Aug. 4th, 2017

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There's no Japan trip this year for me because the budget has to be allocated for hometown trips (dad is getting old and in constant need of monitoring, so I need to chip in as well, as much as I can), but I'll be damned if I literally not going anywhere for my own sanity this year. Going back hometown (included the 5 hours minimum drive aka stuck in traffic horror) doesn't count for vacation because family quality time is not equal to relaxing and winding down time, and definitely it's not translated to 'me' time. It does translate to 'tummy is happy' time but that's a different story. Anyway, this year I decided that it's time to pay my due to visit Bali... after almost 30 years. I've been reluctant to go to Bali because the air ticket for that 2 hours flight from Jakarta is not cheap, and it's never cheap especially if you're flying direct from Singapore (add 200$ more and you got your ticket to Tokyo for goodness sake), and let's be real, you don't really want to go to Bali, alone, not worth the hotel (not even talking about resort here) and driver expenses. So, this year my brother volunteers to be my escort to my little excursion, hence the trip. We went for a 4 days 3 nights free and easy aka with no real agenda and solely relying on our driver's suggestions.

Wallpaper picture perfect at the click of your mobile phone

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So, till next time, in Bali, I'll be sure to eat that nasi campur (mixed rice with tons of porky).


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