Oct. 30th, 2016

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Sweet Stranger and Me Epi 1 & 2

Lee Soo Hyuk brought me into this drama and he still looks pretty much like Gwi in modern times (OK, Gwi didn't die after that fight with Yeon Seol, he lives for another thousand years, that makes a perfect sense). The phase is not bad and the story itself is not 100% new (the concept is kind of similar to Yan Papa but off course Yan Papa is a more family focused drama, not a romance one. There's at least another one in Jdorama realm but I can't think of the title at the moment). But regardless, I got to say that this drama is hella entertaining, a stress relief from that harem drama but only to realize that Queen Hwangbo is in here as well as Duk Bong's secretary (who basically rolls eyes at her employer almost all the time LOL). We'll probably see a number of angst in the latter episodes (but hey, what's angst after watching that harem drama LOL). In the meantime, there're lots of funny scenes from each episode eg. when NanGil lifted up NaRi with Whitney Houston's BGM queue (and I will alwayyyss loooveee youuuuu, OMG, that's just hillarious), or the doctor was concerned with Duk Bong's 'paleness', or any bickering scenes of the 'father' and daughter. They're enough to make you smile. So unless the annoying girl gets too annoying (yes, there's this shameless girl whose goal is to just wreck other people's relationship aka a boyfriend thief), I don't think I'll fast forward the episode with the current phase. And lastly, when LSH going to get the girl? This is for the x number of times he ain't get the girl LOL.

Nigeru wa Hajida ga Yaku ni Tatsu Epi 2

I'm happy with this drama. It's fun to watch and it injects social opinion enough to trigger discussion on marriage & employment. In this episode, the focus is on meet the family and the pressure from society to have that wedding party. Arguments are thrown such as it's a waste of money, it's a way to tell the society 'hey, we're married now', or just simply it's the things in life that you do. Each options are explored and weighed by our main couple. What I like here, they discussed things together, and both gave opinions and not holding back at it, but I'm not sure whether this will continue when they add on jealousy into equation LOL. There's also the snippets of discussion between marriage and carrier between Mikuri and her mom, which I found it makes perfect sense. After all, the marriage itself is very sudden, and it's natural that the mother questions what Mikuri wants to do with her carrier. But from this episode, what I like the most is when Tsuzaki & Mikuri had dinner and Tsuzaki was concerned that Mikuri couldn't sleep, and he said this: A workplace is not made with the employees' effort alone. The employers also have to put in effort. I completely agree on this. This is something that lots of companies seem to neglect, they put in tons of KPI, expectations on employee but turn sideways on what the employee actually needs and this reflects on the company culture and office environment. So relatable that I applaud the script writer for this. Can't wait for the next episode, we're going to see that how the 3rd party will affect this marriage contract XD.

Doctor X Season 4 Epi 1

We're at the 4th season already and as expected with any Doctor X series, Daimon Michiko kicks ass, again, and Himura is the director now after was almost relieved from his position, wait, he even moved up because of the last minute dirty game LOL. And why Ebina was not in Doctor X this time? It's because he's staring in the other drama with Amami Yuki LOL! Now, when are we going to get Hanzawa Naoki season 2 or Legal High season 3? It's a bit long overdue, don't you think? Oh I almost forgot, we have to wait until Sakai Masato finished the taiga haha...

And tomorrow... epi 19... it'll be angst, angst, angst, and more angst... gah!!!


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