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Having almost to no drama to watch (yes, it's that much drama I've been watching lately) makes me end up with mindless browsing on drama thumbnails, both j-drama and k-drama. Upon browsing those, I realize, there're more and more cross remakes happening between Chinese, Korean and Japanese, whether it's drama converted to drama or movie converted to drama vice versa. First we have the live-action from manga to drama/movie, then on top of that there's these remakes. The remakes has been happening since years ago, and it creates kind of an excitement and curiousity especially if the original is that good, will the remake be as good or even better? But just like its live-action counterpart, seems that I've been hearing remakes more often now, compare to years ago. What happened? Does the industry getting lazzier and just want to get quick ideas and cash in? It's still a gamble despite the original being mega successful (side eyeing a certain drama, you know which one). So below is just some example that I can think of, you know how lazy I am to do extra research to find out ALL remakes across 10 years? Please don't expect me to do this, I still have to use my brain to prepare for workshop & training materials (RL sucks), and this is just for fun and healing therapy for me.

Meteor Garden (TW) x Hana Yori Dango (JP) x Boys over Flowers (KR)
Perhaps the most successful remakes and franchise chain of a manga converted to drama ever (different franchise scheme from the likes of Sailormoon). Practically all the F4 dudes in this series got their fame from this particular drama anyway. Also, probably the trigger in producers minds that remakes are a guarantee success and making tons of money. Err... yes and no. Why Hana Yori Dango is successful? Perhaps we also take a look on WHEN they're made. TW made Meteor Garden at the time where we have tons of cliche Chinese drama theme with evil mother in law etc and the story still fits the box here, not too surprising for the audience, but add on 4 good looking dudes? That's new, yeah! Even my mom was so enamoured with the series that she literally shipped the VCD to me who lived in the US at the time and DEMANDED me to watch the series and fangirl with her, AND my roomate watched the same series over 5 times. We even have the Indonesian version of Meteor Garden, the straight off the drama rip off to be exact, and it worked too. Then come to Hana Yori Dango, why it becomes successful and even somewhat brought stardom for Arashi too? Similar to TW at that period of time, we don't have that many reverse harem drama in J-dramaland, so again, it's a sort of breadth of fresh air. Plus, again, good looking RICH dudes to fangirl and fantasize? Who'd reject such thing. Then, we have the KR version and by this time, it has enough fanbase who'd just eat up another version of F4 dudes, eg. my ex-roomate, and it has the predecessors' success to cling on to. KR version is longer and it has more side story eg. Soujiro's (which is actually my fave among F4, but oh well). For me, JP version is the best and will still be the best. I watched TW version out of obligation (can't stand of Jerry Yen, sorry fans, I just don't like him, the same way I don't like Lee Minho LOL), and yeah, I didn't watch KR version either. I tried, but couldn't even pass Epi 1.

Fly Daddy Fly (JP) x Fly Daddy Fly (KR)
Out of all the remakes scheme that I've seen so far, this one is still the best in my book. Okada Junichi in JP version versus Lee JunKi in KR version plus both kicked ass in the movie? Oh YES! The remake is only within a year span, so you practically can see the JP vs KR view side by side. What's wonderful here is that it's movie vs movie, and the plot is 99% the same, no additional side story etc. Proof? I actually use the KR version as subtitle for the JP version LOL, the plot is that similar, and also the dialogues. So, we literally get to see how Japan and Korea take on the same theme and present it in a movie form. If you ask me which one is better? I can't give you a straight answer because both movies show different aspects of the same thing. But if you're looking for aesthetics, JP version is better only because Okada is so bloody pretty there and they have him do a backflip in slow motion at the beginning of the movie and that remains memorable for me until now (LJK is at his prettiest era too, but he doesn't have that defining absolutely stunning and beautiful scene in this movie, despite he kicked some serious ass here). But in terms of angst, KR is better and not because of LJK (for once LOL), the way they do the story telling is just so angsty that you can't help feeling helpless with the unfairness presented, you don't feel that emotionally wretched with the JP version. Fighting scene? Let's just say that KR is very rough in their interpretation of fighting compared to JP, and it's so obvious in here. Do have fun comparing these 2 movies, at the end of the day both movies are heartwarming and full of feels, plus you definitely will root the dad in both movies.

Scarlet Heart (CH) x Scarlet Heart Ryeo (KR)
If we're talking about remake, off course we just have to talk about this painful drama. Both are tragic, though I feel KR version is more tragic with the horrific ending that they gave us (I conclude that I won't be over this drama, ever, until they give me the happy end that they deserve. Our OTP deserves better!!!). I find that we can't really compare these 2 apple to apple because CH version is almost 40 episodes plus it has another 40 episodes of season 2, while KR version is only 20 episode with almost to none hope of season 2 (try not to jinx it, we'd never know). So in terms of story and ellaboration, CH will without doubt win hands down. I did watch both season (the very very rare times I watched CH drama and not cringing), and since the setting is Qing dynasty, the take and chain of event will definitely be different from the KR's Goryeo dynasty. The Game of Throne theme is the same in both version though I find CH was more ruthless and cruel (especially the carrying out of the capital punishment part, it made me shuddered watching it), KR is definitely more subtle. The 4th prince has mommy issue in both version, however, KR wins hands down in making it so bloody damn angsty (thanks to LJK's heart wrenching scene at the beginning of epi 4, I'll never forget that scene). If we're talking about character, KR win only because of ONE character, Wang So and most probably because it's portrayed by LJK, period, and because of this, the rest of the characters look just like side characters. And no matter how stupid the season 2 ending in CH version is, it cannot beat the painful ending that KR version given us, along with the painful last 3 episodes that literally screaming 'oh shit, we deviate too much from CH version, let's stir this back to be the same as CH version regardless how different the story already turned up, and wait, let's give an even sadder ending aka screw Wang So over, we bet audience will love it'. Despite all the painful stuff, it's quite fun to watch different version of this tragic story, so I will still recommend people to watch this drama for study purposes (how bad can you screw a potentially good and perfect drama over and how important editing is along with good story and acting for a drama).

Kimi wo Petto (JP) x Kimi wo Petto (KR)
I only watched the JP version because I read the manga by the time the KR version is announced and as much as I like JGS, I can't watch the movie because Momo supposed to be shorter than Sumire and Momo had a complex with his height, and JGS negates all this from the get go. Another reason why is because for me, there's only one Momo and it's Matsujun. And I also won't be bothered with the new remake of the JP version (airing now), nope. There're some drama which are best to be left alone and this is one of them. And moreover, FujiTV, please get a grip! You cannot keep on producing remakes and live action dramas, just for the sake of making a drama.

Kanojo Uso Aishisugiteru (JP) x The Liar and his Lover (KR)
Well, I read the manga, love the JP movie, but since KR making it as a drama and it's done by TVN (I have a certain level of expectation), I'll try watching the drama with hopes that the story is good enough to drew me in as I have no interest on the leads at all. So, we'll see how it goes.

The Advocate (KR) x Maou (JP)
Mentioned before that I didn't know that Maou was a remake until I read the wiki page way after I watched the drama. Thought it's good enough as a stand alone drama (the best Arashi OST is still this one in my book, Truth). I'd think KR being KR will be much more intense, I can see that from Misaeng, at least that level of intensity. Not gonna watch the KR version especially nowadays because I try to reduce my blood pressure, health check is coming.

The rest that I don't have much knowledge to give a more coherent comments:
Misaeng (KR) x HOPE (JP) ~ I watched couple of episode of Misaeng, will probably watch the whole thing when I'm not at this stress level, but don't think I'll watch HOPE (can't finish epi 1 before).
Kaseifu no Mita (JP) x Suspicious Housekeeper) (KR)

KR also did remake of Hanakimi and Nodame too, but... nah... I'll stick to JP version for these 2. Read both mangas (they're long mangas and I read them), and love the drama (they're classics for me), so... no point watching the remake if I can just rewatch them, and it's also unfair for the remake if I'm going to judge them very hard and in a very biased way. And don't make me watch Playful Kiss, I don't like the manga from up front so it's a no all the way LOL.

Date: 2017-02-24 04:11 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] i-am-zan.livejournal.com
HANAKIMIIIIII!!! Oh my god it's still so funny (me and girl like to rewatch parts of this) it never gets old. I still get stitches from laughing tooo much.

The cast was absolutely perfect! I haven't watched the remake at all, but from what I've heard ... I'm not missing much. But like you said maybe I'm judging too harshly. But there's a KR version as well? Ahahaha I didn't know that.

Nodame is a thing of beauty. I actually thought the film was better that the HYD film (even though I do love Arashi)

I tried ... I did try to watch the KR version of Maoh ... but also couldn't. And yes not just the Arashi theme song for it but the music for the drama in general was Haunting and beautiful.

I also agree. There *IS* only one Momo and that is Jun!

Date: 2017-02-25 03:42 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] spsn.livejournal.com
I don't really understand the concept of remakes except for lazy ass producers to earn some money in hope to score big like the predecessors. If I want to watch eg. Kimi wo Petto, I'll just go watch the old one, why would I want to watch a new version? I can get if it's a cross country remake (though most of them are ended up with butchered version), but same country?

Okay, let's say we're arguing with the newer generation may not know the older version and they would like to see the current star in the drama... REALLY? I don't buy this at all. Newer generation has their own story and themes, and the old drama theme may not work to the new generation taste. So does it mean TV station is force feeding its audience? No wonder rating keeps on going down LOL.

And I just realized that there're that many remakes in the recent year when I start diving into this topics and do some browsing, but I just don't have enough energy to do a consolidated list or these types of remakes.

PS: Nodame movies is definitely better than HYD because Nodame's is for story telling purposes to get to the ending while HYD is pure fan service LOL. And yeah, you're not missing much with all the remakes, both JP and KR version.
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