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I watched Burnt because, well, everybody was raving on the food porn, which was really a food porn. Maybe it's just me, but the way Western portrays food looks flat to me. It's like you're looking at the glossy magazine pictures, only it's moving, because it's a movie. The food, though beautiful, it looks cold to me, and that saddens me. Maybe I'm just so used to watching SMAPxSMAP or other Japanese varieties whereby they shoot food when they're still puffing hot and with the soft lighting that it doesn't look 'cold,' and I'm always left feeling hungry (if I watch the show empty stomach) afterwards. So, really, maybe it's just me. And to heal myself, I'm digging back my food themed drama stash because Japan has tons of them, and I'm sure I only watched a fraction of it as I always keep my other requirement for my drama watching, everything must look pretty, not just the food.

It's puffing hot and appetizing... yum!
And here's the fraction of those drama... )

I think it's just the matter of preference what kind of presentation style that you like, for me, it just happens that I find the way J-drama presents the food and the story is more compelling :).

PS: I didn't include Kodoku no Gurume because I've never watched it and it's on season 5 already!
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I decided to make a QUARTERLY review of 2012 drama and be warned that this is going to be a very LONG post to read. Rare, huh? Well, that’s because suddenly there’re just so many things to watch this year and I find it’s getting more and more difficult to remember what I’ve watched and what I’ve haven’t watched. I see the 2009 pattern is repeating again because OMG there’re just so many detective themed dramas this season and more will keep on coming. Not that I’m complaining because I like detective themed drama especially when they’re offering different type of story line, and definitely not just a certain elite is ‘dumped’ to some ‘special unit’ and solving certain unsolved, weird whatever cases. Thankfully so far I don’t see this type of plot, but regardless, I still see some color in this season too. Spring  season is already starting, so I better clear my inventory list (yeah, 2012 list is getting longer, especially on the movie part, they’re just keep coming and it’s getting hard to keep up).

So, let’s start :) :) )
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Winter 2012 is starting, which means... new dramas to watch! For starter, we have Hungry! (what a awkward title, but who cares? It's English!), which just aired few days ago, and to prove that it's one of the highly anticipated drama, the sub came out exactly 24 hours after it's aired! Me and the rest of fangirls are clapping with joy! Mind you, this is not Korea dramaland, so subs are usually expected to come up 1 week after the episode was aired, so 24 hours release means either the drama is good or LOTS of people are anticipating it. So, is it that good? Is it worth your time?

Hungry! is about the story of Yamata Eisuke told from the heroine's point of vew. Yamate Eisuke was the only son of a lady chef, owner of French restaurant, 'Le Petit Chou.' Since young, he'd been learning how to cook French cuicine and had a delicate taste bud. He even won cooking competition with his gift. However, puberty changed it all, he met rock music and decided to become a rock musician. He made a deal with his mom that if his music career isn't going anywhere by the time he's 30, he'll return back to cooking. Unfortunately, his mom passed away unexpectedly and he decided to take over the restaurant. Alas, his dad, the no good artist but a good father, sold the restaurant to Aso, who quickly turned it into a high end French cuisine restaurant, a total opposite from Le Petit Chou. Instead of burried with sorrow, Eisuke with the desire to revive Le Petit Chou, decided to use his mom's food storage warehouse aka his dad art studio into the new Le Petit Chou and created his own menu. So, how this restaurant fares?

Firstly, let's take a look on who's on the drama's poster. Oh, it's Mukai! So off course the sub comes out 24 hours after airing, go figure! Anything else? Oh, it's Goro! Another reason why the sub has to be released faster! The rest? I don't even know their names but they've been everywhere, you've definitely seen them before, somewhere, and chances are, their acting are better than the front guy. Oh wait, there's 1 cute kid lurking around in this drama too. So with enough eye candies, off course this is a highly anticipated drama. The production team is smart enough to lure in fangirls from all over the world (yeah, we do sometimes watch Japanese TV live via the super lagged KeyHole TV too) to tune into this drama. Fangirls are being treated with Mukai's shower scene and I laughed so hard when this scene come out, sigh, it can't be more obvious, isn't it? From this first episode, the direction will be a light and comedy drama, my kind of drama.

I guess for this time, I don't have to mention anything about the acting part because honestly it's not the selling factor on why you should watch this drama, period. But I like 1 particular scene of the last few moments that Eisuke had with his mom. Mom was very big hearted when Eisuke with head hanged down coming back to the restaurant to start the chef training because his musician career was a failure. I really like mom's expression when she said that Eisuke can come back anytime when he wanted to. It's full of sincerity and mother's love, and at that moment, I'm pretty sure Eisuke was very greatful to have such mom.

The rest of the drama? Off course it's the food! It's French cuisine! It must be beautiful and pleasing to the eyes! First episode already full with dishes from both Les Petit Chou and the rival restaurant, Gasterea. This time we have Confit de canard (Duck Confit aka fried chicken for those commoners LOL), Roti de porc et pommes frites (pork with fried potatos), Ballotine de volaille (Chicken roll) and the prettiest dish in the episode, seafood farcie wrapped in tomato. I have a feeling I'll learn lots of French dishes from this drama and so far it's all mouth watering.

So, this is the perfect drama for you if you like to have 2 things in your drama, lots of eye candies and mouth watering food. And off course, I think there'll be a future love triangle too. There's no drama without some romantic spice, right? And it's Mukai! Mukai and 2 girls in a drama without romance? Absurd! I hope there'll be some desserts featured in here too. And off course, Mukai have to hold a guitar again, because fangirls would like to see more of that and he looks better in here than in BECK. Now, where's the SMAP Bistro episode with Mukai in it?


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