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I'm still sick... spent whole morning & afternoon in coughing party... and only to realize that today is Nino day, but sorry Nino, I have to skip your birthday post and instead, we have Mukai's post! Surprisingly, Mukai is bloody productive this year, after S, Saigo no Keikan, he has 2 SP in same season, different TV station! I watched Jishaku Otoko first because the other SP needs some serious subs, and it's been awhile since we have a rom com in J-dramaland, what I mean is a G rated romcom (I consider ChocoJun as PG13 LOL).

What's Jishaku Otoko is all about?

It's simple, Jishaku Otoko is taking 2 different approaches of finding love. The first one is purely based on opposite attraction, symbolized by magnetic fields, same fields will negate each other while opposite fields will just click. Another approach is by knowing your conditions and working towards that mr. right who meets that certain conditions. So, what will happen when 2 people with these 2 principles met? Let alone their world are totally different too. One is a farmer who loves his veggies and cow more than anything, the other one is a career city girl.

What is guaranteed is all LOL! LOL! and LOL!

What I love about this drama is... story! It's so cute, heartwarming and it has the right pace! Character development and change of heart is not too slow and all events flow just nicely eg. there are moments where Oba starts noticing Sion and likewise, while we also get to see glimpse of Himuro's feeling too.
But what I love the most here is Mukai's acting. he's so different and natural here with the farming overall. He's really Oba from Oba farm. His sharp tongue in criticizing ladies, well particularly Sion, is so much different from Hungry! So it's so pleasant to see that change. I hope he gets more variety roles like this, not just the usual kakkoii cool character.
And, Aibu Saki should be given more chances to be lead character and be in a quite comical character, not the bitchy evil characters that she's been to a lot of times. She can act cutely and she has tons of facial expressions!

This drama slips lots of Western songs which lyrics don't really match with the mood. This reminds me of old Arashi varieties when they just slap in any Western songs as BGM haha... but if we forget about the lyrics, that's fine, all goes well hehehe...

This old couple is very cute!

Let's meet the characters:

Oba from Oba Farm! The eccentric matchmaker, emphasize on the 'eccentric' part

'Anata wa zannen da Na!'

The girl, Sion...

The 3rd wheel, Himuro senpai...

And the cow, Ushiko... Rememer, the cow play a very important role...

First encounter... see, Ushiko what she's looking at... and she purposely stepped on that Hermes scarf LOL

Oba's spot on opinion on Sion... so spot on that it's freaky!

The sekuhara! LOL, chance to show off Mukai's bod haha...

A city girl must still look chic even when goes farming...

Look at the pretty nails... and Ushiko wants it too... to Oba's demise LOL...

See? LOL.... Oba can't believe what he just saw haha...

A change of heart? hehehe...

Amazingly that small tub can fit 2 big burly guys LOL!!!

Ushiko now has earings & headband! LOL

So this is what Oba looks like when he's in a proper suit LOL... kakkoii...

Change of heart, Sion? the usual Oba in overall can look as handsome as Himuro senpai, ne?

Product placement!!!


Conclusion: must watch, and have a blast watching this! Very funny and light, and it reminds you that you just need to open your heart to love, they will appear when it's the least expected. What you have in mind may not always be what you're end up with. :)

Even though this is not a Nino post, but since it's Nino day, I'll close this with Nino gif, to remind us that age is just a number...
nino-face roller

Date: 2014-06-18 02:08 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] i-am-zan.livejournal.com
OMG ... I bet my children will LOVE ... no ADORE Ushiko. Will see if I can get hold of it.

And isn't it amazing how those small baths can fit grown men in! Amazing. Lol their expressions though.

Hope you're feeling better. Get well soon ok.

Date: 2014-06-18 01:55 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] spsn.livejournal.com
i still don't feel better, i have no idea what's wrong with me... T__T, i got a feeling stress contributing to my cough too...

haha, Ushiko is the boss in this SP XD
I got it from here: http://jdramacity.blogspot.sg/2014/06/sp-jishaku-otoko-20140613.html

that small bath tub can fit 2 grown men! seriously it shocked me when Mukai didn't even need to move to accomodate his buddy to fit in LOL... amazing!


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