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I shouldn't have watched this when it's still on air. This is not healthy and it's painful to wait for each week for new episodes and especially when we have the possible cancellation due to Olympic. Very painful.

The OTP is so adorable. The flirting is too much for the heart (or rather, basically Kang Chul flirts with any human beings he encounters). The kissing scenes are funny or sweet. No wasted characters so far and I like the Yeon Joo and Professor Park's scenes. Hillarious and get you back to the ground from too much day dreaming.

Don't forget to throw any details out of the window. Nevermind that the rain always pours during Kang Chul's angst moments, but his hair and suit are in perfect and prestine condition. Nevermind how many handphones that Yeon Joo has lost so far 2? 3? 4?... I lost count tbh. Nevermind not washing hair very often means it's not even oily but perfectly soft and fluffy.

Prof Park, you're not the only one...
Some screencap, basically tribute to Prof Park snarky comments... )
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Having a binge of K-drama after so many years gave me a new realization that I really like those drama which involves unrealistic aspects. Not in the sense of the dude is rich etc, but in the sense of time travel, different dimensions, super power abilities, saeguk but not those seriously historical and long ones (yeah those stuffs LOL). And I've developed a new habit of avoiding the high school theme drama, unless it's interesting to me. Most likely probably due to the so many live action in the past few years for the good or bad. Too many and it's overkilling.

Maybe this is also why I like watching Lee JunKi's saeguk drama and looking forward to Scarlett Heart Ryeo. So, this drama, W is not exception for me to tune in. 2 worlds between manhwa and reality with a good looking main character come to live. As a manga reader, this is like a dream come true, and coming from the writer of Queen InHyeon's Man, okay I'll bite.

Your face when the sad reality is slapped in front of your face XD

Serious attempt not to put in spoiler... but who am I kidding? )


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