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Tomorrow with You Epi 1-2

Whoaa, I find that TVN really lives up to their slogan: TVN - Content Trend Leader. They really beef up their drama, and I realized lots of the drama that I liked actually done by TVN (when I don't really watch it for a particular dude, ehem). After Goblin (this will remain at the top and I foresee it'll be for quite awhile), they serve us this drama, Tomorrow with You. Like lots of other people already mentioned, the theme somewhat similar to Queen Inhyeon's Man, time travel. However, beneath that theme, the content has that Another Miss Oh's feels, maybe due to the season as well (Valentine is near, so we're gearing towards the romance thingy). Episode 1 threw in lots of question marks, the mysteries, as we knew the connection from observer's point of view, but not the characters'. Episode 2 reveals that connection, both SoJoon & MaRin were the survivor of the subway incident 7 years ago. While SoJoon became a time traveller from that accident, MaRin though she was reborn and tried to live her life again. The concept alone is interesting, SoJoon's time travelling purpose & concept is completely different from Kim BoongDo's from Queen Inhyeon's Man. Then comes the girl, MaRin, the child actress who no longer in the entertainment business, but kept on living under scrutiny of online articles making fun of her, and in turn public talking about her, not in a good way. And yes, off course we have the rich dude vs poor girl thingy, but at least these days the drama kind of stretch this out a little bit, not blatantly throw this concept to the audience like their past counterparts. How this drama fare in the next episodes? I'll be following this, unless there're other interesting k-drama, I'll be only watching this one and will be forever bitter with the 'what if TVN is the one doing that harem drama?' --> damn, I'll never get out from this bottomless pit.

What about J-drama?
Well, the list is up in amara, but I'l probably only follow the below (and waiting for subs because my brain refuse to work after office hours):

Totsuzen desuga, Ashita Kekkonshimasu ~ heh, another live action. Need to read the manga then decide whether it's good enough. Again, I don't really like this theme of 'girls feels the need or want to get married'. The older I get, the more I got miffed with this concept. It's not romantic, it's more of propaganda, and hell, we don't need to get married to be happy, that's wrong!

Tokyo Tarareba Musume ~ Yoshitaka Yuriko is back! But again, the same theme 'girls + marriage.' I'm crossing finger that they don't push this button too much, else, and instead focus on the girls and their life struggles.

A Life ~ TBS, Kimutaku x Takeuchi Yuuko (PRIDE couple), medical. Watching this, whether this can exceed Karei naru Ichizoku, very very unlikely, but better than nothing at all. They try to throw in that old flame blooming, though I'm very skeptical on how they handle the ethics and morality points in the drama, most likely to be glazed over anyway and I should not be so critical when watching drama, it's not healthy, must keep the point of just watch the bloody damn thing and enjoy it, but it's difficult when they try to inject the emo k-drama feels into it when J-drama style is very different. It doesn't work in You're Beautiful J-version, hence even weirder in the more serious bigger scale drama.

Quartet ~ Matsu Takako, period.

Ubai Ai, Fuyu ~ I don't understand with J-drama. It's now either the 'girl wanting to get married' or 'the extra-marital affair'. What are these TV stations trying to get across? The romance point seems forced (anything taboo is romantic... works in anime, but in drama? It gets old, fast, especially if it's one drama after another, hell we have Saito Takumi resume full of these love affair theme drama).

Stash bucket:
Mahiru no Akuma ~ I like Tanaka Rena, but damn this one looks so gloomy :(


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