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It's the time of the year again. Fall has started and I honestly haven't even finished lots of the drama from the Summer season. Instead I've been rampaging some old & dark Kimutaku drama in the last few weeks because I know if I keep on trying to finish this summer batch without distraction, I don't think I'll even be able to finish them. This should say something about the drama themselves. Lots of them are so so, if not mediocore, which is not a problem if you're just want something to waste your time on eg. if you literally have nothing to do on the weekend or you just cannot sleep at night. There're one or 2 that I like but that's about it.
With that in mind, I'll divide the dramas into several buckets based on how I watch the drama. Do bear in mind that my category of drama watching is quite shallow but at the very least it has to be not totally boring or lazy, and has some sort level of acting (no point if you have the ikemen there but he's making you start nitpicking on him on the drama instead of actually enjoying the drama itself).
So, let's start )
Now, for my fall season list (the whole list is at Amara):
5 Ji Kara 9 Ji Made ~ At first I thought this will be the case of Ishihara Satomi eats Yamapi alive, but after 1st episode, I gotta give it to Ishihara Satomi to not outshine Yamapi, or is it that Yamapi has improved? I'm not sure about the latter though LOL, anyway, 1st episode looks promising
Angel Heart ~ From a hotel concierge, we have Miura Shohei as an assasin here, but he's not the main. This drama is part of the City Hunter franchise, and frankly I like Kamikawa Takaya as Ryo Saeba (the melancholy City Hunter, not the perverted comedic one) in this drama.
Gisou no Fuufu ~ Fake marriage is one of the almost cliche drama theme, but I like the premise set for this drama, the lady has fake personality, the dude is gay, so we can expect more drama here.
Mutsu ~ well, it's Nishijima-san's drama, and they throw in Ito Hideaki too, so.... I'm sold :p
Toshokan Sensou SP ~ I'll watch anything related to Library Wars... period.
Otona Joshi ~ Not sure whether the drama will end up as boring, but for all the pretties (Shinohara Ryoko's hair is so damn nice here).
Kinkyuu Torishirabeshitsu SP ~ the side story of the drama.
Kyouhansha SP ~ waiting for the subs... it's quite dark, so preparing my heart for it and I don't feel like watching it more than 1 time.
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Spring has passed ans Summer will soon end, and what 2014 has given us? It's not a bad year in the drama-land, we get to see some good dramas, and some not so good ones. Again, my criteria of watching drama is off course skewed to my preference, and to hell with the ratings, though I'm quite happy if the drama that I watch gained ratings too. As always, it's gotta have the ikemen requirement fulfilled, if not, the story is better to be damn good. Ha!

So, without further a do, let's get on with the long post XD

Spring 2014
Cut here... )
Summer 2014

Summer has not ended yet, but I'm pretty sure I'll stick with this list and what's left will be the SPs. As usual, with the exception of 2013, summer has the least amount of drama in my watch list.
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I'm still sick... spent whole morning & afternoon in coughing party... and only to realize that today is Nino day, but sorry Nino, I have to skip your birthday post and instead, we have Mukai's post! Surprisingly, Mukai is bloody productive this year, after S, Saigo no Keikan, he has 2 SP in same season, different TV station! I watched Jishaku Otoko first because the other SP needs some serious subs, and it's been awhile since we have a rom com in J-dramaland, what I mean is a G rated romcom (I consider ChocoJun as PG13 LOL).

What's Jishaku Otoko is all about?

It's simple, Jishaku Otoko is taking 2 different approaches of finding love. The first one is purely based on opposite attraction, symbolized by magnetic fields, same fields will negate each other while opposite fields will just click. Another approach is by knowing your conditions and working towards that mr. right who meets that certain conditions. So, what will happen when 2 people with these 2 principles met? Let alone their world are totally different too. One is a farmer who loves his veggies and cow more than anything, the other one is a career city girl.

What is guaranteed is all LOL! LOL! and LOL!
I put cut because you need to watch the real thing! )Have some screencaps! )

Conclusion: must watch, and have a blast watching this! Very funny and light, and it reminds you that you just need to open your heart to love, they will appear when it's the least expected. What you have in mind may not always be what you're end up with. :)

Even though this is not a Nino post, but since it's Nino day, I'll close this with Nino gif, to remind us that age is just a number...
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