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I watched Burnt because, well, everybody was raving on the food porn, which was really a food porn. Maybe it's just me, but the way Western portrays food looks flat to me. It's like you're looking at the glossy magazine pictures, only it's moving, because it's a movie. The food, though beautiful, it looks cold to me, and that saddens me. Maybe I'm just so used to watching SMAPxSMAP or other Japanese varieties whereby they shoot food when they're still puffing hot and with the soft lighting that it doesn't look 'cold,' and I'm always left feeling hungry (if I watch the show empty stomach) afterwards. So, really, maybe it's just me. And to heal myself, I'm digging back my food themed drama stash because Japan has tons of them, and I'm sure I only watched a fraction of it as I always keep my other requirement for my drama watching, everything must look pretty, not just the food.

It's puffing hot and appetizing... yum!
And here's the fraction of those drama... )

I think it's just the matter of preference what kind of presentation style that you like, for me, it just happens that I find the way J-drama presents the food and the story is more compelling :).

PS: I didn't include Kodoku no Gurume because I've never watched it and it's on season 5 already!
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It took me so long and I still haven't even gotten to the unfinished Winter season bucket and so another batch on unfinished drama this season too. Regardless, I'm quite happy with the Spring drama, there are drama that keeps me on the edges every week, drama that are just at the right phase for me to pick up, drama that are just simply beautiful and pretty to watch. Quite a diverse variety this time, and for once, no police drama this season! Nevertheless, the drama I picked this season are in general, moderate to heavy theme drama. From historical drama to drama with tons of social issues... yeah pretty heavy, but yet, interesting to watch.

The Drama )

The SPs )

Summer List

Arama posted the complete list awhile ago. It's a very long list, but there're not a lot that caught my attention. My list is rather sporadic and I find my stress level plays a very important role this time too in picking what I want to watch. I won't deny that 99.9% of my list are picked out of a very shallow prettiness soft spot. I just need to see lots of prettiness after sinking into the sea of darkness during the day so that I can keep on going for tomorrow. The only one drama picked not because of prettiness is Risk no Kamisama.

Hotel Concierge ~ Miura Shohei, no other much reason for this drama. But I prefer this compared to Ghost Writer. It's light and just pretty with the hotel hospitality, Japanese way. Epi 1 review in here.
37.5°C no Namida ~ The theme is actually interesting by itself. It's about a service company who provides care for sick children who are not fit to go to healthcare for the day. They call the 37.5C as the borderline whereby kids have to be taken back home. This especially creates the burden to the parents, especially single working parents in Japan where work is number 1 priority in their lives and having to take time off to take care of your family is given a side eye. But take a quick look to the drama for a minute, don't you think that there're too many good looking single dads in this drama? Narimiya (gosh how long has it been since his last drama?), Mokomichi. Plus the very strict sachou, Fujiki (he's aged quite a lot here, but nevertheless, still one of my fave ikemen!).
Koinaka ~ Getsuku drama is back to the normal mode and surprisingly, no Johnny's? Interesting. We have Fukushi Sota as the lead now. Epi 1 review in here for all the prettiness.
Omotesando Koukou Gasshoubu! ~ Typical high school drama with the ganbaru spirit lead character. The theme this time is around chorus so we're here for the harmonious group of young song birds and their pretty hot teacher *cough*. It's about time Shirota Yuu gets a teacher role. He has enough share of being high school student in so many beloved drama (Hana Kimi, Rookies), and I hope he gets to sing here too.
Risk no Kamisama ~ The idea of risk management here is more focus on product recalls and scandals, rather than the prevention route of the actual risk management (there no drama in here and the drama will be very boring). We have one of my fave uncle actor, Tsutsumi Shinichi here as your God of Risk. Toda Erika was brilliant in Epi 1 and I really symphatize her eaten up by her ambition and the big bosses' politics. Having Morita in this drama is a big bonus (the last drama I saw him in was Lunch no Joou... 13 years ago? LOL)
Okasan, Ore wa Daijoubu ~ 24Hr TV drama SP, in a standard way. This is the perfect time to bawl your heart out and I like Yamada :p
Kokoro no Kagaku sha, Narumi Saku no Challenge II ~ I have faith in Yamapi when it's not a romance role. He shows improvement in Algernon.
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Gotta give it to TBS to make beautiful jidaigeki drama, Seriously, no matter how you look at it, every screen in this episode is beautiful. And most of all, we get to see a totally different Sato Takeru here. His acting is so delightful to watch. Being a naughty country bumpkin who later taste tonkatsu, his expression in that scene is brilliant! I hope this drama is running for 10 episode or so, not just an 3 episode drama like Liquid (I also enjoy Liquid, sake making is just mesmerizing, though it'll be more mesmerizing if I have a bottle of sake next to me too, ha!).

Kamen Rider vs Hentai Kamen?
I like Sato's expression here! He really acting like a brat LOL.

Beautiful metaphor to depict the Tokuzo's relationship with the people surrounding him. And I like the chemistry between Tokuzo and his wife (cute! but also heart breaking, given Tokuzo's character).

First encounter with tonkotsu! His acting here reminds me of the manga scene of Glass Mask when Maya acted as Hellen Keller during the scene when Hellen tried to let out expression for water.

Trust Japanese TV to zoom in any kinds of food and make it mouth watering! The lighting, presentation, angle, all is done beautifully, and you have to be full already when you watch this drama, else...

Did I mention prettiness on every screen? this is one of the example, the few seconds before this scene is Tokuzo carried a cart of konbu passing a sakura lane (OMG the prettiness), and then we have this angle. So ordinary but I couldn't help noticing how pretty the scenes being shot!

OK, I couldn't resist! I went back watching to catch this cap! See, it's purposely taken from this angle and with the sakura, how pretty it is!

So, I'll be expecting more prettiness AND FOOD scenes in the coming episode, otanoshimi!


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