So, in short, here's my list XD, off course there are some dumping bin too.

Long... but not that long XD... )

2014 is coming!!!!
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If epi 4 is about Asahi's liberation, this episode is a status quo because in the end we all know Asahi is supposed to be with Natsuki, not Hanae (me, Asahi-Hanae shipper: NOOOOOOO), anyway. Lots of things going on in this episode, too many that it feels like a 2 episode smashed up into 1. But, I feel like Toda is actually doing very well in this drama, she should be the lead instead. Her character is so strong that it overwhelms Asahi (sigh, Pi, you need to ganbare better okie? We still love you LOL)...


As usual, the pretties... )
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If Epi 3 is Toda's, this time it's Yamapi's! His character is totally liberated from all those gloomy expressions. Here he's all smiling cutely and pretty! And what's more? The drama finally starts to move too (sign? the rating goes up! Yey!), would really wonder how it'll untangle all those cupid arrows, well, we all know the result but we're also interested in the HOW, ne?

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The star of this drama is Toda Erika! Hands down! I really love her character here and she delivers it with guts. So expressive and daring. What about the male lead? Well... this episode put his skill to test too, gotta give him A+ for effort, he's a really hard working boy, but he's still got some more miles to go. The only thing that make him pass through with couple of extra points is his prettiness. Wish that the producers didn't make Asahi character to be that gloomy, too clingy to the past. It's too heavy for current Yamapi's acting skill. Give it to Matsujun, maybe it'll be different story

LOTS of Toda pretties because she deserved it in this episode... ).
Yeah, I'm the Hanae-Asahi shipper LOL... 
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A bit drunk awhile ago, but after an hour of browsing some glitters now I'm awake and have something to say about Summer Nude. I totally get it now why the rating drop so much on this episode. Seriously show, can you don't make potentially good drama with lots of pretties, I mean LOTS, become a boring drama? You have a good cast, strong supporting cast though the male lead is well... so so BUT he's a very hardworking boy, so you should be fine if you have a good plot. But what do we get for Epi 2? I almost sleep over some of the scenes here... those talking scenes are LONG, yeah... LONG... and the summer glimpses are well, not much... I hope the show makes more effort and throw in more freebies for me to take caps :p

Nevertheless, it's a pretty drama! )
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Summer is here! 来たよ! To mark the starting of the season, definitely we're here for the Summer Getsu9 and this year we're blessed with Yamapi's drama, Summer Nude. Like the previous year, summer is another season where I watch the least amount of drama so I kind of have my reservation on the current selection. However, I think Summer Nude will keep us entertain with the fast pace plot and summer love sparks.

A reminder for us... Getsu9 is the rabu rabu dorama where everybody is pretty (including the boys!) and everything is pretty (scenes, shots), so definitely your eyes will be pleased!


Let's get started with pretties! WARNING: if you don't like spoilers, DO NOT OPEN! )

I think I'll follow this drama. The pace is fast, as usual. No cliff hanger on Epi 1, but we see some juicy cut moments on the next week's preview. I find that the sea, beach, summer setting gives the relax and fun atmosphere for the whole cast. All of them looks relax and Yamapi doesn't seem to be trying too hard and as a result looks natural. Off course, I think having a good all round cast helps too. Lots of familiar faces, seriously... LOTS.

So, I can't wait for next week's episode and hopefully we'll see Yamapi surfing?

And off course, OST is 'Summer Nude 13' by Yamapi. It's a cover song with changes in arrangement to make it more light and less melancholic, but again, it's my opinion and I like the below performance!


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