Feb. 14th, 2017

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Obviously I'm still stressed, my workload just trippled after 1 meeting and I have a migraine now (probably need to sleep soon). So, I thought might as well pick up another dorama to rant my stress out. At the rate we're going there're so many j-dorama with almost the same (I refuse to use the word similar) theme anyway. And this one, yes, still within the same theme. Rinko has this fear that she'll be alone by 2020 (Tokyo olympic) as if having a dude next to you will guarantee happiness, oh well, this is the essence of shoujo manga anyway. She has this ideals on what kind of dude that she wants (the typical prince charming type) that she rejected her colleague, which she nicknamed dasai-kun, 8 years ago under the premise that he's well... lame. Fastforward to the present, with 3 years down the road to Tokyo Olympic and still single, she's now worried that maybe she'll be alone forever, with the tara and reba psycho-ing her when she's drunk into this thoughts. Dasai-kun that she turned down turn out to be quite a catchy dude, and after 8 years, she actually feels that she enjoys his company. But alas, he'd moved on to another YOUNGER girl (why it always have to be younger, it's beyond me, too typical). And to make it worse, the ladies are sort of turned down in a drink to meet dudes place because the dudes choose YOUNGER girls (the 20s generation). Plus there's this blonde dude who kept poking their conscience over their drinking and ranting session (well, everybody need one, so I don't really get his issue, but anyway, this is the plot and we just let it flow as is).

Surprisingly I enjoy this drama despite the theme though I won't say this drama is J-version of Sex and the City (where's the sexy stuff? ZERO, NONE, don't misslead people please!). At the same time, I'd like to say, EDITING and PRESENTATION is important of the drama. This drama has the same concept of girls better be married to be 'happy', but it doesn't come as offensive as Totsuzen desuga Ashita Kekkonshimasu because exactly of these 2 aspects. Sure it's not the super magical drama, J-drama romcom magic has long gone by now. The way drama goes now is trying to play around with the more realistic aspect of girls have conditions to pick their dudes and it's even said that it's okay to have a loveless marriage, so long the dude doesn't go playing around (I think one of the girls in Totsuzen said this). I bet that this is a taboo in the old rabu rabu theme drama. But at the same time it shows something from the social aspect, the fear of being lonely in the society is real. Why people want to get married? Why they want to have family? There's no guarantee of happiness in marriage, you have to work the relationship and put in tons of effort to make it work as well, and it has to be 2 ways. Plus what's the guarantee that people will stick together high and low, there must be a pull factor, which in lots of cases is love.

I probably will have more things to say after I watched more episodes, for now I'd stick with this drama.


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