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I managed to get rid of I FOR YOU from my brain, but instead my brain decided to latch on to another song, FLOWER by GACKT. This song is so addicting and there're so many versions and arrangements, which makes it interesting to listen to. Well, to top it up, GACKT is an amazing performance artist, and hail Youtube for having so many clips on GACKT's concerts, wish it's the same for Johnny's stuff, but we all know Johnny's is ... Johnny's. But the interesting part is that he also can be funny in his variety show persona. His variety show image change slightly throughout the years (yeah, I've consumed enough clips from 2000 to 2015), but he knows what he's doing and I find that he smartly calculates whatever he says on TV. With that, to me GACKT is very mainstream LOL.

So, what GACKT gotta do with Arashi? If you've been following Arashi long enough, you'll definitely know those golden VS Arashi and the Shiyagare episodes. I still remember how much I laughed when I watched it the first time and the laughter didn't die down when I rewatch it again. And since I'm quite stressed out in the past few days, this post is kind of my therapy and there're tons of caps (I try to reduce them down though).
It's always interesting from these 4 episodes how Arashi turns into cute puppies (even Matsujun with his DoS persona) and flogging around the aniki. And GACKT seems to have some favorites among Arashi, and it's changing throughout the years too LOL.

It's gonna be a long post... 4 episodes compilation! )VS Arashi ~ 2009.07.04 )
VS Arashi 2009.11.26 )
Arashi Shiyagare 2011.07.16 )
VS Arashi 2012.01.03 )

I hope GACKT could appear again on Arashi show XD
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Finally it comes to the full circle! Nagano has appeared on VSA!

Normal episode with the usual entertainment and another repeatitive running gag. This time the highlight is Ohno (intentionally AND unintentionally, ha!).


To the caps... )
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It's weekend!!! Friday was not a good day for me. Too many problems with no solutions (that I need to think and ponder by myself and wonder why do I still work in this company? Oh, I need money to buy my entertainment and splurging loots T__T). But thanks to Arashi being very productive, there's always a tiny bit of medicine every week for the darkened heart and soul, and there's always a glimpse of rainbow tomorrow.
We're going to have Johnny's guesting back to back for 3 rows huh? Starting with Miyake (V6) last week, we had Kazappon this week, and next week is Nagano (V6). FujiTV, when you're going to have the whole V6 on the show? I demand this to happen soon!

This episode has some golden moment, actually 1 particular historical event by itself XD!

Guest for this week: Drama team 'Asunaro San San Nana Byoushi' with a blonde Kazappon

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I watch VSA based on the guests and plus one. And off course when my other fave Johnny's group guesting, I gotta watch.

This week's guest is V6 Miyake's drama team

I think Miyake features quite a lot in VSA lately, which is good. I like him doing more variety because he's like Nino & Aiba-chan combo in 1 person (the troll but klutz).
Some reasons to look forward in VSA:
1. Nino's fashion statement... This starts to slow down lately, the stylist run out of idea or Nino totally refuse to wear them. Only Nino can tell us, but I hope we're blessed with more Nino's fashion in the future.
2. Arashi fails, off course
3. Nino's trolling
4. Some specific moments, which totally depends on who is the guest of the day (this is totally random, unfortunately)

For this episode, I'll just cut to those that I find it entertaining (there are others but it's too long for cap)
But nevertheless... here we go:

Read more... )

So, happy birthday Matsujun! May we're blessed with more fantastic concerts, better drama/movies and you stay healthy and cute/kakkoii as always XD
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VS Arashi is rarely interesting especially lately that I've been skipping  fast forward & multitasking while watching it because the games are repetitive and if you've been watching it for years you sort of know whether Arashi will win or not based on who's the guest, who's the plus one and the type of games (yes, Arashi kinda sucks at certain game and play around at certain game too to control the score). To make it worse, now they take out MDA and turn it into the annual version, MMDA. I'd still prefer the weekly MDA where they blame each other or play dirty tricks, rather than trying to appeal anually via VTR (sure, we have interesting statistics data, but still... I'd prefer to have the raw blaming game, instead). Bet de Arashi is interesting at first, but I lost interest after the 2nd one, not sure why. The only interesting part from Bet de Arashi to me is Babanuki. The first babanuki is the best. I'd prefer Arashi alone play babanuki, instead of having guests participate. You can see a glimpse of their real character there, and it's much more amusing to watch.

So, what's interesting this time? Well, the SP has 2 section:
1. Usual game, with guest: Kanjani8
2. Babanuki game

If you intend to watch and don't like spoilers... )


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