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OMG, 1 quarter of 2015 just passed and Spring 2015 season will start soon. Why does time fly so fast? Well, this season, there's a lot of misses for me because I ended up watching dramas that were not in the list and so many drama were dropped or I haven't continued watching it again, but there are some interesting drama that this season has offered. So all in all, not a bad season. Lots of heavy drama, being it's winter season, but there are some light drama being offered as well.

Winter 2015 )And now, the SPs... )The rest... )

And, we already have the Spring 2015 season line up! This time, I don't think I'll have lots of things to watch, unless there're some rave review somewhere.
It's always good when there's a compilation of short synopsis on each drama like what arama did here, and my list are:
Another batch to watch!!! )
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So, in the end the little girl will have ikemen onii-chan for every single episode and with Kishi scheming on whatever the entire episode?

The prettiness... no matter how ridiculous the storyline is.. LOL...

Don't tell me... he comes from gacha machine too?

oh this is 1 scene that it's so ridiculous but I so get it... fan service LOL

Masaka... Kinkyori reunion? LOL...

This drama is seriously pure entertainment
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Finally I have my UNLIMITED internet! *yey!!! Throw confetti*
In celebration of this, let's watch some kiddie drama. Yes, after watching this, I seriously feel old LOL.

In short, the drama focus on the little girl. How she envies other girls who have their onii-chan to pick them up in case of raining (oh how shoujo manga cliche here LOL). How messy the household is that a primary school kid have to do the family balancing book, cutting up supermarket coupons and doing housework (where's the rest of the family??). Would it be nice to have a yasashii onii-chan at the time like this? *yeah right, yasashii onii-chan only appears in shoujo manga, sweetie*. So, apparently in this drama, you can get your onii-chan from a gachapon machine. LOL, and you can guess where this goes to...

Will she get her dreamy onii-chan?

Gacha gacha onii-chan... )

And now that gacha gacha song sticks in my head... LOL Oh Johnny's... never fail to entertain...
PS: whoever design the choreograph for this gacha gacha song needs to be smacked. I feel sorry for the boys doing that dance routine, though I kind of get why such gestures and movements, but... it's just too much LOL.


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