Feb. 12th, 2017

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Totsuzen desu ga Ashita Kekkonshimasu Epi 1

OK, I read the manga (not all, only those that already been translated) and I like the premise because the marriage theme is not as repulsive as I thought it would be. The relationship develop nicely with the right pace while the battle of value is explained clearly (everybody has different opinion and that's fine as long as it's not shoved over to the reader's brain). But, what did FujiTV do? They butcher the whole thing and this is just the first episode! The opening is 100% looks like a propaganda with Asuka narrating people's current opinions on marriage, and hers is 'I want to get married and become a housewife'. I like Asuka in the manga because though she has that mindset of getting married and becoming a housewife as a goal, but she's not mulling over this as literally the goal, the manga makes Asuka being heartbroken on the emotional level (there's love being broken in here) so that it's compelling, while the drama emphasize Asuka getting her 'goal' crushed because of the breakup, wtf FujiTV. The most infuriating part in this first episode is they cut this phrase 'You're fine as the way you are now' supposedly said by Nanami when he comforts the heartbroken Asuka. Without this, the drama is just about 'girls find happiness by getting married', MY ASS! This is why divorce rate is high (as Nanami points out), it's not wrong to get married, but it's terribly wrong thinking you'll find happiness if you get married. SMH with you propaganda FujiTV!!! That's not what the manga trying to tell because the manga direction is more like finding compromise in between aka the characters' mindset supposed to change and get to the direction whereby you get married with the person you love (where the rabu rabu story supposed to be). I like Nishiuchi Mariya and I'm happy that she gets the Getsu9 lead role, but I'm mad at how they made Asuka character semi bimbotic here, grrrr!!! More points to rant, they made Asuka still lives in her parents house, so how they supposed to get Asuka x Nanami rabu rabu moments??? Why can't they just follow the bloody damn manga? Why it's so difficult? And! Why the make Mikami looks like a stupid comedic role? I like Sawamura Ikki, but it's time he should be playing cool supporting role, which is what Mikami should be. Next, who the hell is that 3rd girl? That's a completely not necessary extra character, just so that we have a match for Mikami? Heck, we not supposed to know anything about Mikami, he's supposed to be just the cool Nanami's guardian! And don't get me started with Ono. Are we going to get Ono x Rio line? Ono x Rio is the reversed role (and comparison) for Nanami x Asuka, if there's no Ono x Rio, then WTF are we watching? I HATE YOU FUJITV! It seems that rabu2 drama magic ends the moment Kimutaku not doing Getsu9 drama. Sigh.

Tomorrow for You Epi 3-4

FujiTV really need to learn from TVN in making romcom. I enjoy this drama much more despite SoJoon is still an asshole. Him chasing MaRin is definitely not love here --> we'll see this going into the huge hell of a mess in the next episodes, will this be more messier than Another Miss Oh's mess, and I'll have high expectation on this. This time travel thing will soon become a boomerang for SoJoon, in both love and business. I'm hoping for a happy end (if Another Miss Oh gets a happy end, I'll be damn if this one is not LOL), with tons of angst in between (SoJoon's future self telling his current self to treat MaRin right is the huge indication). The drama never escapes from the annoying characters, MaRin's mom makes me boil in anger (I fast forward her scenes), GunSook *the bitch 'friend'* needs to get laid more often by her busy husband. She didn't even come to the wedding, drama only shows the husband!!! More drama coming up as I can feel the storm is brewing.

Chief Kim Epi 1-3

Drama on accountants and accounting frauds? Oh Yes. The male lead is an asshole, the female lead is self rightous (not sure whether she'll become a liability later), the bad guy is an asshole but a smart asshole. So it's the battle of scheming strategy on how to embezzle money. Drama! I'm slightly concerned that this is KBS, they don't have a good track record in my book, but I'm willing to try because the premise is interesting and there're more shits yet to be revealed.


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