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Just finished this one, finally! And just to clarify and get over with, this is a HUMAN drama, no romance, nope zero romance. So don't ever ever hope that you'll see the Pride couple ship sails, nope, wrong drama. Obviously the objective of this drama is completely different and I'd be much happier if this is clearly stated from the get go so that I can set my expectation correctly. Hmmph!

Don't get me wrong, this is a good drama, probably the best on in this season. Well, if you're looking at the rest which is more like romcom attempts but come out as marriage propaganda drama, this one is the one comes close to the real drama. You can rely on TBS for a good drama (well, at least their high profile one for the season). Kimutaku still got it, he's really Okita sensei here, the idealist doctor who never give up and obviously believes in good of everybody, literally. He didn't even bear grudges when he found out that his best friend actually sabotaged him to steal his girl friend by shipping him to Seattle. He used it as the opportunity and got back as a much better surgeon and that alone already wrecked havoc his so-called best friend's self esteem. I don't know how much noble idiocy he got that he could always see the good in everything, it's just unreal. And you probably better off shipping Okita-sensei with scalpel instead of with Mifuyu, sobs!

This drama has a very good phase, it's building, but it doesn't slow down and it even offers you so many different kinds of site story such as the bitchy lawyer's past catching up with her. But the overall story doesn't give you that 'OMG I need the next episode NOW!' vibe, well, you can see that I just happily waiting for the subs and made zero attempt in watching RAW, so yeah, it's that kind of drama that you can watch leisurely.

My only problem is only with Masao (the best friend) character. To be honest, I kind of disappointed that he practically got away with all the shits and stunts that he'd pulled. For goodness sake, he tried to kill off his father in law in the first episode that everybody seems to just glaze over with, and at the end he got EVERYTHING, and Okita? Well, the drama just pointed out that he decided his own path and went with it (that idealist + noble idiocy part of him... it's admirable and frustrating at the same time). If we argue that Masao had it bad since young, starting with the high expectation from daddy, Okita also had it bad, his dad constantly comparing him with Masao, so that doesn't make it that it's OK to pull all those shits. The drama tries to make it as if he tried to save Mifuyu by bringing Okita but later on he's taking Okita's procedures and saying he's going to do it... but the first thing that came out to my mind is, OMG he's trying to KILL Mifuyu, NO! That's how much dodgy this Masao character is to me despite what the drama tries to convey.

What about Mifuyu? To me, her character is just 101% full of goodness that I find it surreal. She has full trust towards everybody near her, didn't even realize that her husband is screwing that bitchy lawyer, and that's probably the result of being loved by everybody as well. She's also an idealist like Okita, but with daddy as the back up. Family is her number one priority, not really the husband, the daughter. Heck she got more scenes with the daughter than probably alone time scene with Masao. And her most memorable scene with a male is with Okita-sensei, when she was freaking out and scared upon finding out about the tumour (yes, I find that it's the best scene throughout the whole drama).

Aside from the characters and all, this drama also brought up the issues with general public conception towards doctors and hospital. One, operation must be successful. Yes, off course that's the expectation of any medical practitioner as it's their occupation and they're handling humans' lives, but I don't understand the underlying expectation that you cannot fail or only do the procedure when it's a certain success *cough* 100% aka zettai naoshimasu or in english definitely curable (cured after operation). There're always chances of failure, anything can happen in that operating table and yes, I believe doctors will do their best (there're lots of doctors who are not and purposely semi fail the ops so that they can get more money, and yes these types exist and it's disgusting), but I also believe that they're humans, not GOD, and that's why we have liability insurance for doctors! The other one is the notion that doctors only treat the rich people. It's true in a certain sense, especially in countries where health insurance or health subsity is not prominant and you literally must have tons of cash in your savings when the illness hits you. I like how Okita address this issue with the kid that every doctor would try their best to save their patients, it's making this drama more humane (well it's human drama, that's why). But this at the same time downplays the fact that medical treatments, especially those with terminal illness, require money.

Despite all this, I'd still think this drama is much better executed than Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim. The sole reason is that there're less extreme cases in this drama, only difficult procedures and more realistic issues with your judgement eg. whether you thoroughly examine breast cancer on a 14 years old or you assume that a 14 year old is not yet of age to have a breast cancer. Whereas Romantic Doctor is throwing all the shits from epi 1, from the shitty hospital politics to the extreme cases of terror and epidemic and they also like to play the karma card. Very different approach and take for the same medical themed drama so it's up to your preference which one you'd like better. The side reason is that this drama doesn't have a STUPID character that take 13 episodes to get his shit together.


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