Apr. 15th, 2017

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Besides drama questions, in RL, I've been asked tons of questions about skincare. What skincare brand is good? How to get smooth skin? Why does my skin dry? Organic, natural skincare must be better for my skin, right? and the questions continues. I'm not an expert or a cosmetologist, but one thing I find about finding out the skincare for you is like finding the 'right' drama to watch. There are TONS of preliminary questions that you have to ask yourself before even picking a product, which is why I often just stare at the skincare aisle and spend lots of time there, with most of the time coming out without even buying anything. The only difference is that there're 2 more categories to take into consideration with skincare, compare to drama.

Side note: I'm doing this long rambling post because I'm waiting for some drama to watch and instead being actually working productively, my brain refuse to work and this topic has been bugging me for quite some time.

I can go on and on rambling about skincare, and this is just general stuffs LOL )

So, these are just my opinions and thoughts, a very long rambling, yes, but I find that sometimes we're to bogged down with what people or the ads say that we forgot what we actually need. Just like drama, use the skincare that makes you feel good and happy and enjoy the product, don't let the products or brands or practices or other people dictate you.


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