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It took me so long and I still haven't even gotten to the unfinished Winter season bucket and so another batch on unfinished drama this season too. Regardless, I'm quite happy with the Spring drama, there are drama that keeps me on the edges every week, drama that are just at the right phase for me to pick up, drama that are just simply beautiful and pretty to watch. Quite a diverse variety this time, and for once, no police drama this season! Nevertheless, the drama I picked this season are in general, moderate to heavy theme drama. From historical drama to drama with tons of social issues... yeah pretty heavy, but yet, interesting to watch.

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Summer List

Arama posted the complete list awhile ago. It's a very long list, but there're not a lot that caught my attention. My list is rather sporadic and I find my stress level plays a very important role this time too in picking what I want to watch. I won't deny that 99.9% of my list are picked out of a very shallow prettiness soft spot. I just need to see lots of prettiness after sinking into the sea of darkness during the day so that I can keep on going for tomorrow. The only one drama picked not because of prettiness is Risk no Kamisama.

Hotel Concierge ~ Miura Shohei, no other much reason for this drama. But I prefer this compared to Ghost Writer. It's light and just pretty with the hotel hospitality, Japanese way. Epi 1 review in here.
37.5°C no Namida ~ The theme is actually interesting by itself. It's about a service company who provides care for sick children who are not fit to go to healthcare for the day. They call the 37.5C as the borderline whereby kids have to be taken back home. This especially creates the burden to the parents, especially single working parents in Japan where work is number 1 priority in their lives and having to take time off to take care of your family is given a side eye. But take a quick look to the drama for a minute, don't you think that there're too many good looking single dads in this drama? Narimiya (gosh how long has it been since his last drama?), Mokomichi. Plus the very strict sachou, Fujiki (he's aged quite a lot here, but nevertheless, still one of my fave ikemen!).
Koinaka ~ Getsuku drama is back to the normal mode and surprisingly, no Johnny's? Interesting. We have Fukushi Sota as the lead now. Epi 1 review in here for all the prettiness.
Omotesando Koukou Gasshoubu! ~ Typical high school drama with the ganbaru spirit lead character. The theme this time is around chorus so we're here for the harmonious group of young song birds and their pretty hot teacher *cough*. It's about time Shirota Yuu gets a teacher role. He has enough share of being high school student in so many beloved drama (Hana Kimi, Rookies), and I hope he gets to sing here too.
Risk no Kamisama ~ The idea of risk management here is more focus on product recalls and scandals, rather than the prevention route of the actual risk management (there no drama in here and the drama will be very boring). We have one of my fave uncle actor, Tsutsumi Shinichi here as your God of Risk. Toda Erika was brilliant in Epi 1 and I really symphatize her eaten up by her ambition and the big bosses' politics. Having Morita in this drama is a big bonus (the last drama I saw him in was Lunch no Joou... 13 years ago? LOL)
Okasan, Ore wa Daijoubu ~ 24Hr TV drama SP, in a standard way. This is the perfect time to bawl your heart out and I like Yamada :p
Kokoro no Kagaku sha, Narumi Saku no Challenge II ~ I have faith in Yamapi when it's not a romance role. He shows improvement in Algernon.
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Getsuku dorama is back to the usual theme, rabu rabu! And off course with eye candy, double ikemen with the same name too! Oh dorama, you just love toying around with us, huh? First episode is basically giving us background and setting on what the drama would be and where all the drama would basically derive from. I'd think it's a good start and have a feeling that there're gonna be tons of angst in this drama. We already see the glimpse of it in Epi 2 preview.

Meet Aoi. Fukushi Sota's character here is a bit different (really A BIT, TINY THIN LAYER KINDA BIT) from his usual shoujo manga ikemen lead. In here, he's still kakkoii but more dorky and have zero confidence when it comes to Akari. He's just a typical 'boy' here, trying to have a panty peek (which he failed misserably), stealing a glance of the girl he likes. Again, zero confidence that therefore all the drama! You'd want to start smacking him to his senses since this very episode LOL.

Off course like any other dorama, we're blessed with:

Fan service! What a beautiful sight!

Pretty scenery because it's summer. How many times you've seen this in a dorama? Yeah... but you'd still enjoy the FEELS...

And speaking about feels, we have these too! Those scenes that would make you feel warm & fuzzy or screaming with angst.

From this scene we know already roughly what's gonna happen, ne? LOL, but what twist & turn that they're gonna pull for, this is the interesting bit.
And finally, this episode just screaming viva seishun! as this is the past that builds up the drama ahead. A good start and I hope the drama team uphold the storyline together!
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I have so many things I want to write but I don't have enough that much time to think and ponder around, and after a stressful day, I seriously in need of eye candy to bleach my black crusted heart so that it's ready for tomorrow's battle.

Just like hotel themed drama, Hotel Concierge will involve the guests and the staffs relationship and cases. This time the focus is on the concierge. So what's different about this one? Well, Epi 1 is pretty standard, I guess, the novice concierge striving to ensure customer happy stay, and she'll go extra mile at that. I'd guess the subsequent will give the standard lay out of hotel themed drama, but I'd still like to find out what's the development on the management side and what would happen to Amano, that novice concierge.

Welcome to Hotel Vollmond... where only in drama that ALL the hotel employees are either good looking, eye candy or at the minimum, pleasant looking, and that includes the linen aunties and uncles on the management department. Pretty to look at and it'll give your eyes a nice spa treatment.
Seriously, I never see a hotel concierge this eye candy. Only this drama LOL! In here, Miura Shohei's character is more like the serious working concierge who goes by the book to deliver excellent service. His definition of service is different from Amano (played by Nishiuchi Mariya). I hope this drama break down his character, seriously, I feel like pinching this fake polite smile LOL.

See? When you line them up, this concierge team is really pleasing to the eyes!
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OMG, 1 quarter of 2015 just passed and Spring 2015 season will start soon. Why does time fly so fast? Well, this season, there's a lot of misses for me because I ended up watching dramas that were not in the list and so many drama were dropped or I haven't continued watching it again, but there are some interesting drama that this season has offered. So all in all, not a bad season. Lots of heavy drama, being it's winter season, but there are some light drama being offered as well.

Winter 2015 )And now, the SPs... )The rest... )

And, we already have the Spring 2015 season line up! This time, I don't think I'll have lots of things to watch, unless there're some rave review somewhere.
It's always good when there's a compilation of short synopsis on each drama like what arama did here, and my list are:
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Finally I have my UNLIMITED internet! *yey!!! Throw confetti*
In celebration of this, let's watch some kiddie drama. Yes, after watching this, I seriously feel old LOL.

In short, the drama focus on the little girl. How she envies other girls who have their onii-chan to pick them up in case of raining (oh how shoujo manga cliche here LOL). How messy the household is that a primary school kid have to do the family balancing book, cutting up supermarket coupons and doing housework (where's the rest of the family??). Would it be nice to have a yasashii onii-chan at the time like this? *yeah right, yasashii onii-chan only appears in shoujo manga, sweetie*. So, apparently in this drama, you can get your onii-chan from a gachapon machine. LOL, and you can guess where this goes to...

Will she get her dreamy onii-chan?

Gacha gacha onii-chan... )

And now that gacha gacha song sticks in my head... LOL Oh Johnny's... never fail to entertain...
PS: whoever design the choreograph for this gacha gacha song needs to be smacked. I feel sorry for the boys doing that dance routine, though I kind of get why such gestures and movements, but... it's just too much LOL.
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Thank goodness I'll have my unlimited internet soon!! yokatta! Looking at 2015 Winter drama list, does winter season now take over what fall season used to be? so many drama that i want to watch for this season, and omg are they getting too generous in throwing ikemen in each drama? and, how tanihara sousuke can have 2 drama in 1 season? over productive? not complaining hough


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So what's your list?


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