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Let me just let it out first, this is probably the most worth of your time drama for Winter 2017 season. Will it go to the classic bucket? Most likely no, come on, who are we kidding, we have PRIDE, Long Vacation, Love Generation and the whole bunch of other Kimutaku drama that has the J-drama charms in full blast. But, does Kimutaku still have it? YES, he still got it. It's more subtle now because of the theme and storyline but you can see it in his eyes, that yearning!

Epi 1 is honestly rather boring because they just basically laying out the background and the set up, but I have some faith in Kimutaku, so I stay. Okita sensei came back to Tokyo after 10 years in Seattle with a badass surgery skill and also still with the don't care of the world attitude (pretty much like Kiryu in Hero but without the eccentric mode and more serious, and look more like Daimon Michiko without the ittashimasen and shippaishinaide iconic remarks). Awaiting in Tokyo is the sick former boss who he has to save, ex girlfriend now married with his 'best friend' (we'll get to that later), and the whole team of surgeon who actually err, not really fond of him, except for 1 nurse who is damn impressed with his mad skill.

So, up until epi 5, we see character development on practically each of those in the main casting list aka the rest of the main casting background story, what made them become that way, except for Okita, Mifuyu. Well, we get to see glimpses of how a greedy asshole Masao is. He already shipped Okita to Seattle, snatched Mifuyu from Okita (I hugely think this is Okita's stupidity and major plot mover anyway), had affair with the secretary(? - who really cares what she does, she's hot, sexy, always in tight skirt and yes she bangs the boss), and tried to sabotage the current director. However, despite being that greedy and such an asshole, he's so bloody insecure when Okita come to the picture, always spying over Okita and Mifuyu (that's what you get when you snatching somebody else's), furthermore when the Director (Mifuyu's dad) shows favor towards Okita (so why the hell he shipped Okita to Seattle? another plot mover). But what about Okita? His character is consistent up until now, stay through to what he's doing, not caring about politics and the corporate ladder, just honing his surgerical skills and basically saving patients left and right. And Mifuyu? Same, being a good mother to a cute daughter (emphasizing how an asshole Masao is), a caring doctor but still not sure on what role she should be playing in the team, given that she's the director's daughter, plus she's sick. The 2 leads only starts moving in this episode 5, Mifuyu dropping hints on why Okita 'left' her, when did Okita 'dumped' her. Okita had that look (you know what kind of look I'm talking about) when looking at Mifuyu. It's not so obvious in epi 1-4, so subtle, but gradually we see that 'look.' That's why I say, Kimutaku still has it! Or, I'm just biased and have too much imagination, yeah!

I do worry that if this is a 10 episode drama, the story development is too rush. We have so many things going on at the same time: the regular cases which raise lots of ethical questions (something that J-dorama is really good at), the big elephant medical case (Mifuyu's), the possible loveline (which I really dunno where it'll end up --> are we going to support furin here? TBS you better think carefully, we're talking about the PRIDE couple here, lots of fans will bash you (me included) if Mifuyu stick to Masao after you show him being such an asshole, on the other hand if Okita snatch Mifuyu back, what does that mean? Furin is OK in the name of love? What about the kid? OMG, so messy). I don't understand why they don't just make Mifuyu engaged to Masao, instead married with children, that'll be less messier, but off course, more predictable. If this is a 16 episode K-drama, I can see the more juicy and angst come to play because they have the length, I'd think even 12 episode J-drama should be enough to make some main plot ellaborate. Up until epi 5, we just have the main plot looking like the background instead of being the main. So, we'll see how it goes from epi 6, Mifuyu now knows that she's screwed with the tumour and demand answer on why the hell Okita 'dumped' her. I don't think he ever dumped her nor he ever stopped loving her. Drama we need more episodes!!!


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