Apr. 21st, 2017 04:47 pm
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This is the fruit of me not sleeping and just finished the whole 20 episodes in 1 sitting. Is it that interesting? Well, to be frank, it's the usual old style k-drama, if it makes it even more obvious, we have the same OTP from Stairway to Heaven (Kwon Sang Woo & Choi Ji Woo), well, I watched this because of this OTP anyway, and I have to check the last episode first before I even continued watching the whole thing because I'm still traumatized and scarred by Stairway to Heaven's ending (not as traumatizing as that harem drama but still, scarred). And I'm still recovering of the lack of sleeping, yes it's been 3 days since the long weekend and we're going to another semi long weekend (another public holiday next week), so I better show result of this catastrophe.

In all the fun of k-drama, what intrigues me is that albeit the chaebol war setting, the focus is mainly on the relationships. Whether we think this drama is compelling or wrong depends on how we view marriage, relationship and partnership. When exactly a marital affair is a marital affair? At what point we accept that it's an affair or not? How much trust we should put in our partner? How much effort we should put in the relationship?

Caution: Some of you may find my opinions are not agreeable, and I ain't a relationship expert either, but thought I put it out first because I always find this topic a gray area despite the black and white moral value that we have.

Whoaa, what's with this heavy topic? )


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