Jun. 18th, 2017 10:30 am
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So, finally the trailer for Narratage is out. I mean, it's Matsujun... but why I'm not excited about this movie... at all? *sad*
I like Matsujun in romance, and this is not the first time he's doing a movie with the extra marital theme. Remember that hot movie called Tokyo Tower with Okada? I like that movie and the affairs plot in that movie is no joke, tons of lust and wrongs, and heck they even gave happy ending to Okada while Jun got the bittersweet ending. But this one... the idea of the story itself is kind of repulsive to me. I don't mind extra marital theme, but I don't know, with so many drama with similar theme in the past few years, it puts questions in my mind. Are they trying to right these types of affairs by romanticizing it? Or is it because the character is a teacher, and if they romanticize this, it kinds of gives a very wrong image to teachers as education pillars? Oh, I'm praying real hard that the affair only starts after the girl graduated (lessen the guilt, but not lessen the affair itself).

I also get the logic of taboo equals to romantic in Japan. While I find that it works for anime, it doesn't seem to work for drama, at least for me. It's easier to detach the anime or manga against the reality, but it's different if it's a drama or movie with actual people acting on it. Especially when the actor is somebody from Johnny's with MEGA fanbase of ladies with very wide age gap and the majority are at school age. What message does this convey? Schoolgirls can seduce their teachers and the teachers will reciprocate like Matsujun? Or Schoolgirls can fantasize on Matsujun to be their teacher and on their bed? Really?

And the way the trailer is packaged looks more like a commercial movie rather the artsy movie (you know those that goes to Cannes festival kind of movie). So, clearly this caters to a very wide general public, not aim for artistic value therefore targeting a niche type of audiences.

If this is the idea of Japan to encourage its citizens to have more babies then... ... ...

All in all, if I were going to see this movie, it'll be just for Matsujun only, and I really hope to be proven wrong.

And I'm not excited about 99.9% season 2 either, didn't finish the 1st one (struggle actually), what makes me want to watch the 2nd one? *sobs*


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