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Soon, we'll have all the shoujo manga imaginable turned into live action at the rate they're going now. Almost all manga that I have read or am currently reading have been turned into live action, either in form of a movie or a drama, and this is one of them. The question will be when they convert the current running manga, what will they do with the ending? Some screwed it up, some took the safe route aka ending of neither here nor there, some just followed the series faithfully and hope for the sequel, but every now and then there're who placed the bet and took the risk. Should I say this movie is the last one? Not really, and I don't think there'll be a life action who dare to totally take the challenge with the ending. However, Kanojo Uso Aishisugiteru does their best to interpret what the ending should be, which is acceptable to my book.

Again and again, the downside of having a serial manga turned into a 2 hours movie is that they have to skip lots of details, and often it end up with different portrayal compared to original. You'll feel slightly that aspect if you've read a glimpse of the manga then watch the movie. A lot of things were toned down in the movie, for example, Mari's bitchiness towards Riko, or Aki's digging his own grave by keep on lying, and off course one won't know the reason why Aki ghost write the song for Mari unless you read the manga.

But what makes me feel for the movie is Sato Takeru's portrayal of Aki. He gives lots of humanity to Aki, well, apart from being kakkoii and all. Aki is less of a douche bag in the movie but we still see how he digged his own grave by lying here and there and remedy is a lot harder than prevention, but hey, it's drama, right?

Quick highlights of the movie for me:

The closeness here gives you feel. XD

The lighting here is nice, and again, Aki's expression gives you 'see, this is what happens if you're not honest, at least tell your name properly!' :)

And off course, the angst! What's the point of having Sato Takeru here if we don't have the angst!

And lastly, the beautiful kissing scene! This movie did a fantastic job on it. Especially on the 2nd cap, look at how Aki's finger wrapped over Riko's head, it's the little details that makes the scene so romantic. <3

I'd prefer that the producers wait until the manga ends before they convert it to life action but guess can't be helped if they want to ride on the manga's success. I mean, score it while it's still hot?

So, what's next? 
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Well, well, we've come to the end of 2013! What drama have you watched so far? For me, I've watched... a lot. Thanks to the sudden good drama influx in summer (a brutal anomaly! Is the world coming to an end?). To top that, there're also lots of varieties to watch, and I've been randomly watching things nowadays, if I want to sleep more XD. So, in short, here's my list XD, off course there are some dumping bin too.

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2014 is coming!!!!
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Time flies so fast and we're in the middle of 2013 now. My review gets more condense as times goes by too. From long detail review, to seasonal, quarterly and now semi annually. Well, we can always blame it to the work, stress level and too many things to watch. So, now, I've done my Arafes selection, caught up on some episodes, watched some old drama, lamented why NEWS didn't open their concert to international fans (again), I'm finally ready to list down what I've been watching for the past 6 months (excluding those old ones and varieties). So, we first will classify the drama by season as always, and then by which ones I love, managed to watch the whole thing, and off course, dumping bin.

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