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Yowai... but before stick with that conclusion, allow me to list down my opinions...

I'm not excited about this Nino's drama since the beginning, and this is coming from a Nino drama fan. Firstly the topic is baseball, not a topic that I can say I have particular liking. I have no idea of baseball rules & games, only know that it has about 9 inning, that's it. My one and only experience of baseball is watching a Seattle Mariners game, saw Ichiro hit homerun while eating the hotdog and to be honest, the hotdog is more memorable. That's my relationship with baseball. This drama may feel and look different from people who understand baseball so I can't comment from the perspective whether the theme is interesting.

At first I'd thought it would be something like Last Hope. You need to understand the terms etc to enjoy the drama, and it did happen to me on the first few episodes. They're having the baseball terms discussion on why certain scenes were acted in certain way and it does really make you appreciate the drama more. But what's lacking is that, after you know the basic knowledge of baseball and a few techniques that is taught during the course of the episodes, what's left? The drama?

Where's the real drama?...

I'm very amazed myself that I survived watching up til Epi 9, and I'm not even glued to the TV while watching the episodes, which I've never done for Nino's drama... until now. I'd think the problem with this drama is that this drama is so mediocore and our expectation of Nino's drama is high (well, off course considering his track record is Ryusei no Kizuna, Freeter), and I don't think we as the audiences are the wrong here. The blame should go to the producers! Having Nino as the lead is actually a treat for them aka ratings should be around there (medium to high, at least), but they stop at that, and relying on Arashi to give them rating. I hope by having Yuto, Fukushi Shota, and Kanata Hongo (all the eye candies XD) have some contribution to the rating, but definitely not that much and not enough.

There's absolutely nothing wrong with Nino's acting. I enjoy his character as in the directness of his character and his approach to coaching the geeky kids and make them to be interested in baseball. Aoshi sensei understands his students well because he's been in their position before and uses that as the advantage to make them accept who they are and turns the weakness into strength. The pitch on 'no risk, high return' is interesting, and Aoshi sensei did use his skill as researcher to implement such concept. I like Kanata Hongo's acting as well. His character, Kamezawa, as the pitiful kid who has to work part time to pay his living expenses while his parents struggling to pay for his school fees is just heartbreaking. We see him as the self centered boy who just blindly enjoy being the center of attention, regardless whether it's for the better or for the worse, but then we get to know his background and ohhh... poor baby...

I mean who won't feel for this scrawny kid?

The eye candy is really for eye candy sake, yes it's baby Yuto & Fukushi Shota. The so-called love triangle between Shirai, Akaiwa & Yuzu (the only girl eye candy) is like going nowhere, though she gained 2 stalkers in the process, but nothing special, which is a bit tad sad, no spice.

There're too many extra scenes, extra characters, which could potentially be used differently and be more interesting...

I like her, but this pose is very very annoying at the beginning T__T... and the reason for it, which is known in Epi 9 (yes it takes that long), is rather... weak? *dear scriptwriter, surely you can come up with something better?*

The best thing happen out of this drama is the OST, GUTS! And, I hope this will become the new classic...
Another good point from this drama is the team spirit, up and down, togetherness and spring of youth (seishun)... there are lots of good display of this.
To me, the very unfortunate of this drama is the script, slow plot and overall execution. Good concept, talents & skills wasted...

Will I recommend this drama? Unless you're an avid baseball fan and Nino bias, I think you can pass this drama, unless you want to treat this as obligatory watching...

I seriously hope Nino's record is not tarnished that badly just because of this drama and people will still give him good drama and I'm still angry with the clear laziness of the producers.

But we'll always love this brat, don't you think so?


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