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What.did.I.just.watch???? I felt so bad, n have the need to pat and hug Allen. Seriously, shits that happened to Kanda suddenly doesn't look so bad compared to Allen's. What's with that cardinal? Too many shitty 'humans' in the Order itself, and the pope and hitler dude seriously need to die!

And Kanda and Allen, that's a very beautiful friendship!  Allen didn't give up on Kanda and now he's paying Allen back, and thank goodness he's alive (the only good thing from this season).

I kept having this feeling that the Noahs are not the actual bad guys. The good and tge bad is always not purely black and white here, but one thing for sure, the world will be a happier place without the hitler dude.

ps. do not watch ep. 11 in the middle of the night or you'll wake up the neighbors in horror state, and I need a timcappy for myself.

so, when is the next season? another 10 years?

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Finally, I managed to watch D.Gray-man. I kind of lost on what happened to Allen, but I don't want to re-watch all the old episodes (too many people died in this anime, same like Shingeki no Kyojin), so I know jolly well that my current heart won't be able to take it. Then come towards the end... why the hell, oh why the hell, they killed off Cross Marian? what the hell????? I hope it's just a camouflage or something, he's not actually dead... but then this is D.Gray-man, people die like nobody business in this anime, sigh...

And then why we still have that Hitler look-a-like dude? They should have just kill him instead, and I hate that dude. He endlessly makes all the main characters suffer directly or indirectly.

PS: I don't find that I miss the old voices, which surprised me as well.

PPS: after episode 4, all I can say is... whoaa, that's BRUTAL!!! Only epi 4 and so many died!! This anime really has no mercy... and don't you dare kill Kanda!! Don't you dare!!!


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