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The list is purely subjective. Those are not in this list would mean I haven't watched them or I haven't finished them or I dropped them or I just don't have much or enough opinion about them.

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It's good that I was asked about Drama List because honestly I lost track of what I've watched. I just list down what I can find on my HDs and what I remembered watching. I only include what I finished, so those half way and drop are not in this list. I just mention once for those who has Season 1, 2, 3 plus SP plus movie, whichever. You can google them and it'll include the whole franchise :).

I used to watch K-drama too and I think that list is also long, but... I'm not in K-drama land anymore...
I put in the cut because I just realize that it's... LONG... )

I won't update this so often, maybe at the end of the year LOL...
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Just an FYI. I'm MIA due to work (off course, what else?) and getting into the realm of personal project (quite excited about it, I'll share it in due time, but before that lots of effort needed, hence it'll take my time watching drama away).

In anyhow, the dramas that I'm watching now (yes, miraculously I'm still watching some):
Criminal Minds - I'm taking this really extra slow because I can't stomach the stress that comes after watching each episode. It gets my brain to think and ponder harder and I don't have the capacity for this right now.
Code Blue S3 - LOVE THIS. Well, I'm a fan of Code Blue franchise as a whole, and they're going to get a movie next year! Finally, FujiTV realize that they can make better money than just running an SP. But it better be a good story and epic rescue case because the SP years ago already had the colossal case.
Temperature of Love - I like Seo Hyun Jin, so that's why I watch this right away. It seems that it's going to be just like the typical K-drama, but hey, we have Ahn Jae Wook there... yumm...
Live Up to Your Name - I put on hold of this after episode 2, the lady character is hateful towards TCM for not a good enough reason, it's more for resentment and spite rather than not believing TCM for the different approach from the Western medicine.

And then I'm also watching the variety show 3 Meals A Day because... the food! For this season, they got too much upgrade, in my opinion that I kind of miss the previous season when they don't have too many ingredients and gadgets and yet still producing yummy food.
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I haven't been watching any drama in particular nowadays, I guess work is getting in a way and the unnecessary stress level starts to build up lately, but anyhow, I finally finish watching this pretty drama. At the end of the day, unfortunately this is what it came down to, this drama is a pretty drama, the color, the scenes are pretty, there's no doubt about it. But then? Ah, this is where all the ugly parts come about.

Read it at your own discretion, may contain spoiler, but since this is my blog... )
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There's no Japan trip this year for me because the budget has to be allocated for hometown trips (dad is getting old and in constant need of monitoring, so I need to chip in as well, as much as I can), but I'll be damned if I literally not going anywhere for my own sanity this year. Going back hometown (included the 5 hours minimum drive aka stuck in traffic horror) doesn't count for vacation because family quality time is not equal to relaxing and winding down time, and definitely it's not translated to 'me' time. It does translate to 'tummy is happy' time but that's a different story. Anyway, this year I decided that it's time to pay my due to visit Bali... after almost 30 years. I've been reluctant to go to Bali because the air ticket for that 2 hours flight from Jakarta is not cheap, and it's never cheap especially if you're flying direct from Singapore (add 200$ more and you got your ticket to Tokyo for goodness sake), and let's be real, you don't really want to go to Bali, alone, not worth the hotel (not even talking about resort here) and driver expenses. So, this year my brother volunteers to be my escort to my little excursion, hence the trip. We went for a 4 days 3 nights free and easy aka with no real agenda and solely relying on our driver's suggestions.

Wallpaper picture perfect at the click of your mobile phone

What we did... )

The beaches... )

The dances... )
The craft )
Side notes... )

So, till next time, in Bali, I'll be sure to eat that nasi campur (mixed rice with tons of porky).
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I actually have the caps done BEFORE I went back Singapore, and thought of writing the rest during my vacation... as if that's going to happen. Now back down under, the caps are still here and nothing written, plus they already up to episode 8, far away from episode 2 obviously. But nevertheless, it's a shame to waste caps (especially the pretty ones), so here we are. Bride of Water God is based on manhwa, and that's the only similarity, story-wise. Just like the terminology of 'remake' in Criminal Minds, the term 'live action' shouldn't be used for this series. They should just use 'inspired', not even adaptation, if they're just going to take the theme and some if not all the characters' names, and have the story completely different from the manhwa counterpart. Thankfully I'm not invested in the manhwa so I'll just look at this drama as a clean blank canvas, and yes, without being attached to the manhwa, it's a nice light romcom drama to watch. TVN doesn't really disappoint me so far.

Divine blessing from a Water God? What could it be, hmmm...

Bless us with the prettiness... )
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After a drama yesterday (why there's always a drama whenever I went travelling, but moral of the story is NO MORE SCOOT for me), I'm finally back at home with backache, neck pain, 3 weeks worth of laundry, n tons of goodies (the only consolation I got from yesterday's drama), but that didn't stop me to watch Criminal Minds. Who am I kidding, I just watched each episode the moment it got subbed anyway (thankfully, the urge is not as bad as that harem drama, probably because it being a police drama). So, being labelled as a remake, how does it fare? I read tons of ranting from international fans (it's too obvious that I don't even bother reading anymore), and I haven't read anything being said of opinion from people in Korea itself (which I'm more interested to read, but not the hater comments off course). But having watched the first 2 episodes, I have a few things to say as well.

Being cool looks so natural when you're good looking eh?

It's going to be long a blab blab blab )

Somebody should tell any production team to loose the term 'remake' and just use 'adaptation' instead. It solves all the problems. No over expectation, and it leaves tons of leeway for the team to change things up. It doesn't cause people to think less because it's ambiguous and it triggers curiosity, not condemnation from the get go. Why people keep on insisting on the term remake anyway? We all know that just going to cause lots of shit stirring, hmphh...

Hyun Jun smirking at the word 'remake'...
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Couple of things that I got excited about this week...

Criminal Minds starts tomorrow!! Finally back to seeing LJK kicking ass, this time I hope he has more kick ass fight scenes. As more teasers and trailers are upped, the drama looks more promising than I initially thought. I have a feeling it'll be more gruesome than the US version because well, K-drama likes to play up the emotion aspect and if they can make the bad guys excruciatingly evil in makjangs, what the chances are when they have tons of psycho characters at their disposal for this drama. I hope this time the rating is better than the harem drama...

Next, we have a longer trailer for Sensei, and most of the scenes from what I remember is from the first arc of the story, so.. if they're going to cram the whole thing, and I suspect they also try to include the side story too... omg, please don't. The manga did have a long round about on Hibiki's rebellious period, but I really hope they don't cover that because... really I thought those are filler in the manga itself lol. Anyway, Toma looks good as Itou sensei huehehe...

And finally... finally! Waki Yamato's manga Haikarasan ga Tooru gets anime movie adaptation, 2 parts. I love the manga, though my favorite Waki Yamato works is still Yokohama Monogatari, but Haikarasan is still set at the same time period. But again, I wonder how are they going to cram 7 volumes into 2 movie parts? hmmm... nevertheless, still excited about this one!

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4-Go Keibi Epi 1

Finally 1 J-drama that doesn't irk me upon watching 1st episode. It's been awhile. I don't think it's a spectacular drama, but at least this one draw my attention and keep me on the screen throughout the whole episode. Having 30min length help as well, I guess. Instead of the detectives or police, now we have bodyguard drama. But you know when it's bodyguard drama, we're often shoved by the potential romance plot eg. Boku to star no 99 nichi or manxman (I'm just pushing it here, coz the secret agent is posing as bodyguard here). Don't get me wrong, it's not that such plot is bad, but kind of tiring. So when we have a bodyguard duo just doing their job and the drama involves their client and how these 2 helped their client while guarding their lives, it's somewhat refreshing. I think more points on this drama is on both Kubota & Kitamura's chemistry. I maybe biased since I like both of them haha... anyways, at last something that I can tune in (waiting for the subs)...

Meanwhile, Saiyuki is finally here!!! I lost count how long the wait is, no matter, it's coming, I can taste it! I really hope nobody convert this into a live action. I mean, the musical is fantastic, but live action? Maybe too much unless they can magically do a nice CGI for all the badassery from the anime. I may sway though if they have Fukuyama Masaharu as Sanzou? LOL


Jun. 18th, 2017 10:30 am
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So, finally the trailer for Narratage is out. I mean, it's Matsujun... but why I'm not excited about this movie... at all? *sad*
I like Matsujun in romance, and this is not the first time he's doing a movie with the extra marital theme. Remember that hot movie called Tokyo Tower with Okada? I like that movie and the affairs plot in that movie is no joke, tons of lust and wrongs, and heck they even gave happy ending to Okada while Jun got the bittersweet ending. But this one... the idea of the story itself is kind of repulsive to me. I don't mind extra marital theme, but I don't know, with so many drama with similar theme in the past few years, it puts questions in my mind. Are they trying to right these types of affairs by romanticizing it? Or is it because the character is a teacher, and if they romanticize this, it kinds of gives a very wrong image to teachers as education pillars? Oh, I'm praying real hard that the affair only starts after the girl graduated (lessen the guilt, but not lessen the affair itself).

I also get the logic of taboo equals to romantic in Japan. While I find that it works for anime, it doesn't seem to work for drama, at least for me. It's easier to detach the anime or manga against the reality, but it's different if it's a drama or movie with actual people acting on it. Especially when the actor is somebody from Johnny's with MEGA fanbase of ladies with very wide age gap and the majority are at school age. What message does this convey? Schoolgirls can seduce their teachers and the teachers will reciprocate like Matsujun? Or Schoolgirls can fantasize on Matsujun to be their teacher and on their bed? Really?

And the way the trailer is packaged looks more like a commercial movie rather the artsy movie (you know those that goes to Cannes festival kind of movie). So, clearly this caters to a very wide general public, not aim for artistic value therefore targeting a niche type of audiences.

If this is the idea of Japan to encourage its citizens to have more babies then... ... ...

All in all, if I were going to see this movie, it'll be just for Matsujun only, and I really hope to be proven wrong.

And I'm not excited about 99.9% season 2 either, didn't finish the 1st one (struggle actually), what makes me want to watch the 2nd one? *sobs*

The Mummy

Jun. 16th, 2017 08:14 pm
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Err, yeah... I guess my week is so much of a roller coaster ride that I have no idea what was I thinking when I reimbursed my movie voucher to watch this one. I like the old Mummy movies (yeah those old ones with Brendan Fraser) so I probably thought why not. Off course, I couldn't be bothered to read all those reviews because... it's not k-drama and after so long not watching Hollywood movies, I can't find any difference anyway. And, throughout the whole 2 hours plus, I have this thought 'OMG, what was I thinking, this is torture! I just wasted 2 hours of my life watching this while the time can be better spent watching any k-drama or even the marriage propaganda j-dorama or even reading soxsoo fanfic'
Obviously I'm ranting here... )
The only thing that makes me less mad for the opportunity cost of my time is I used my 'it's expiring this month' movie voucher and I should have just use it to watch Kuroshitsuji OVA or even, like my friend suggested Baywatch movie (just to see Zac Efron's abs --> quoted) instead. Regret is futile. And I hope tomorrow's Wonder Woman is much better (my brother said it's good, and so does Tumblr), and yeah, I still have 1 more of the 'it's expiring this month' movie voucher.
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I ran through my J-movie stash since a friend of mine asked about Kuroshitsuji live action, not sure why she wants to watch this one (the movie where the only main point is HIRO IS SO DAMN KAKKOII, and that's it) while shunned Kenshin live action from the get go (I suggested it and it got shut down right away LOL). And... while running through my stash, I started clicking and I just marathon-ed 2 movies... Tenshi no Koi and Hanamizuki. Clearly these 2 movies are NOT the right movie to watch on a weekday, damn I'm still half sobbing as I'm writing this.

I think I'm going to just rewatching my old stash of movies. They just reminds me why I love J-movies and dramas in the first place, the magic! It gives you that feels, hard to describe, the closest thing that I can think of, is the depth of emotions are conveyed from the movies. Maybe it's the script or just the overall theme of the movie itself, but it's something that's lacking from the current J-movies. Seriously, they really gotta stop with all those live actions, unless they really put real effort in producing them. Else, don't, just stop, you're butchering fantastic manga stories that actually still have that magic and those magical moments that makes you squeel in manga and they just disappear the moment you see it on screen, and that's just SAD T__T.

So here I'm praying hard that Ikuta Toma's Sensei! is not butchered *crossing fingers & toes*

... the whole trailer here translated to just the first 10 chapters only... out of 80plus chapters... gee, I'm really extremely nervous now LOL...

On the seinen live action part, based on the trailers, it looks like Gintama (though I'm not the fan) and Fullmetal Alchemist will be the good ones, and I still have reservation for Ajin & Tokyo Ghoul (not from the acting part, the packaging part).
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The upcoming Nam Joo Hyuk's drama (yeah, now I know the kid's name and even know how to spell it LOL). Read the manhwa halfway and the overall story is good, though the manhwa itself is confusing to read, at least for me. I mean, we have a tortured damaged male lead, a pretty and strong female character, lots of dubious, or just plain evil side characters, so what more can you ask for a drama? Which probably this is why it's made to a live action. Only... why they change the setting to modern era, I mean, look at this teaser! Just.. Look!! Nam Joo Hyuk is so freaking pretty, WITH LONG HAIR! That's why he's so noticeable in Scarlet Heart Ryeo, well, aside from his character being the adorbs cinnamon rolls, but before that it's his prettiness that caught my eyes (I'm just a sucker for pretty stuff).

Will this drama be a good one? I DON'T KNOW, especially knowing that it's so hard to judge live action without seeing it butchering the original works, especially if you already have the major setting change from the get go. But oh hey, just enjoy the prettiness that is Nam Joo Hyuk. And I really want to know how they're going to have the interchanging between adult Ha Baek and kid form Ha Baek... don't tell me they change that as well?

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This is bad, basically I've been working over weekends and stressing over silly or not so silly things. I was literally not myself when I was at the grocery store today and just randomly picking things up without thinking of how to assemble later. And worse, I haven't been watching drama like before. Nothing seems to be interesting, or what it does seem interesting soon come out bland, hence the slowness in picking up new episodes.

For J-drama, I tried:
CRISIS - I like this one but it's getting darker by each episode, it's like being good doesn't mean that you can change the world. And basically the team is working protecting the scumbags of important people, sad. I'll watch this very very slowly.
Boku, Unmei no Hitodesu - Not even finishing 1 episode. It's bloody damn boring. The marriage propaganda is shoved to your throat right from the get go and the idea of fate and destiny seems forceful to the point of wtf. Is it so hard to have the beautiful notion of fate and destiny in a drama nowadays? The only saving grace in this drama is how good looking Yamapi is in here :p.
Frankenstein no Koi - The first episode is interesting, and I like Ayano Go's portrayal of Frankenstein here, BUT the girl is bloody damn annoying.
Kizoku Tantei - Tried 1st episode, it's completely an obligatory watching, I don't even think I can finish this though. It's equivalent to Mikeneko, only Mikeneko is worse.
Kinkyuu Torishirabeshitsu S2 - I like the first episode, the twist and turn of the case is interesting, and Mokomichi is eye candy as ever :). Definitely will continue this, though I find S1 is still better (but are all drama like this anyway? LOL)
Anata no Koto wa Sore Hodo - So J-drama has no more variation other than marriage propaganda or extra marital affair? What happen with the nice phase of slowly built up romance? Non existance anymore? Seriously? We even have Hirugao the movie this year, it's refreshing at first, but it's damn cliche now, BORING.

For K-drama:
My Secret Romance - ah, I want to write a full write up on this one, so I'll hold my words for now. Basically this is my fave for this season.
Suspicious Partner - I skipped a lot, not gonna lie, but the OTP is precious, so will keep on watching.
ManxMan - It's funny at first, but the latter episode seems draggy, probably will continue once it's finished, which is ... soon.
Ruler: Master of the Mask - I'll wait after the drama is finished so that I can skip all those old man scheming scenes, really, don't need to watch all these stress inducing scenes. and... don't tell me Yo Seung Ho character will die at the end, ha!
Whisper - I follow this on and off, but it's ok, not so bad, except for some stupidity that I can't stomach.
Tunnel - I'm still at episode 13, seems can't move past this, the mood to watch this died after Kwang Ho went back to the past.

OK, I think I'm going to snooze again...
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As much as I don't like the way Johnny's managing their idols (the frequency is getting more often now especially after SMAP saga, it's more of a love-hate relationship now), I can't deny that they still deliver the best concerts, even when I have no idea most of the songs. I don't follow HSJ closely and only know some of their songs, but I'd use their concerts the base for Johnny's concert for the younger groups, with probably Kisumai as exception. The budget is definitely higher than V6's, judging from the stage, props and the costumes. HSJ is still the orthodox Johnny's idols in my book, some of their songs maybe closer to K-pop (those cooler ones) and no, they're not K-pop (I just use it for simple comparison), but majority of their songs are still the bubble gum cheery summery sugary with tons of pop tunes that you'll definitely enjoy for concerts. You may not feel it when you listen to it individually, but it's different in concerts, and that's part of Johnny's magic.

Glitters, feathers, furs, power ranger's primary colors, leopard prints, sparkles

The chandeliers... )

Johnny's literally spoils my standard for a concert and it gives another meaning to concerts as not just live performance, but a complete package of entertainment. In the world of Johnny's, singing live is not a priority, nice to have, but do we really care? Not really. What we do care is we smile and feel happy and giddy and left with a pang of heart after the concert is over. That's Johnny's magic.
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I thought it would be easy to ramble about topics that I'm quite familiar with and just like drama etc, it's proven to be completely wrong especially when you start to think and ponder about the very topic. Why writing is so difficult? It's all in the brain but it's so difficult to get it out and put it in structure that is easy to digest for other people than yours truly. No wonder I sucks so much in doing slides in RL.

Anyhoo, so I decided that the next topic to delve with in this series will be the very basic one, face wash. Everybody have to wash their face anyway, even dudes with all their macho testosterone hormones, right? If not, then... OK let's not go there, yeah? The only sole main reason to wash our face is for hygienic purposes, cleanliness, nothing else. It's the same concept as taking shower, bath, so why are we talking about it? It becomes a little bit complex because it's our face and most of the time we put more care to it, hence we have face wash products and just like any other skincare products out there, there're gazillions types, brands, combinations of face wash out there in the market, and yeah, it's very overwhelming especially when you see a literally one aisle of face wash at your frequented chemist.

Let's start the FAQ )
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Well, we again have abundance of live action, which thankfully not only shoujo manga, this year. Lots of them still have Yamaken as lead, which I refuse to watch because I don't like this kind of overexposed aspect, though it's mostly good for him, and I don't really know how to appreciate this kid. This time I just want to talk about 2 of the live action, Tokyo Ghoul and Ajin, these 2 movies are going to be released only 2 months apart from each other, Tokyo Ghoul in July and Ajin in September. What interests me is that these 2 are very similar. Hence, let's talk about them ;).

Ramble time )

And here're the trailers, the short ones, I'm still waiting for the longer trailers.

Now, when are we going to have Psychopass live action? Is Cybil system too hard to create by CG? The cosplay folks can even do it well (here), surely the real production can do this?


Apr. 21st, 2017 04:47 pm
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This is the fruit of me not sleeping and just finished the whole 20 episodes in 1 sitting. Is it that interesting? Well, to be frank, it's the usual old style k-drama, if it makes it even more obvious, we have the same OTP from Stairway to Heaven (Kwon Sang Woo & Choi Ji Woo), well, I watched this because of this OTP anyway, and I have to check the last episode first before I even continued watching the whole thing because I'm still traumatized and scarred by Stairway to Heaven's ending (not as traumatizing as that harem drama but still, scarred). And I'm still recovering of the lack of sleeping, yes it's been 3 days since the long weekend and we're going to another semi long weekend (another public holiday next week), so I better show result of this catastrophe.

In all the fun of k-drama, what intrigues me is that albeit the chaebol war setting, the focus is mainly on the relationships. Whether we think this drama is compelling or wrong depends on how we view marriage, relationship and partnership. When exactly a marital affair is a marital affair? At what point we accept that it's an affair or not? How much trust we should put in our partner? How much effort we should put in the relationship?

Caution: Some of you may find my opinions are not agreeable, and I ain't a relationship expert either, but thought I put it out first because I always find this topic a gray area despite the black and white moral value that we have.

Whoaa, what's with this heavy topic? )


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