May. 6th, 2017

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I thought it would be easy to ramble about topics that I'm quite familiar with and just like drama etc, it's proven to be completely wrong especially when you start to think and ponder about the very topic. Why writing is so difficult? It's all in the brain but it's so difficult to get it out and put it in structure that is easy to digest for other people than yours truly. No wonder I sucks so much in doing slides in RL.

Anyhoo, so I decided that the next topic to delve with in this series will be the very basic one, face wash. Everybody have to wash their face anyway, even dudes with all their macho testosterone hormones, right? If not, then... OK let's not go there, yeah? The only sole main reason to wash our face is for hygienic purposes, cleanliness, nothing else. It's the same concept as taking shower, bath, so why are we talking about it? It becomes a little bit complex because it's our face and most of the time we put more care to it, hence we have face wash products and just like any other skincare products out there, there're gazillions types, brands, combinations of face wash out there in the market, and yeah, it's very overwhelming especially when you see a literally one aisle of face wash at your frequented chemist.

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As much as I don't like the way Johnny's managing their idols (the frequency is getting more often now especially after SMAP saga, it's more of a love-hate relationship now), I can't deny that they still deliver the best concerts, even when I have no idea most of the songs. I don't follow HSJ closely and only know some of their songs, but I'd use their concerts the base for Johnny's concert for the younger groups, with probably Kisumai as exception. The budget is definitely higher than V6's, judging from the stage, props and the costumes. HSJ is still the orthodox Johnny's idols in my book, some of their songs maybe closer to K-pop (those cooler ones) and no, they're not K-pop (I just use it for simple comparison), but majority of their songs are still the bubble gum cheery summery sugary with tons of pop tunes that you'll definitely enjoy for concerts. You may not feel it when you listen to it individually, but it's different in concerts, and that's part of Johnny's magic.

Glitters, feathers, furs, power ranger's primary colors, leopard prints, sparkles

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Johnny's literally spoils my standard for a concert and it gives another meaning to concerts as not just live performance, but a complete package of entertainment. In the world of Johnny's, singing live is not a priority, nice to have, but do we really care? Not really. What we do care is we smile and feel happy and giddy and left with a pang of heart after the concert is over. That's Johnny's magic.


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